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Author has written 11 stories for Smallville, Merlin, and Dragon Age.

Avatar: Icon from commissioned art of the King and Queen of Ferelden, link to full art listed under extras.

The Blurb: I'm a twenty eight year old Aquarius and I enjoy long walks on the beach :p I fancy myself an aspiring writer, though the rejection slips make me want to write THEM rejection slips :p but until then, I write fan fiction, but no one ever said writers make much money anyway, so at the very least the wanderings of my mind are being read by some reading audience out there in the ether. Or so I tell myself, and if you aren't reading my stuff . . . why not? It's free . . .and not too horrible . . . and did I mention free? :D So kudos to all my readers out there that have stuck it out with me, added me to a favorite list, added any of my stories to their alert list and those that took time enough to read any of my ramblings. I love all of you, in a non-creepy way of course. ;)

Author's Section:

My Agenda: There are some short stories out there for the 'Smallville' and 'Merlin' fandoms (I'm a BIG Morgana/Mordred fan, not romance obviously because that would be gross.) Currently however I'm working on a Dragon Age post-game chapter fic that I hope you all might go check out, though keep in mind that it's rated "M"

My Writing Style: The god perspective. Also called third person. Though I do have two first person one-shots out there.

My Update Speed: Sometimes a fire will be burning under me, and I have updates on a weekly basis, but those are rare gifts from my muse. Mostly I try to update twice every month for chapter stories. I have a busy life, like most of us working women, right ladies? ;) Which cuts down on writing time. I'm also of the mind that quality is better than speed, though I do sometimes push myself to meet my own deadlines. So thank you ahead of time for your patience and continued interest.




() Definitions of Noble Service

Vassal - Dependent landholder in feudal society: somebody who gave loyalty and homage to a feudal lord and received the right to occupy the lord's land and be protected by him. For this protection they are also expected to provide said leige lord with service. Lord Lanen Covington, the Cousland's weapon master would be a Vassal to the Couslands, as would his father, and the lower nobles that are currently providing a place for the teyrn and the king and queen to stay.

Seneschal - A nobleman that can manage a higher ranked noble man's household and make minor decisions in his absence. Arl Howe 'was' Bryce Cousland's seneschal, as Arl Wulff is now Fergus' Seneschal and Lord Varel is the Seneschal of Vigil's Keep. However they can't make the big decisions and are not king-teyrn-arl etc. in absentia.

Steward - A higher ranked nobleman who is named a magistrate and appointed by the crown to exercise jurisdiction over royal lands and to make important decisions in the king's absence. This would be Arl Eamon who is the Steward of the Crown for King Alistair, and can 'speak with the king's voice' but still has to keep the king informed while he's gone.

Bannermen - Originally referenced those who carried a lord's banner as they went to battle, but later gained polticial importance as a reference to the full compliment of lords that have sworn fealty to a leige lord. This collection of nobility can be called upon for service and protection, what loyalty they ACTUALLY have, of course is not guaranteed. Most of central Bannorn would be Bannermen to the Couslands. As the southern banns and arls would be Bannermen to the Mac Tirs when they still held Gwaren. All nobility of Ferelden are considered Bannermen to the King of Ferelden.

Pageboy - A youth in attendance on a person of rank, usually in a uniform bearing the colors of the noble house he serves, who carries messages, ushers guests, runs errands, etc. In addition several pageboys are youths who are being groomed for a knighthood.

() Gwyneth's Voice: As I hear it in my head, from the character of 'Morgause' the sorceress from BBC's Merlin, played by the lovely Emilia Fox. Obviously Gwyneth has no magic, but the superiority in Emilia's tone when she plays Morgause was spot on Gwyneth, also the tone and speech patterns are very 'Cousland pride' as well. Pay attention particularly to the phrase 'correction they 'were' your men.' and 'did I not say when I threatened you, you'd know about it? Well . . . now you know.' VERY Gwyneth, and watching the scene with Cenred, I think with the nose and the voice, he'd make a pretty good Nathaniel Howe.

() As mentioned in a couple Words from the Author, the Machinima web series 'Warden's Fall' featuring a pre-Justice inhabited Warden Kristoff. Link to the first of five mini episodes.

() An update of the official map of the Bannorn, with the separate bannorns listed inside its boundaries with their political alliance drawn in a line beneath them. Also added the settlement of Brackenridge, the port town of Dunharrow and the bannorn of Waking Sea where Banness Alfstanna lives.


() Cover Art for Fate and Forbearance (by yours truly w/ stock images)

Part One: Hatred and Heritage -

Part Two: Power and Prophecy -

() A gorgeous commission of Queen Gwyneth and King Alistair, in all their regalia, from the lovely Vana from Deviant Art:

() One of my dear readers, Jaffa Snakes, made several wonderful pieces for the story, all of which are linked below.

Ser Gerod Caron Portrait -

Alistair and Gwyneth -

Chapter 22 Storyboard (NSFW!) -

Urthemiel and Gwyneth -

Morgreth Urthemiel Concept Sketches -

Queen Gwyneth On Her Balcony -

Mini-Comic with Morrigan and Gwyneth -

Seductive Chapter 40 Gwyneth Portrait -


() Inspiration for Highever: City of Markarth from 'Skyrim'.

() Inspiration for Castle Cousland: Edinburgh Castle

and Birkhill Castle


()Inspiration theme for Battle Hymn of Highever performed during the Remigold:

() Music for listening to two last two sections of chapter 58:

() Music for Noble's Funeral/Flashback from Chapter 57:

() Music Box song inspiration in Chapter 57:

() Inspiration for the Statue of Ardal Wolfsbane and entering Highever:

() Uber-creepy mood setting music from 'Aliens' used for 'Brides of Urthemiel'

() Recommended theme song for Gwyneth/Alistair, as suggested by Vadte on Deviant Art. :

() Inspiration for 'May Queen'

() Inspiration for 'These Bloody Days'

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