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A note to my Sith'ari readers:

I apologize, deeply, for my deletion of Sith'ari and its offshoot oneshot, and wish to explain myself here. When I was writing that story, I was in a far different place in my life than I am now. Simply put, I am no longer that person; since I began writing Sith'ari, I have been engaged, I have been forced to break off said engagement when my fiancé became emotionally abusive, my struggles with depression and anxiety have drastically worsened, I have lost two jobs and am currently unemployed (which doesn't help the previously mentioned depression and anxiety one bit), and writing is simply no longer the escape it used to be. I no longer feel I am able to continue Sith'ari and do justice to the plans I had for the story...especially in light of the fact of reviews complaining that Anakin was "too Light", which was a clear indication that not only was I not portraying Anakin properly in the last couple chapters, but that, seeing as I intended to make Sith'ari eventually be a redemption story with Anakin and Obi-Wan working together to topple Palpatine...well, I need to work on how to present it as such from the get-go so that folks aren't coming into the story expecting Anakin to be completely dark and evil and beyond redemption from the age of 13. (And to those who expected that, I am sorry, and if you want a dark!Anakin alternate-Sith'ari oneshot, with my current mood and emotional state, I could probably do one for you...but it would be very short and bloody.)

If I ever find myself returned to a place where I feel I am able to revisit Sith'ari, rewrite the awkward parts (such as probably making Andreas be Anakin's birth name as some folks complained about Anakin not being Anakin for what would have been the meat of the story), and complete the story, I will repost it...but only after I have completed it in its entirety. In the meanwhile, I have found other fandoms that better suit where I currently am in my life, and I am considering a project or two which, if I do choose to try to write them, will be posted under the name of Raiukage.

Favorite Themes:
Anakin does not turn
Anakin returns to the light before ROTJ
Anakin survives after ROTJ
Luke and/or Leia raised by Vader
Anakin stays light and Obi-Wan turns
Time-travel fics (within the realm of making sense)
Anakin and Luke/Leia/Padmé interacting in the Force afterlife
Obi-Wan survives his duel with Vader in ANH
Fics exploring Vader's human side
Fics where Sesshoumaru & Inuyasha find some common ground or where Sesshoumaru did not hate his brother from birth
Most humor fics

Top Most Hated Themes/Occurences
Homosexual relations between canon characters established as being straight. (I am not a homophobe; I simply don't believe in messing with canon sexualities. I have no problem with the insertion of OC's that are homosexual or making characters without established sexualities gay. That said, I do have a problem when someone makes Qui-Gon, who is almost 40 years Obi-Wan's elder, explore...relations...with his Padawan, regardless of the fact that neither of them had established sexualities.)
Fics involving Luke/Leia romance. (Yes, I know, neither of them actually knew that they were siblings until RotJ. Yes, I know, there has actually been at least one publicized case where twins separated at birth ended up marrying without knowing the truth and then finding out later. Still, I am disturbed by such stories, and thus prefer not to read them, let alone write them.)
Fics denying that Luke and Leia are indeed siblings (although pretending one or the other doesn't exist in an extreme AU doesn't bother me too much as long as it's well-written)
Fics making Anakin all-powerful or giving him special "Chosen One" Force powers
Fics where Anakin survives after ROTJ and is "miraculously" healed without giving explanation for how he is healed
Fics involving Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha romance. (Again, I am disturbed by stories involving incest, and thus will not read them, let alone write them.)
For Highlander: I like the Immortal storyline, but stick with the rules as originally mapped out. Please. I liked the show and the first movie, but hated all the rest.
For Rurouni Kenshin: I prefer to pretend that the entire Seisouhen arc was never created. I will never write a story based upon that arc.

Other Fandoms I Play In When Not Dabbling in the Galaxy Far, Far Away:

Rurouni Kenshin


Bleach (not focusing on Ichigo and usually crossovers)


Works in Progress: if I ever manage to complete this, I will repost it.

Sith'ari: VERY AU!! Anakin, rather than being born a slave boy on Tatooine to a virgin mother, is born the son of a runaway prince-turned-mechanic and his commoner wife on the planet of Demetria. Not only that, but he has an older brother and a twin sister. When his mother is killed by robbers and the family’s shop and home are burned to the ground, Anakin’s father, Alaric, is forced to turn to his brother, King Rurik, for assistance. When their planet, which is in Wild Space beyond Naboo, applies to join the Republic, one of the visiting dignitaries from the Republic is none other than Senator Palpatine. Palpatine, recognizing the raw Force potential in Anakin, takes the boy as his apprentice. WARNING: This fic is going to be long, covering from pre-TPM the whole way through all six movies and some into the New Republic era.

