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Author has written 16 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

PLEASE READ: My stories are going through a major revamp. I have torn down the first story (previously known as The New Z-Fighters. Now titled "Elements") I know this is confusing. JC 87 and I are working hard to go back to the beginning and rewrite these stories, making them better for our readers. As you can see in my comments below, I'm not proud of the first three stories. So while still posting chapters to the newest installment (The Book of Atlantis) I am also trying to rewrite the first story at the same time. Please bear with me. And we have lots of new stories planned, too.

I've written stories for a few different fandoms, but my real passion is for Dragonball Z. So far, I have six stories written for DBZ; a series written to fit into the timeline around the time Gohan went to highschool. I wrote the first three stories over ten years ago - I don't exactly recommend them. They will eventually be rewritten, but I leave them up as they are for anyone who wants to get the backstory on my original characters and because they're so bad, it's comical now. I took a break from writing for a long time since life got in the way for a bit, but I came back to it about two year ago and I've been writing nonstop ever since.

If you are a brave soul, you can read these stories in order:

Elements (currently being rewritten),

Z-Girls (to be rewritten, but currently still posted)

Fast & Furious Z-Girls (also to be rewritten)

Unforgettable (not necessarily rewritten, but will be edited)

Through the Storm

Forgive Me


Path of War



Together Again

Rise of the Apocalypse

With Bated Breath

The Book of Atlantis

Ready, Aim, Fire

What the Heart Wants (coming soon)

Random Facts about my writing:

I began co-authoring Unpretty with JC 87 Summer 2013. We have written LOTS of other chapters for future stories. We jump around a lot. One day we're writing about something in the current story, the next we may jump to a story that takes place 15 years down the road (yes, we have this series planned out for that long.) Editing these pieces together into a cohesive story is what is the most time consuming because we may play with parts of a chapter at different times and then it must all be put together. I try to update as often as possible, but while editing, I am also usually writing new material at the same time. Please be patient with me.

The longest streak JC 87 and I have ever written was for 17 hours straight. We divide up the characters, decide what the chapter's going to be about, then write back and forth through a messenger system and play out their actions and conversations. There are certain characters we each always write (for example, JC 87 always writes Goku, Dende, and Bulma, while I always write Vegeta, Sabriena, Grandma Arthusia, and several others. Some of the characters we trade back and forth depending on the chapter such as Tien, Piccolo, Seventeen, Chichi, and Goten.)

We find inspiration from real life, movies, music, and books. Many of my original characters are based on people I actually know or at least have met. (Jenny, Catie, Sabriena, Leelee, Lindsey are based on my friends and myself. Even minor characters such as the Judge, the Prosecuting Attorney, and the Doctor in Unforgettable are all people in my hometown.) Sadly, some of the more ridiculous little pieces in the stories come from real life (the roadkill deer and the Passion Party are two things I actually participated in.) The characters face issues that are not only supernatural, but every-day life problems as well, such as addiction, abuse, racism, homophobia, religious bigotry, death, raising children, marital problems, etc. Our couples are diverse - heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, interracial, with complex family structures.

I often title my chapters based on song titles or lyrics that fit the mood of the chapter. If you see an obscure chapter title, youtube it. There's a chance you'll find a song that fits the theme of the chapter. (Here Comes Goodbye and There is No Arizona are recent examples of this. In fact, the entire story of Forgive Me was inspired by the Evanescence song of the same title while listening to it as I went for my evening walk through the cemetery.)

Most of the spells and rituals in the stories are real. Yes, some of them are "glammed up" for a more theatrical presentation, but at their core, they are real spells that I have researched from my collection of books on Paganism and Witchcraft. Take caution if you attempt a spell (especially a simple one like the Garnet Dress that Leelee casts in Unpretty. I made the mistake of using that spell once. The results weren't quite as dramatic as I portray them in the story, but they were similar and caused me to leave a job because I became too uncomfortable working around the men there. And really, I'm not that attractive, so it was very awkward to me. DO NOT DABBLE. And for the love of all that is holy in this world, do not play with Ouija boards.)

I am a review whore. I get much more inspired to write when people leave me a review. Thoughtful reviews that include your thoughts on a character's actions or the content of the chapter are most appreciated! Constructive criticism is also welcomed. But even if you just wanna drop a "hey, I like this chapter" that's fine too! Just let me know you're reading and it will make my day. Seriously.

Here are some things to know about MY version of DBZ:

1. I try to keep all of the canon characters as in-character as possible. This isn't always as easy as it would seem. In fact, some characters are downright difficult for me to write, such as Piccolo. Seriously, getting inside that man's head is damn near impossible for me. But I do my best and I constantly watch old episodes of DBZ to study the characters, see how they react to certain things, how they speak, their body language etc. (I think I'm starting to take this a little too seriously.)

