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I got so stuck on that last chapter. I had dug myself in this whole where I was like "What was I thinking? How could I let Ron be dead. No way." I didn't exactly know how to rectify. If you read the chapter you get it. I try and let the characters I'm writing about do the talking for me and then they something I don't know what to respond to. My mind is a beacon of randomness, but I always like to tie everything into context. Anyways I've got over the hump and now I think I can get the story finished, finally. Thanks for everybody that reviewed. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you liked the story. It originally started out as a short Hermione P.O.V story I would write for my friend and send off to her. She said it was really good, but I can't stand reading P.O.V stories half the time so I changed it when I published it here. And elaborated of course. The chapters are much longer than those were. Anyways I really hoped I gave you guys some good laughs. I had fun writing it. I have other stories, but I don't wanna publish them and leave you hanging again so I'll wait till I have a few chapters ready then publish. Anyways( --my friend attempt to end my rant word) I'm gonna leave you all now. Thanks for everything you guys have been great.

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