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I'm Anda. By day, I'm a student, gradually working my way toward being a doctor, and by night, I'm an absolutely mental fanfiction writer. I write and write and write but rarely post anything because I'm really bloody insecure about most of my writing. But if you like my work - send me a message and maybe I'll post more stuff. Although my writing is sometimes ghastly, I've grown a little. On this site alone you can see the underdevelopment. Above all, I'm a character writer. I love intricate, screwed up relationships and I really enjoy exploring/deconstructing a character's psychology. Endless fun.

Overall, I write HP, Eragon, Twilight, and Highlander drabbles, and various other things I find interesting. I would like to write a novel some day and have a billion ideas for a few but, every time I start one out, it never wants to work the way I want it to. Fandom is much more interesting and easier to work with. I do like to take a lot of author's license with fanfics, so many details that may be true in canon are not always true in my fics. AU is now my area, which is weird because I used to be a canon freak (aside from the canon pairings).

As for my fics

Warning: The links provided under the story title(s) lead to adult sites for which you have to be of legal age in your place of residence to access. You will get an entry page in which you will be asked to confirm you're 18 or older. It's your personal responsibility to answer truthfully. Also, just copy/paste and remove the spaces.

Harry Potter:


This is the smuttiest and kinkiest fic I've ever started writing. I was looking for a fic that was a Blaise/Hermione/Cormac threesome because I thought I'd read one ages ago, but apparently that was all in my head - so I had to write it. It's nothing all that great or anything. Just smut for smut because smut. There will be so much smut that it hurts. This is my smut fic.

Summary: HBP Missing Scenes Fic, or the real reason why Hermione thought that Slug Club meetings were ‘not that bad’ and ‘even quite fun sometimes’. Blaise Zabini/Hermione Granger/Cormac McLaggen.

AdultFanfiction Link: http : // hp . adult-fanfiction . org/ story . php?no = 600098389&chapter=1

Desperate Measures: More Honey - Less Vinegar.

This is an odd piece of smut I wrote, which was prompted by my boyfriend as a gift to him. It's too dirty to be posted here and slide by with only an M-rating. It's NC-17 for sure.

Summary:Everyone knows that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. When Tom Riddle appears one day and everyone fails at getting him to admit how he got there, Luna thinks that she can get the answers. Tom Riddle/Luna Lovegood.

Ficwad Link: http : // ficwad . com/ story/ 228276

AdultFanfiction Link: http : // hp . adult-fanfiction . org/ story . php?no = 600097959


AO3: http : // archiveofourown . org / works / 6881563 / chapters / 15699223

Ficwad Link: http : // ficwad . com / story / 150298

AdultFanfiction Link: http : // hp . adult-fanfiction . org/ story . php?no = 600094480

As for the story itself:

It's sort-of named after the Bayside song (which is an old favourite of mine). However, I've always liked the word 'duality' and then I explored the various definitions of duality while I was working the story out and it all fit.

The plot bunnies hit me too often and at the strangest times with this story... It's also going to have a bit of everything in it that's been floating around in my mind since I've started writing fanfiction over 10 years ago. I don't have any idea how long Duality will be but I know it will be very long, since I'm barely 45% done with it. There is still so much to explore and do and write because the endgame might be a bit insane and it requires some build up.

If anyone wants to take a book-learning lesson on 'manipulation' from Theo, much of what he knows comes from the (declassified) KUBARK Manual, The Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation by Stan B. Walters, The Interrogators by Chris Mackey and Greg Miller, and FM 2-22.3. All of them were very interesting reads and I thought that they deserve the credit. There may also be bits and bobs here and there that I've learned from my professor when I took a course on interrogation. I'm additionally certain that some things come from Mark Bowden's "IM I Series" article called The Dark Art of Interrogation, but I can't seem to find the document to double check. If you ever come across it, it's a miraculous read.

I additionally believe that I should give credit to WordWeb (desktop dictionary software), Biohazard by Ken Alibek (book), (movie), Led Zeppelin (band), Burn Notice (show), Death Note (manga), Covert Affairs (show), The Girl Next Door (movie), The Falcon and the Snowman (movie), Eastern Promises (movie), Argo (movie), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (movie), Nikita (show), Skins (show), Mad Love (movie), Spooks (show), Bottom (show), 10 Things I Hate About You (movie), White Collar (show), Sherlock (show), Fight Club (movie/book), my psychopathology professor, my interrogation professor, my EOD professor, my geography professor, my darling sociopathic boyfriend, my mentally deranged family, Tom Riddle, Rik Mayall, Adolf Hitler, various governments, various conspiracy theorists, Monsanto, Virginia Slims menthol 120's, and world history for providing me with muse and inspiration - however vague - for Duality. I'm sure this list will be much longer by the time I finish this fic, but I like to give thanks and credit to where it is due.

Also, I totally recommend the above media - it's all rather excellent if you're into those sorts of things.

The Wishing Well

This fic is the fic I write to blow off steam and tickle my funny bone because I find that I laugh entirely too much while writing this. It's nothing serious - just something that hilariously started from a oneshot I posted on the Tomione Forums following the prompt "well". Simply took one word and then it all got out of hand.

Further, I must give some credit to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for inspiring this fic a little bit.

As for Nagini...

Yeah. Wrote that ages ago and I do write random Tom/Nagini on very rare occasions. However, I've no idea if the expansion on their relationship in my head will ever happen in a word document and subsequently posted. I like the pairing though.


It's on hiatus. But I still wouldn't mind continuing it if Anna gets back into my head. I wrote it around the time I was toying with Original Fiction ideas and needed to character test in fanfic. Although, after reading the Death Baby Showdown that was the fourth book, I've no hope for Twilight. It's a trainwreck - but it goes well with heavily sprinkled rainbow cupcakes that'll rot the teeth out of your head. Teeth everywhere.


There's a sunk ship. I didn't think it could go downhill from Eldest but apparently it has. It took me two years to read Brisingr because it's really torturous. Even in Death will probably not continue, but if you're willing to hear about the plot, send me a message and I'll definitely get back to you with an answer hopefully. The plot is vague to me even now because it's been so long. Brisingr: Eragon Aflame still has hope mostly because it's not something that's exactly my own in plot. I'm just making fun. It'll continue along the way when I get in the mood to pick fun at something ruthlessly. Maybe after I have a random night of watching a Bottom and Young One's marathon. Rik Mayall is/was incredibly inspirational. Rest in peace, you complete and utter bastard.

Love you all,

Anda Faith

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