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This account was originally created when I was a minor and used primarily from 2007-2012. I've since grown as a person, discovered my philosophical and political leanings, revamped opinions on every significant thing I ever wrote here, and have otherwise grown and changed. As such, this account has been archived and as much of my originally posted writing or RP that I have access to has been removed. I am no longer on , and respectfully ask that anyone who's stumbled along to this page refrains from contacting me, using any remaining fragmented or remembered pieces of my teenage writing, or otherwise interacting with the remains of this account.

May you seek knowledge and live by compassion, and may the humility and kindness you show be shown likewise to you.

Ni, cuy'val dar, partayli nuhur bal riye. Bantov, ni ba'slana. Jorcu arasuum (jorcu aruetii, jorcu shabuire, jorcu hu'tuune) gaanade droten de baar. Nu'kartayli runi.

Arasuum haa'tayli baar. Nu'haatayli mir'she ra mirshko ra atina. Nu'cabu. Sushir at demagolka. Arasuum cuyi laandur. Arasuum dyrici val gai bal droten. Di'kut'la arasuum jur'kadi droten shupuryc. Di'kut'la arasuum nu'sushir, nu'haa'taylir ven'jur'kadi. Nu'haa'taylir veman aru'e. Ven'cuyi aruetii bal ordiniise.

Ni kartayli droten sosol ti droten- droten dalyc, droten kaysh kartayli kaysh dalyc ra jagyc ra nu'dalyc ra nujagyc.

Gaanade bas'lan shev'la. Gaanade cin vhetin. Gaanade baati.

Ret'ureyce mhi.

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