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Author has written 12 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Bleach, and Death Note.

Just a warning. I update my stories extremely slowly!

Hello- My name's Gin Ichimaru. I also go by xKinkyx. Yes I'm a female. I don't like hardcore yaoi(Amazing.. An anime fan girl that doesn't o.o!) I do like yuri.

I like to write comedy stories the most, but I also write angsty stuff & romance xP I like tragedy romance

Anyways, a little about me,

Gender- F

Age- 21.

Birthday- Sep.11

Bloodtype- A

Sign- Virgo

Weight- 140lbs

Height- 5'7"

Hair- Medium length, straight, choppy, brown and the fronts blonde. I tend to wear extensions. xD

Eye Color- Brown e.e

Weaknesses- My buissness .-.

Fav. Food- KFC

Fav. Color- Crimson, Emerald, Purple, Blue, Black. Dx

Pride- My knowledge of the human mind >.> No, I am not a physcologist.

Dislikes- Spiders, Pink, Lexeus, Preps, Country, My ex, Sports, DANZO, Sakura, Kagome, Orihime e.e

Likes- Writing, Helping people, Anime, Hot characters ;D, Friends, Family, Tiana, Ashley, Roleplaying, HTML coding(Yes I'm a nerd), Vampires, Shades, And some other crap.

Best Friends- Tiana, Ashley/Loveless, and Eric/Pein.

Hobbies- Internet, Hanging out, Video games, Being Lazy

Secret Ambition- ...

Loves- My boyfriend, my friends, my family.

Rp characters- Fay(Fai)-Tsubasa, Female Itachi Uchiha-Naruto, Roy Mustang-Full Metal Alchemist, Satori Ryunneske-Own storyline, Lucifera-Own Storyline, Gin Ichimaru- Bleach, Hidan-Naruto, Smoker- One Piece, Squall Leonhart- Final Fantasy, Frost- Own character, Riku- Kingdom Hearts, Marian Cross- D. Gray-Man.(Last characters I RPed before I quit.)

Where to reach me,


Yahoo- blithe.delirium

My stories


KH Randomness:Kingdom Hearts fic.Just a random story I did when I was bored.

Some Random Thing:Kingdom Hearts fic. One shot me and my friend did when we were bored.


Akatsuki/Espada Alliance: Naruto/Bleach crossover. When Aizen dies from choking on a taco the Espada have no home, until they join the Akatsuki. Randomness WILL ensue. And who got Loly pregnant anyway?

Kingdom Stoners: Kingdom Hearts fic. I re-wrote the cutscenes into random funny stuff XD Riku's obsessed with darkness and cookies, Sora loves his Charizard named Freddy and has a porshe. Kairi doestoo many drugs. No one has gotten used to a talking cricket, the overy people are coming, and Vincent has a stalker o-o

Konoha High: Bleach/Naruto/Kingdom Hearts highschool crossover. The Bleach, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts cast all go to highschool together. Main pairing is RikuxZexion, but there will be many other pairings and lots of crack pairings xD Riku tries to keep the secret that he's gay to himself, without help with from his brother Axel,while Zexion becomes completely homophobic, due to being picked on because of his obscenly flamer brother, Marluxia. Marluxia dates Xemnas, but has a secret, stalker-like love for his science teacher Vexen, whose like 50 years old. Sora has a huge crush on his English Teacher Rangiku, but she only has eyes for her student, Soifon. And Axel can't stop checking out the new student, Hatake Kakashi. Lots of love triangles and crack pairings :D ZexionxRiku, AxelxKakashi, SoifonxRangiku, MarluxiaxWell.. He's just a man slut XD And what exactly does he keep in his Hello Kity purse?

An Eternal Lust:FMA fic. Maes Hughes' sister, Serenity Hughes, joines the millitary as a state alchemist to hunt her brothers killer. Her and Roy are close as they've been for awhile, though he has her research the philosopher's stone with the Elric brothers. When Lin is turned into the new Greed, she is turned into the new Lust. Can she break free of the humunculi curse and be with the man she loves? RoyXOC

The blood red sky: Inuyasha fic. Sesshomaru's sister, Inuyasha's half sister, Emiko, had always kept her distance from everyone, but she did it to protect them. She couldn't control her demon blood, and if she got into a fight she usually would turn. She runs into the band of seven and Suikotsu and Jakotsu attack her. After trying not to fight, she turns full demon and defeats them. Bankotsu likes her power, and tries to get her to join, but she won't because of her un-controllable urges. After finding a way to seal her urges, with Sesshomaru's help, her and the Band go on dangerous missions and she falls for Bankotsu. Years later after his death, she travels with Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Shippo, and Alucard(Another OC, Not the vamp. from Hellsing), a vampire, that harbors feelings for her, but little does she know that Bankotsu will be risen from the dead by Naraku. BankotsuxOCxOC

