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Fan of: Phantom of the Opera, Labrynith, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Tamora Peirce, Eragon, Ever After, Fairy Tales, Greek Mythology, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Ella Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribean and a few others. I'm hoping to pursue a career in musical theatre later in life, I just need a little more help with the dancing bit. I'm working on my first fan fic now and would love some pointers. I'm desparate for reviews. Sorry to anyone who may find my criticism offensive. I just try to be politely honest and tell you what would help your story most. I love stories that are Romance (that's all I read, really). I'm willing to branch out, if I find a good story. If you have written/read a well written story with a strong plotline, tell me so I can read it too! If you want to know my definition of good writing, look at later chapters in Persephone by Xaviere Jade or Window of Opportunity by Artemisdesari . They are truly amazing!

Update 5/31/07: I'm pretty free this summer, so I'm going to try to update my fan fic more often. Would love some reviews ( even if it's just a touch the basics one)!

Update 5/28/08: Well as most of you can see, I haven't been very good at updating. While I do write, I am mostly a reader and reviewer. I'm too critical of my own work for much to get done and posted. Still willing to hear of great stories ( I'm particularly obsessed with Labyrinth). Hope all in your corner of the world is well!

Update 11/16/08: I thought I should note to anyone who reads my reviews that I am a detail fanatic. Detail is my biggest pet peeve and my most precious entertainment. The stories that I love and cherish are full of atmospheric, emotional, environmental, and historical detail. My personal belief is that a story has the purpose of giving the reader enough imagery and substance that allows them to live in the story as fully as mentally and emotionally possible. I'm a visual and audial person so I tend to play out the plots of stories inside my head like movies. So when I lack the detail to be able to picture the room the characters are in, the outfits they are wearing, the physical stance they are in, what their voices sound like, what are the typical sounds of the activity, or any sensory detail ( even though movies are usually only visual and audial, I also enjoy having details for all five of my senses so I can immerse my self into the world of the story more fully) I tend to either become frustrated or bored, and I won't find the story worth my time. I know this is harsh, and that there is a fine line between enough detail and too much detail. I just think it is easier to tone down detail than to try to add any. So, if anyone wants my humble advice on how to make your writing any better, try to find out if your detail is adequate to allowing your reader to draw a picture or film a clip of. If you want references, all of my favorite stories are good examples of great stories full of detail. On a lighter note, this is why I can never finish a work of my own. I get bogged down in trying to add enough detail to satisfy my expectations. People will say, "who are you to judge what is good writing or not?" I can only reply that this is my humble opinion. Ask a professional author if you want a true evaluation of your work.

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