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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, and Death Note.

Dr. Kim-chan, Version 3.0, comin' at ya!

Some of the Basics:

Age: 22, 23...I forget sometimes...

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Reading, writing (obviously), meditation, cosplaying, going to anime conventions (well, one really (Anime Central in Chicago)), anime, manga, MMORPGs, drawing (mostly tattoo designs and sketches), taking walks through my local graveyard, and telling it like it is

Currently Fangirling Over: Death Note, Witch Hunter Robin, Serial Experiments Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

You like my new avatar? I do too! :3 L is teh awesomeness...

Notice: For the fans of my Harry Potter slash fic, "Black and Deep Desires", as you might already know, it's been put on hiatus. I've been having serious issues with certain parts of the plot, so expect a completely revamped version when I get to it. I don't want to delete it entirely and start over from scratch, but time will tell. Time will tell...

The new love of my life lately has been "Death Note", and I expect to make even more Death Note fics as time goes by. Also, another reason I haven't really been paying attention to my Harry Potter fics is because the fandom has kinda worn out (for some people, at least; I can't speak for everybody), and it has for me. I'm more than aware there's still two movies left, but they effectively killed it for me when the last book was published. I mean, it was exhilarating to know it was over, but the ending wasn't as...momentous as I thought it would be (and I expect it was the same for others). Then they delayed the sixth movie, and suddenly...wham! We're flatlining.

Then again, I've always had a soft spot for anime, so maybe it's just a phase (it's been so long since I wrote a Digimon fic, but that's kinda self-explanatory). But hey, Harry Potter was good while it lasted. In time, maybe...in time...

Anyway, enough sentimental ramblings.

Current Projects (All of them "Death Note"):

1. Silent Consonant -- Light never finds the Death Note. However, in doing so, everyone's fate changes, and L soon discovers a much more terrible enemy than Kira...and it isn't Beyond. (actively updating)

2. Ronin Note -- basically "Death Note" set in Japan's Edo Period. May very well be quite long (will soon resume)

3. Some Things Are Beyond Near -- originally a three-part project that was supposed to be over around Halloween, but I couldn't get away from it. (Now complete!)

4. Bakery Boys -- a sort-of AU about L, Mello, and Matt running a bakery. Oddly enough, inspired by "Some Things Are Beyond Near"

Future Projects (still all "Death Note", and titles tentative):

1. Death in the Shell -- a Death Note/Ghost in the Shell crossover

2. Kal Snyder Versus the World -- I pity this man. Not many fics are made about him, and on the odd chance one IS made about him, it'll actually be a Mello/Matt. More on this later.

Special Announcement = I've been developing an obsession with both L and Beyond ever since writing "Silent Consonant", and due to the success of "Some Things Are Beyond Near", I'm thinking of beginning a "Beyond the Grave" series...stand-alone short fics and/or one-shots in which Beyond possesses and/or torments a character in Death Note. Drop me a line if you'd like to see this. :)

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I Love You, Plushie! by Digimon Kaiser Chiaki reviews
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Silent Consonant reviews
"12 and 13 make 25. One is missing. 12 knows why." *Chapter 57 Up* Demegawa's looking for his next hot story, L and Twelve are still looking for the one responsible for embezzling from Yotsuba, and Hatori's looking for a new partnership as he realizes teaming up with Higuchi may not have been the best idea...
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Ronin Note reviews
On a ship in 1867, an elderly samurai named Near tells a wide-eyed Linda about an evil weapon called the Death Scroll, how it changed the fate of three young boys, and nearly brought feudal Japan to war yet again. 12/18/08: Chapter 7 is up!
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Bakery Boys reviews
L eats doughnuts, Mello spazzes, Matt is amused, and everyone else pops in for a bite to eat. Just another day at a bakery whose name is as eccentric as its employees. 12/14/08: Chap. 4 up in celebration of Mello's...late...b-day.
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Black and Deep Desires reviews
Fire and ice make steam. Everyone has black and deep desires. Lucius Malfoy and Ron Weasley are no different. Proud to be a LMRW fic. As of Aug. 25: ON HIATUS. I'm seriously considering tweaking the plot; see Black and Deep Desires forum for details!
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