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April 2008: Time for a small update.

Added: The Lavender Beast of Konoha. The idea stuck and so I started writing. Hopefully it will put me in the mood to start writing on One Hundred Percent Woman again. Anyway, there's a lot of Naruto stories out there where Naruto/others get put in another team and it works out better due to their teacher training him better than Kakashi did. With Hinata in these AUs, however, she usually gets better due to a confidence boost from being put on Naruto's team. Thinking on who could have made the largest impact out of the four usual senseis besides Kurenai on her training, you've got to look at Gai. Not just because he's a taijutsu expert, but because he just reeks of confidence - the thing that Hinata most lacks.

Old notes from January 2007 update:

Well, I'm back from the dead.

For those with long memories, I was an active fanfic writer back in 1996-1999. Way back when I first started writing, there were maybe a couple of hundred anime fanfics on the net. These days, it's more like a couple of hundred thousand.

I'm best known for the Sailor Moon fic "I'm Here to Help", and for the Ranma fic "One Hundred Percent Woman". When I looked around the net recently, I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to find these fics (my old home page and email address are long since dead), so I decided that it was time to re-archive them.

For anyone who was put out at my dropping off the face of the planet without finishing my fics (or even saying goodbye), I offer my sincerest apologies. Certain stuff happened, and let's leave it at that.

I won't be archiving all my fics here (a couple of them embarass me far too much to put up), but here's what I'm putting up from the old days:

I'm Here to Help: Written in 1998-1999, last chapter finished in Jan 2007. Definitely my most well known fic, and my definitive proof that some people take things way too seriously (after all, I received death threats over it). The story takes place from the point-of-view of a sympathetically written villain who has spent his entire (immortal) life opposing the Senshi - he views them as evil brainwashers. The key point of this fic was to write a 3 dimensional villain - someone who was clearly not above doing nasty things, and yet could still be seen as sympathetic.

One Hundred Percent Woman: Written in end of 1997/start of 1998. Funnily enough, what started out as a simple writing exercise turned out to be one of my strongest fics. At the time, I'd come to the realisation that I tended to over-explain the action in my stories. To counter this, I wrote this story so that descriptive scenes would be surrounded by several scenes with dialogue-only (or extremely limited descriptive text). The technique's used more in the second chapter than in the first. Chapter 3 is currently being written. I expect the story to probably be 4 chapters long.

Onnabe: Written in 1999, I think.I was hanging out on a message-board that the FFML crew used to frequent a few years ago, and I saw a couple of the people there were angry at the fanboyism of some of the Ukyou followers. One of them said that they were going to write a post-Ranma fic which had Ukyou as a streetwalker, as some sort of revenge on the fanboys. That seemed like a bad reason to write a fic, so I wrote this in response - same concept, different execution. By co-incidence, I had seen a documentary a couple of months before the incident on the Onnabe, who were crossdressers (female dressing as male) that acted as hosts at Japanese bars for women clientelle. This fic was written quickly (less than an hour, from memory) so it's sloppier than some of my other work, but I think it's got a rarely explored angle, so it's worth putting up here. (As far as I'm aware, they never did write that streetwalker fic).

Knights of the Saber: Prologue/Chapter 1 written back in 1997. I was originally going to not publish this one here, but after looking at it again, I thought it was fun enough to put up even if I didn't write anymore on it. As half-serious/half-parody AUs go, I think it works pretty well.

Fics I won't be archiving here (I'll look into getting a website up to archive them) are:

Emptiness and Renewal: Er, yeah. If you ever wanted proof that I thought that Ukyou got a rough deal, this is the fic for you. It's heavy on the fanboy, and I cringed when I re-read it recently. It might be enjoyed by some of my fellow Ukyou fanboys, but a lot of others might find it hard to get through.

Neko: I re-read this recently, and I actually think it held up fairly well for one of my early fanfics. However, I only ever wrote the first 8 chapters and I'm loathe to post a fanfic here that I know I'll never complete. I started the fic to cover two things - 1), to parody AUs where lots of people fell into the springs (thanks to a group of lemmings, there was around 108 cursed people/animals in the story) and 2) to explore what would happen if Ranma got a cat curse (my take was that he'd act like a cat when a cat, and would refuse to believe he had a cat-curse when human, as a psychological safety valve). It was obviously going to take several megabytes worth of text to get the story anywhere, so I had to abandon it.

Various Tenchi and Sailor Moon spamfics: These spamfics were written at various points. I'm not embarassed of them - I still get a chuckle out of some of them, but they don't seem to be substantial enough to archive here.

Ranmarella: No-one ever believes me when I say I've never taken recreational drugs after they've read this one. A Ranma/Cinderella fusion.

Sazan Eyes fic: Definitely discontinued.

Ryouga and Ukyou(and its sequel): This fic certainly had its fans (it tied for eighth place in 1996's ranma fanfic vote). It was my first fic, so while it has its moments it also has a fair few clunky scenes as well. It probably doesn't help that I've developed an active dislike for the Ukyou/Ryouga pairing since I wrote the story (it was, in my defence, written in the fairly early days of Ranma fanfic when there were only a handful of Ry/Uk stories)

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