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odd numbers are evil plain and simple. and this only goes up to nine that i have thought about really because some of my favorite numbers have worked together with numbers i hate such as three and four multiplied together make twelve.

here's a key as to what numbers i like and don't and why

1. no opinion really one is an innocent number. multiplied by another number and he (yes the numbers have genders) can't do anything. He is the only odd number that isn't evil at all.

2. a little to high and mighty for me. She thinks she's something special because four has sort of a crush on her. she thinks she's really great because she doubles everything that she is multiplied with. Least Pure of the Evens

3. i absolutely hate him. he's always there making ugly numbers like fifteen and twenty-seven. Three is totally in love with Two. He is probably Second Most Evil right after Seven

4. my favorite number in the whole infinty. He's hot as they come, and any guy who has a number four jersey it hot, unless they're ugly then they're just ugly. although he often works with three and multiples of three such as six (has a giant crush on six, but six is older so has no chance with her.) He is Eight's little brother and excells him in every thing. Four is my favorite number because he always works out for me. Like a lucky number kind of thing. He is the most pure of all the Evens.

5. can't decide b/w Six and Seven. kinda dumb, but the only odd number that isn't truly evil. sort of a flip flopper. five likes Six because of her curve, and Seven because she's in charge of every thing she does. Handy in division. Fourth Most Evil

6. she is kind of a girly-girl. She is also the snobbiest of all the numbers. Six is absolutely certain that she will get eight in the end. Even if he has shown some interest in seven. My least favorite if the even numbers. She's kind of like the mean cheerleaders in the girl teeny bopper movies. Fourth Most Pure

7. Sultry, sure of herself and knows just what to do when she wants something. Thinks Eight is kinda cute but has eyes only for Nine. She is queen of all the evil numbers, constantly plotting and coming up with dubious plans to rid the world of all even numbers. She is the Most Evil out of the Odds.

8. kind of cautious about every thing. he likes Six because she's an even number and acceptable to be with, but finds Seven a more interesting character. To him Six is shallow, and only cares about how she'll look with him on her arm. But he knows that Seven will fall for the devilishly handsome Nine. Third Most Pure

9. Playboy. Plain and simple. Likes both Six and Seven equally, but not because of their personality. He's allot like the Phantom Thief Dark. He enjoys the company of the female numbers. Deffinately not as evil as Seven. Third Most Evil.

yeah i know all that makes me sound crazy, but it kept me entertained in second grade through fifth during math. I have never explained the whole thing very well. And no one seems to get it. i felt i should just put it down.

I found a great story while searching the web it is at and is just a wonderful read for any Spike/Faye lovers out there. The name is "Play It Again, Mr Saxophone" I encourage every Spike/Faye fan to read it. Long live the lost couple.

Lessee. You came here to know about me right? Well as you can tell if you got this far I am not a little of my rocker, but rather I fell off a long, long time ago and I fell HARD. I am an artist first, actor second. Lazy, friendly, outgoing, loud, procrastinator, and my aura color is orange. OH! I am also spontaneous. My friend who introduced me to this website is my opposite but I love just the same. My interests include food, art, books, anime/manga, boys, cartoons, romantic comedies reading FF. and other not so useful things. I have a full family that I am very close to. I often glomp my brother just to annoy him, and I call him Nino. My dad is strict but loving and very merciful considering how much of a brat I am. I gave him the name Papa-go. Because one time I was calling for him and I said "Where did Papa go?" Thought it was funny, laughed for a bit then it just became his name. My mom goes by whatever I call her at the time, most often I call her El Madre, and she responds by calling me sister. Me and her are very much alike, adn therefore we clash like mountain goats. I love her and the rest of my family, no matter what.

I am not a crazy, just an eccentric. At least I like to call myself that. And I have strange friends. I'll give you an example why.

"It was the ultimate pimp outfit ever!" Dayna, a good friend I made in My freshman year, like me she is off her rocker, and a lot ditzy. She even admits it herself.

"What makes you say that Dayna?" Mr. Bedell our English teacher. He always wears black sweaters and tan pants. he even told us once that he has enough for each day of the week. He's pretty cool, and very long winded

"He had a silver shiny cape, and it was just, cool!" Dayna was explaining some crazy outfit she saw someone wearing when they auditioned for American Idol.

"Oh" Mr BeDell rolls his eyes and goes back to working on his computer.

"If I was to ever wear a pimp suit, I would a wear fuzzy leopard print speedo" This is Anson. Last year he was quite the pothead, but he seems to have cleaned up somewhat this year.

"Oh. My. God. Eww no!" here I enter the conversation.

"Come on you know that's hot." Anson raises his eyebrows at me.

"No it definately is not hot, it's disgusting" Dayna has a horrified look on her face, but is laughing never the less. I have to admit it WAS funny.

"That's so gross!" Dayna interjects. Anson looks at Dayna, thinking. I thought this topic was over.

"And suspenders...with a hat"

Yep there's my friend for you. And all the while this was going on Sarah was submerged in a book, so I relayed the story to her later. She told me she wish she didn't know and then thanked me for the Oh, so wonderful mental image I helped put in her head.

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