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Wuzzup! this is Lyre-19, bidding you welcome to my profile!

I am female, older than 15, younger than 20. I am very tomboyish and have far many more male friends than female. I am proud to be a total nerd 8) !

I am quite friendly and enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy helping people, stranger or no, whenever I am able =). I have no sense of direction. I love to swim. My room is always a mess. I've lived in several different states, including Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, California, and Oregon; my favorite of which has been Texas. I have traveled to/through many other states; all of the southernmost states and west coast states, but very few states in the middle, middlenorth, and northeastern US.

My hobbies include writing, reading, theatre, guitar, piano, art, singing, and babysitting =) I love animals (birds especially) and kids (toddlers especially! XD they can just be too cute without even trying!).

I have one bird and four dogs (all of them Labs or lab mixes).

I like most any music.

I hate Mary-Sues, OC's, Gary-Stu's, high school fics, self-insert fics, ridiculous crossovers, fics written in chatspeak, fics with atrocious grammar, fics in which people don't even TRY to use a spellcheck, and bad spacing is a big pet peeve of mine.I hate mindless TV fixated on whorish wemon and other such vanities. I hate mindless cartoons such as 'my gym partner's a monkey' and 'spongebob' where there is no plot...I hate even MORE when mindless cartoons take the place of cartoons that are actually INTERESTING. I also hate Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry...but that's just because, as a home schooler, it's all that's ever on during the weekdays and it gets old FAST!

Games I Love:



Movies I Love:

Spirited Away

Toystory 1 & 2

Bugs Life


Horton Hears a Who


Lord of the Rings

TV series I Love



Avatar: The Last Air Bender

Invader Zim

Codename: Kids Next Door

Dexter's Lab

PowerPuff Girls

Justice League

Legion of Superheros

Teen Titans

Ben 10: Alien Force

Books/Comics/Manga I Love:

Harry Potter




Teen Titans

I'm a DC Comics girl, because Marvel comics are infuriatingly repetative and predictable. There is an emo-y guy, he's a hero, he likes some redheaded girl who is either perfect, a total cluless ditz/bimbo, is completely self absorbed, or is a total bitch. Hero and redhead get into a conflict, the hero turns into an asshole and emos for a while, something cheesy snapps him out of it, something happens to the redhead, then the hero rescues her. Think I'm being judgemental? watch Iron Man, X-men, one of the numerous but STILL boring Hulk movies, and Spider Man. Told you so.

I also hate the Disney channel. all their shows (and 'actors' who gurgle to techno beats, and get a buttload of computer editing done to pass it off as singing)(not to mention the lyrics) are SHIT and they are ruining Walt's good name. I love the classics, though =). Aladin, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast...I believe Lilo and Stitch was the last BEARABLE show that they have come out with...they have been totally killing all the good stuff with sequel after horrendeous's become so perverse that I can't stand it.


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