Illusion of love: Naruto fic. Noriko, Deidara's sister, is forced to join Team Kakashi after Sasuke's disappearance temporarily until they find a permanent member. But little do they know, she's a spy for Akatsuki, and she harbors a genjutsu so powerful that she can completely hypnotize everyone to believe anything she wants. After betraying them, but failing to capture Naruto, she returns to Akatsuki Hideout, only to find out she's no longer needed. She stumbles upon Hidan's head and, after putting him back together, travels with him. She learns a deadly new kind of Jashinist power, the power of Necromancy. She meets up with Itachi a lot, and they fall for each other, but Hidan loves her. Soon Deidara dies and Noriko goes after Sasuke, but she isn't able to confront him because of a summer she spent with him on a visitation to Konoha. However, when Sasuke kills her lover, Itachi, she can no longer forgive him. HidanxItachixOC

Aizen's secret weapon:Bleach Fic.Sakura Zaraki is a big-breasted women who loves to flirt and fight to the death. Satori Kurotsuchi is a rude-mouthed asshole who loves to fight, train, and has a blood fetish. Sora Kuchiki is a disgrace to the Kuchiki household, that loves to womanize and laze-around. No one would guess they would be the three new Captains. There's more than that though, they have goals and difficulties. Sakura lost her first love, Renji Abarai, when she was alive and her second love, Ryu Hitsugaya, when she was in Soul Reaper Academy, both in brutal, painful deaths. Satori was Mayuri's failed experiment and gets treated like dirt by everyone. And Sora loved Hisana, Byakuya's wife. After all the Espada and Aizen/Gin/&Tousen are defeated, 10 new arrancars show up, that are even stronger than the others & led by a mysterious man. Hatori Sokkenai, Kurenai Schiffer, Haru Migarawa, Grimmy Jeagerjaques, Yuki Kurosaki, Zero Schiffer, Rin Oderschvank, Yuki Yabureme, Daisuke Jiruga, and Ryu Hitsugaya. Not only do Grimmjow and Ulquiorra have a twin sibling, Neliel has a sister, and Nnoitra: a much older and gayer brother, but Ichigo finds out his Dad's a Shinigami and had another child and Sakura has to fight a man who once loved her so much, only now to want her dead. What was the whole point of Aizen's scheme? Who are these kids from the future? Who is the chick obsessed with Old man Yama? And why is there a gay vizard stalking Shinji? Mostly all my OCs in Bleach.

Crack note: Highschool crossover fic. Fruits Basket/Naruto/Bleach/Death Note. It was just a regular Highschool day when Sasuke finds a Death Note. He decides to use it to purge the school of anyone who pisses him off(Which sadly that means a lot of people.) Though, there seem to be more than one Death Note. As Light Yagami strives to steal one without getting killed, a detective agency as well as Soul Reapers trying to keep balance in the world, converge upon the school. Kind of an angst/humor fic XD Also, crack pairings, but I haven't come up with them yet.

Apocolyptica: AU Bleach fic. Shaolin Kurosaki(Soifon) is a regular Highschool student, studying for exams and trying to get hooked up with the man of her dreams, Byakuya Kuchiki. She has two best friends, Yoruichi Shihoin and Rukia Kuchiki(Byakuya's sister) The only thing that bothers her is she worries about her brother, Ichigo who fights way too much. But then a man named Sousuke Aizen sets about the Apocolypse with Occult. Many people die, including Rukia, Yourichi, and Shaolin and Ichigo's parents. Bent on revenge, Ichigo and Shaolin rebel and start a shadow rebellion group, soon joined by Byakuya, Rangiku Matsumoto, Renji Abarai, Kira Izuru, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and Kenpachi Zaraki. But it's them against the world, and Aizen's 10 elite warriors, The Espada. What can 8 small people do against all that? After a mysterious street vendor gives them each a trinket, the trinkets turn into Zanpkatos. They attack, but are quickly out numbered and seperated. To save herself, Shaolin steals one of their robes and infiltrates, as well as hides among them. But one of the Espada, Grimmjow, the one she can't stand, is on to her. SoifonxGrimmjow, IchigoxHalibel, ByakuyaxRangiku, RenjixNeliel Based on a dream I had o_O

The Hangover-Bleach Style: Based on the movie, but with Bleach characters. Toshiro Hitsugaya is getting married to Karin Kurosaki. Isshin Kurosaki has given him an awesome car and he's leaving for his bachelor party in Vegas with Grimmjow Jeaqerjaques, Shinji Hirako, and Byakuya Kuchiki. What could go wrong? Well, apparently something does when everyone wakes up to find a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet and Toshiro completley gone 2 days before his wedding. Worst part is.. They can't remember anything that happened.

