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Hey People... I don't know if you even bother to look through my profile...

But there's one thing that I'd like to clarify.

English is definitely not my first language. But it's my favourite language. =D

I use UK English and UK English at the same time when my fanfics are concerned. Because my school doesn't care which one I use. But I'll be more influenced by UK's English because, well... of the country's history.

I speak Mandarin most of the time.

So I apologize for any grammatical and vocabulary mistakes I've made in three of my fan fics.

Haha cause now that I've revised two of them, I've found so many mistakes and have tried to correct most of them. I suppose.

Well Love Gakuen Alice!!

The latest chapter for the manga, Chapter 171 will be out one day before world end, How great is that? haha Well, I hope you'll continue to support GA!! >.

And I'm very excited about Mikan meeting Natsume where she'll have no memory about anyone. That's sad but interesting, isn't it?

Hope you'll enjoy my fanfic as well!

Love, xXAikoXx

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