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Current account on ffnet: algid

Eight months ago, I swore to stop writing fanfictions forever because of something terrible that I did.

I apologize to you and everyone else now because I have broken that promise.

Because only a few weeks prior to that, I started to write fanfictions once more. And I posted them online under a different screen name.

But for those who do not know the full story of my error, my vast mistake, and of my promise, my now broken promise, please read this and understand it now. I want to apologize to everyone for both doing what I have done and breaking my promise.

I had started to write fanfictions way back in January and I posted them online to ffnet under the name ‘brumal.’ People liked my stories and would leave kind and enthusiastic reviews for me each and every time I posted a new story up. And I was happy for that. But I was not grateful.

I grew to be very pompous and arrogant because there were people who read my stories and left me good reviews. And that was where my mistake started. I felt as if I had the /right/ to get the reviews and did not see them as something that I should appreciate.

After a while I began to get tired of short reviews which only exclaimed to me to, “Update faster!” or “More please!” and I snapped at everyone at the time. I told them, “No more short reviews or ‘update faster’s or I’ll completely stop writing this story!”

Some people responded by apologizing but some people didn’t read my Author’s Note. They kept sending me reviews like that.

So I snapped again. I said that everyone should stop because those reviews were annoying.

And that was when I was completely told off and realized that it was wrong for me to do something like that. I should appreciate that people are willing to take their time to read my stories and leave me reviews, no matter how short. After all, I am only a humble writer and have no right to demand what my readers should do.

Three people stood up to me and said that what I did was wrong and that I was being very selfish and childish.

They were right.

But I had felt so guilty for making everyone so upset that I decided that I should quit writing forever so that nothing like that would ever happen again. I felt as if I should never again write and receive the praise from people after what I have done.

I apologized to everyone and promised that I would never write again.

To my surprise, some people actually apologized to me. I was shocked. I didn’t understand why people would apologize to me when I was the one who had done such a terrible thing to them.

But for a few weeks, I didn’t write.

Yet I /couldn’t/ stop. The ideas never stopped coming and eventually I made the decision to write again.

I broke my promise to everyone.

I created a new account as ‘algid’ and posted my works up there. People still liked what I wrote and I never told anyone that I had started to write again.

But now, eight months later I feel that I have deceived everyone for far too long. I do not know if it is too late to apologize now, but I hope that perhaps, by some miracle, you can do the impossible and forgive me.

I do not feel as if I deserve your trust any longer, but I promise you this time that if you give me a second chance, I will never, ever do something like this ever again. I will not snap at people no matter how bad my day was. I will appreciate each and every reader I have and each and every review I get.

I know that what I have done is irreversibly wrong and that I should not deserve your trust again… But if I can only, only have one more chance, I will prove to everyone that I am truly sorry.

I will not stop writing again and I will do my best to continue and improve so that I will be able to earn your trust once more. I want to be able to earn everyone’s respect again.

So I ask you, please, forgive me for what I have done in the past and allow me to try once again to deserve your trust and respect again.

I apologize for the trouble I have caused.

But for those who want to know for future reference, I will continue to write as ‘algid’ on ffnet, continue to post art us on deviantART as ‘brumal,’ and post stories and art up on LiveJournal as ‘algidwind.’

Formerly brumal, Currently algid

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