Stories soon to come:

A curse beyond: Fruits Basket fic. After Tohru learns the truth about the cat, she thinks she has the curse figured out. But that's when Midoriko and Itachi Sohma come from America to try to assassinate Akito. Yuki and Kyo try as best they can to protect Tohru from these new family members. Tohru wants to meet them, but they think the two are beyond even her help. They bear a true curse, which only Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, and Kureno know about. As Tohru delves deeper into the mystery, she finds out why cursed members can't even be with each other. If two cursed members have a child, the child lives with a curse on a whole different level. Itachi and Midoriko have been around for 70 years and appear to be in their late teens. Midoriko transforms into a wolf and Itachi transforms into a fox. After Tohru finally meets them Midoriko takes a complete dislike and plans to break her. Itachi appears nice, but why does everyone say he's even worse than Midoriko? Midoriko's plan is so evil, that Tohru might even hate her. HatorixOC

Two hearts, one mind: Kingdom Hearts fic. Riku is the emo kid loser at school that's never dated a girl. He has a twin sister named Rikku, an annoying cousin named Sora, two older brothers whom he barely knows(Marluxia and Demyx.), a little brother named Roxas, and way too much angst for the average teen. He soon meets Kurai and finds himself falling for her, but his sister is being targeted by the school gang and he has to learn to stand up to them or risk losing her forever. RikuxOC, RikkuxZexion, other pairings.

Dorm number 5: Bleach fic. Neliel's Mom, Retsu, is in love with the top model, Stark, and decides her daughter will marry him. What's more, she makes Nel pretend to be a boy and enrolls her in the all male College, Los Nochas, in which she has to share a dorm apartment with six clueless guys, including Stark. Enter the dorm, consisting of Renji, Uryu, Shinji, Grimmjow, Stark, Byakuya, and Nnoitra. NelielxStarkxRenji triangle.

Sanity's border: Vampire Academy fic. After Adrian's hurt so badly by Rose, he goes into a pit of depression. When the other royalty decides to assign him a guardian he doesn't even put up resistance. But then he meets her; Saraphine. He doesn't get along with his loud mouthed, obnoxious, blunt new guard. But when she's killed by a strigoi he brings her back and makes her spirit bond. He never thought he could love again, but he was wrong. AdrianxOC.

One Winged Butterfly- D. Gray-Man fic. Tsukiyomi was created by the Black Order. Akuma cells were injected to her and the project failed, giving her some special abilities, but an extremely unstable personality. As a last ditch effort, she's sent to find Marian Cross and bring him back. The order secretly hopes she'll be killed on the way, but she eventually finds him and carries out her mission.. Or at least attempts to. CrossxOC.

(The following lists are not in order)

Hottest guy charys:

1)Renji Abarai(Bleach)

2)Shinji Hirako(Bleach)

3)Axel(Kingdom Hearts)

4)Dark Mousey(DN Angel)

5)Tasuki(Fushigi Yuugi)

6)Hatori Sohma(Fruits Basket)

7)Teru Mikami(Death Note)

8)Itachi Uchiha(Naruto)

9)Marco(Shaman King)

10)Michael(Angel Sanctuary)

Hottest Chicks

1)Rangiku Matsumoto(Bleach)

2)Neliel Tu Oderschvank(Bleach)

3)The Mizukage(Naruto)

4)Winry Rockbell(Full Metal Alchemist)

5)Toto(DN Angel)


7)Maya Natsume(I've just seen her pics.. She's soo hot)

8)Dohwa(King of Hell)

9)Seras Victoria(Hellsing)

10)Tifa Lockheart(Final Fantasy)

Awesomest guys :D(Not hot, just awesome)

1)Gin Ichimaru(Bleach)


3)Kenpachi Zaraki(Bleach)

4)Xigbar(Kingdom Hearts)

5)Berry the Chopper(Full Metal Alchemist)

6)Kanone Hilbert(Ok, he is hot but he's fucking awesome)

7)Sosuke Aizen(YES, HE'S NOT HOT)


9)Syzael Aporro Granz(Bleach)

10)Zaphikel(Angel Sanctuary)

Awesomest chickas


2)Olivier Armstrong(Full Metal Alchemist)

3)Larxene(Kingdom Hearts)

4)Xion(Kingdom Hearts)

5)Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Hellsing)

6)Lady Jeanne, The Iron Maiden(Shaman King)


8)Lightning(Final Fantasy)


10)Riku Harada(DN Angel)


(Waring.. Im a big fan of crack parings that make no sense xD)



























ApachexMila Rose





















KyokoxTohru's daddy



















Stevie RaexRephiam























































DallasxStevie Rae









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