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Morganthe's Apprentice
a Wizard101 fanfiction
Rated T for Teen
... ... ...

Rest assured, this story is NOT abandoned, NOT on hold, and NOT on hiatus.
As I type, this work in progress is being held hostage by a very nasty case of writer's block.
Chapter 3 is nearly ready to post; however, two gaps in its scenes are taking forever to fill to my satisfaction.
Crucial things happen in the space left by these gaps, and I regret that I cannot and will not post the chapter until they have been sufficiently filled.
I am SO terribly sorry for the way-too-long delay, and am willing to offer a sneak peek as an apology to anyone who asks me (preferably in a nice way).
You can request a sneak peek by messaging me here on FFN, or through one of the social networks listed below.

Status Update:
(February 9, 2015)
I have good news and bad news... The bad news is, I'm still struggling with Chapter 3 of Morganthe's Apprentice, but the good news is that last week, I successfully filled the first and most difficult gap! Only a few more paragraphs remain. Wish me luck! Hehe. :)
By the way, Chapter 4 is pretty much complete. No gaps, just room for expansion if the opportunity/need arises.
... ... ...

Featured Canon Characters: Morganthe, and an admittedly OOC Zarozinia (Fair warning!). More will be added to this list when Chapter 3 is (finally) ready to post...
Ships: OC/OC
Summary: Rebecca Dreamhunter, a fifteen-year-old Life wizard, travels to the far-off world of Khrysalis, preparing to take on her most dangerous mission yet. In an attempt to destroy the Shadow Web from the inside, she tries to convince Morganthe that she has left Ravenwood to join her “great” cause. In the process, the challenges she will be sure to face will test her determination, her courage, and even her will to survive.
Warnings: Violence (both magical and physical) and angst (and I mean a LOT of angst!)
Potential Future Warnings: Major character death later on in the story
Additional Story Notes: I warn you, this will be a very AU look at Khrysalis, because even though I've ported to friends in Khrysalis on occasion, I'm barely halfway through Azteca, so I've got a ways to go before I'll get to do any quests in Khrysalis myself. I hope you'll bear with me as you read this far-from-canon-compliant story. As mentioned above, Zarozinia in particular will be relatively OOC (meaning out-of-character) in this fanfic. Maybe I should have given her role to an original character, but mantis' names are often difficult to make up... at least when one doesn't have "Writing for KingsIsle" on their resume... ;) Anyway, I'd have to say that it's rather too late to change that now. ;D Hehee. Sorry!
Beta Readers: Firestorm Nauralagos and BuBuWinter. Thank you SO much for your help and encouragement! Also, special thanks go to Jesse, soudontnoatall and Arnel 63 for being so supportive and helpful to me as well!

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Scarlet was born into the notorious criminal clan ran by Pops O'Leary. Despite her natural thieving ability, she remains disrespected by her leader for her hybrid genes and hot temper. One decision may make her realize that just because your related doesn't mean you have a family. (Title/summary will likely change. Rating may go up. Chapter 1 rewritten.)
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Are you really bored right now? Are you lacking in inspiration? Do you want to see this fandom grow even more awesome than it already is? You should definitely check out this here contest, then. No, seriously. Do it. I will Jedi Mind Trick you if necessary. Mwahaha. Update- Le Contest is officially over. Please read chapter 3 for the results, and check out le new cover xD
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Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 26 - Words: 38,147 - Reviews: 203 - Favs: 116 - Follows: 261 - Updated: 1/20/2014 - Published: 10/5/2012 - Rachel B., Santana L.
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Morganthe's Apprentice reviews
In a dangerous attempt to destroy the Shadow Web from the inside, a fifteen-year-old Theurgist named Rebecca Dreamhunter plans to convince Morganthe that she has left Ravenwood to join her cause. In the process, the challenges she faces will test her determination, her courage, and her will to survive. Alternate (AU) version of Khrysalis. Rated "T" for violence and intense angst.
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