2. There is no Puar in my stories. There is no Chiaotzu in my stories. Frankly, I think neither of these characters add a damn thing to the story and Chiaotzu just downright annoys me. He's kinda creepy, too. Oolong is around only because he amuses me.

3. On the subject of Chichi. *sigh* Okay, listen, I know there's a lot of people out there that are fans of this character. I cannot stand her. I want someone to legitimately explain to me what her appeal is. I write her as a nagging, narrow-minded shrew because that's how she's portrayed in the canon. Examples from actual DBZ episodes: After his battle with Vegeta, Chichi refused to speak to Goku or look at him. Even Krillin and Yajirobe called her out on this, yet she still refused to check on her husband (who ended up in a full body cast. Seriously think about that for a minute.) When Goku was in the hospital, scared of getting a shot, she turned up her nose, called him a baby, and walked out on him. What kind of a wife does that to her husband? Also, when he was spending time in the hospital, he woke up suddenly and scared Chichi. She slapped him for it. I dunno what kind of world you all live in, but in my world, that's spousal abuse. I don't treat my husband like that, JC 87 doesn't treat her husband that way, and any woman who does shouldn't be a wife in the first place. When Frieza was holding Goku underwater on planet Namek, Goku was thinking through everyone who would be hurt by Frieza if Goku lost the fight. Everyone else that he thought of was shown smiling, but half of what he saw of Chichi was her looking sour and yelling at him. She constantly yells at him, calls his friends delinquents and karate-bums, and just overall disrespects him. No wonder he runs off to train all the time! So do NOT leave me messages about being a "Chichi basher." She is a vile, irritating, nagging, obnoxious character and I portray her as such. HOWEVER - Chichi will have a "come-to-Jesus" sort of moment and will turn around eventually. But you gotta hang in there until the end with us to see how it happens. And she becomes a very likable character, I promise.

4. This is fanfiction, people. That means we can do whatever we like with these characters. Again, I try to stay as true to character as I possibly can. But, dammit, if I wanna stick Vegeta in a pink tutu and have him dance the Macarena, I can. So there.

5. There is yaoi in our stories. There will be future yuri. You have been warned.

6. Feel free to make suggestions about where you think the story may go. But don't get butthurt if I don't take them. I may or may not, depending on if they fit into what I already have planned. We have the main plot points planned out for our series, but sometimes new ideas come up that may change things around or new characters pop up that we hadn't previously planned. Make your suggestions; we may or may not use them. A recent example can be found in The Book of Atlantis. We had not planned on including the elves in that story, much less did we plan on killing one of the characters. It was a reader's suggestion that prompted us to revive that character with the dragonballs when originally, we were going to leave said character dead. This character now MAY end up in future installments.

7. I can take criticism, if it helps to improve my stories. If you see a spelling or grammatical error or if there's something you don't quite understand, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I will be more than happy to fix or clarify it.

8. There are certain powers that I don't like and have taken away from the characters. Piccolo cannot magically make clothing appear. NO ONE is psychic or telepathic, except for Dende. Gramma Arthusia is an empath. Leelee is a Seer. Saiyans are not telepathic in my stories. Neither is Piccolo or Tien. Deal with it.

9. I know I don't post on a regular basis. Some times I'll post multiple chapters in a day. Other times, it may be a couple weeks before I post. But know this - I am CONSTANTLY working on these stories with JC 87. Honestly, I doubt there are many authors out there who spend the amount of time we do writing or that put as much research and thought into their writing. I spend several hours a day working on this stuff. I don't sleep much. Even if I'm not posting, I am writing, editing, reading, brainstorming, researching, thinking about it. Because it means a lot to me. This is my sanity, my distraction. Real life sucks and I would go insane if I didn't have this and JC 87. Seriously. It's this or become an alcoholic because I don't know how to cope. And I really don't have time to go to AA. (okay, that part was a joke) But seriously, JC works two jobs and has a husband to think of, too. I have three children and a husband who demand time and attention as well. WE'RE TRYING, DAMMIT.

10. Reviews are always welcome. However, please keep reviews on topic and relevant to the topic of the chapter you are reviewing. Also, leaving four or five one-line reviews on the same chapter isn't cool. You're not making your point any stronger, and you're not fooling JC 87 and I into thinking that multiple people share your point of view. Especially when each of those reviews are written to sound the same. Furthermore, if you're going to complain about my writing, have the balls to log in before you leave a review so that I can send you a message and discuss the issues with you. I'm not going to attack you or call you names or make you cry. I know I'm writing this profile in bitch-mode, but I can be a nice person, too.

11. I love and respect all of you who leave me encouraging and helpful reviews, who favorite and follow my stories, and who inspire me every day to write. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. You will never know how much that means to me.

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