Future Fics to Only be Posted Once Complete (probably under my Raiukage account)

--AU SW. The death of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star coincided exactly with the death of a far younger Obi-Wan in an alternate reality where he, rather than Qui-Gon, died at the hands of Darth Maul. The Force, upset because it seemed the Chosen One was doomed to now fall in this reality as well, decided to intervene, choosing to give the Padawan Obi-Wan a second chance at life. Things don't go as planned, however, and when Obi-Wan's spirit leaves the Force to return to his body, it runs into the spirit of his older self and the collision causes the Padawan's body to transform into that of his 57-year-old counterpart! Confused and frightened, Obi-Wan must deal with premature old age, visions of a life (and death) not his own, and the knowledge that how he and his former Master train Anakin will determine the fate of the Jedi Order. Title: Force Intervention
LINK TO COVER (base images from (new link will be posted once picture is re-uploaded)

--A RK x SW crossover. Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on Earth in early Meiji-era Japan...and meet a Force-sensitive teenager with a dark past. Title: Ki

--RK, post-manga. First of a series. Kenshin is doing some work for the Tokyo police in order to help make ends meet at the dojo. When the Kyoto police are asked to quash a rather powerful gang of bandits plaguing a small village in between Tokyo and Kyoto, Tokyo sends Kenshin to partner with Saitou for the operation. Unfortunately for Kenshin, it is only after he has accepted the assignment that he learns the village's name...and realizes that the person who sent out the call for help is his mother's younger brother, whom he has not seen since he was five years old! Title: Shinrui

--A RK x IY x (eventually) BtVS x Stargate: SG-1 crossover. An attack in an alleyway during the Bakumatsu forces Kenshin to question everything he thought he knew about who he is and where he comes from, with the revelation that he is not human, but youkai. Title: Chi

--A RK x Highlander crossover. Saitou and Battousai duel at Toba-Fushimi and kill each other...but neither stay dead for long. Title: Fushi


1) You can read above my Most Hated Themes and Occurrences. I will not incorporate any of these into any of my fics. None of my versions of Anakin will be uber-powerful. I will not put my Anakin into the suit and then just take him out of it, and I will be very explicit on how he ends up in it in the first place if he does end up there. None of my fics will ever involve slash or incest (whether the incest would be knowing or unknowing). No, it's not homophobia that keeps me far, far away from slash--it is my belief that, no matter how AU a story is, I will not tinker with the established sexuality of canon characters.

2) I will never hold any story that I write hostage for reviews or make my readers beg me for updates before I post one. I write because I have a story in my mind that I want to share. I also understand that some people enjoy just lurking about and reading, trying to get up the courage to leave a review or perhaps start a story of their own. In fact, I understand that it's very possible that some of my readers are reading at work or school and can't or don't want to log in on such public (and possibly shared) computers. So, as much as I do appreciate reviews, I understand if my readers are unable to leave me one.

3) I very well may take a while between updates. I do also suffer from all afflictions prone to attack writers of all ages and experience levels, such as Writer's Block, Computer Problems, Internet Difficulties, and the occasional necessity for research breaks in order to keep things at least somewhat canon. Nevertheless, if you feel I am taking an undue amount of time between updates, then feel free to PM me and ask me what the hold-up is!

4) I may occasionally make a spelling, grammar, or even a small continuity mistake. If you see one, please, let me know. If you don't want to send a review telling me about it, then send me a PM. I don't like having errors in my writing...but such is the curse of not having a beta. I may even be inclined to drop a quick spoiler or hint at something coming up if you send a request for one with info on the mistake you spotted for me!

5) If you have any requests for anything you'd particularly like to see in a story (other than what I listed as #1 in this list), feel free to give me a shout. Sometimes ideas from other people are great cures for writer's block. If I use it, I will credit you at the beginning of the chapter where it is used. If I choose not to use it, I will send you a message thanking you, telling you why I have chosen not to use it, and it's very possible that I might horde it away in a little cache of ideas and incorporate it into another story (informing you if I choose to do so and of course crediting you as is only proper.)

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