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Author has written 14 stories for Gundam Seed, Heroic Age, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Screenplays.

Name : you can call me Aria, it's my nickname :P

Age : 15

Gender : Well, I think you could guess it from my nickname

Birthday : 30 January

Eyes color : Brown

Hair : Long auburn

Country : Indonesia

I like browsing of course :D, read comics and fanfictions Well, sometimes I like to make a story that I haven't published or maybe will not be published.

About me
Well, some of my friends say that I am too cheerful and easily get bored of something. I must admit that I am truly agree with them, but I'm not that cheerful XD I'm a type of person that when making a story usually stuck and stopped for a moment and got to have an idea or maybe mood to continue the story. That's why, when I haven't finished one, I like to update the new one. Hope you don't mind.

I'm not really an imaginative person, but like to imagine something :D (Confusing huh? me too ) I'm more a reader than a writer, cause you know, I just like to imagine and sometimes too lazy to write

I am everyone's nightmare
i am the reason why they couldn't sleep well at night
I am everyone's fear

I work when they have gone to deep sleep
My job is to make someone happy and sad at the same time

I have the power to take someone's life
I am their enemy yet their friend at the same time

When daylight, I become phantom
Walked unnoticed by them
I hide from others at the daylight

Phantom at the daylight
Darkness at the night

I hide my miserly that they didn't realize I am their nightmare at night
I am their fear, their reason to be cautious
I hated and loved at the same time

I am one of those who had fallen into the darkness
Couldn't get out except being the darkness itself
I am Vaughn
Vaughn the Phantom

Here are some animes that I like :

~Gundam Seed~ (this is the best for me )
~Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle~
~Rurouni Kenshin~
~Get Backers~
~Full Metal Panic~
~Final Fantasy Unlimited~
~Shaman King~
~Yu Gi Oh~
~Yu Yu Hakusho~
~Heroic Age~
~Chrono Crusade~

~Anime Songs~ :

-Kimi ha boku ni niteiru (GSD)
-Shinkai no Kodoku (GSD)
-Kaze no Machi e (Tsubasa)
-Time After Time (Conan)
-Tears (GSD Special Edition)
-Amrita (Tsubasa)
-Futatsu no Negai (D.N.Angel)
-Houki Boshi (Bleach)
-D Techno Life (Bleach)
-One Day One Dream (Inuyasha)
-Mizu No Akashi (GSD)
-Shizukana Yoru ni (GSD)
-Emotion (GSD)
-Daia no hana (Black Cat)
-Invoke (GS)

Top 5 couples for me :

1. Athrun x Cagalli (Gundam Seed/Destiny)
They were really a perfect couple. Although Athrun was so cold sometimes but around Cagalli, he became less cold. Most of all, their couple could match in any genre of fanfiction.

2. Kisara x Seto Kaiba / Seth (YU GI OH)
I just like this couple. Kisara, a shy and innocent with Kaiba the arrogant and bossy. They matched perfectly and really romantic and touching.

3. Roxas x Namine (Kingdom Hearts)
Although I didn't know too much about this couple, but they were nice. Really sweet

4. Shinn x Stellar (Gundam Seed Destiny)
Well, true I hate Shinn, I mean REALLY REALLY Hate him so much, but when he was around Stellar, sometimes he became innocent again and I like them very much. So tragic, romantic and touching

5. Ling Xiaoyu x Jin Kazama (Tekken)
Sometimes, I don't know why I could like this couple, but they were almost perfect. Jin was so cold and Xiaoyu was so 'warm' and I like the stories when Xiaoyu could melt Jin's heart with her behavior.

Another Top Couples for me but I don't have the reason :

-Lacus x Kira
-Sora x Kairi
-Chrno x Roxette
-Naruto x Hinata
-Yzak x Shiho
-Dearkka x Mirrialia
-Andrew x Murrue
-Sakura x Syaoran
-Rukia x Ichigo
-Yuna x Tidus
-Rinoa x Squall
-Sora x Kairi
-Kaze x Lisa
and more and more...

Top Hated Couples :

1. Athrun & Meyrin

This couple are sucks, I just couldn't imagine that they could be made as a couple! I really hate Meyrin that I don't like her to get close to Athrun and become his couple! No, they couldn't be together! Athrun is for Cagalli forever!! ASUCAGA!! No ASUMEY!!

2. Shinn & Lunamaria

I think Shinn is better with Stellar than with Lunamaria, no matter what happen! Why? Cause I think Luna is a bit similar with Fllay and I hate Fllay so much !!

3. Kira & Fllay

You know why, cause I really hate Fllay! She was just using Kira to protect her, I think, she was the real evil!!

4. Roxas & Olette

Although, I don't know much about this game, I really like Roxas paired up with Namine, so that's why I hate him to be paired with another girl!!

Story In progress :

High Priority :

1.The Devil's Love

Status : 9/xx

2. Bachelor's Quest

Status : 4/20

Medium Priority : 1. The Bet : This story maybe kind short than the others, I hope.

Status : 3/xx

2. Lies Between Love

Status : 3/xx

3. My Secretary is a Vampire

Status : 3/30

~My Own Character ~

Kuroki Hasegawa

Age : 24 years old

Eyes color : Sapphire eyes

Hair color : black

Height : 189 cm

B'day : 8 August

Zodiac : Leo

Favourite Color : Black

Motto : Love is not something that you must afford to have, but love sometimes can be a thing that you must sacrifice

Characteristic : not based on his zodiac, he is calm, cool, a thinking person, smart, strong, a noble person and a kindhearted.

Summary : I actually like to make him become Athrun's enemy of Cagalli, but actually he had already someone on his heart. However, the girl, whom he love has died T.T

Relationship : Cagalli's uncle

Nelson Alstroemeria

Sex : Male

Age : 22 years old

Eyes color : Deep blue ocean

Hair color : real brown and a little reddish, but can't be called auburn

Height : 190 cm

B'day : 17 January

Zodiac : Capricorn

Favorite Color : Cerulean and emerald

Motto : I don't have any of that stuff

Characteristic: He had a strong heart, like to order someone, strong, suspicious, calm person, unsociable, smart, a bit stubborn. He was so lonely and wanted someone to come and broke the wall.

Summary : will revealed later

Relationship : will revealed later

Tsuyakagomori Ryuu

Nickname : Tsu or Ryu

Sex : Male

Age : 23 years old

Eyes color : jadeine

Hair color : auburn

Height : 189 cm

B'day : 10 February

Zodiac : Aquarius

Favorite color : green and yellow

Motto : You just need to believe it was special then it will be special for you.

Characteristic : He was a cheerful, active and strong. He always acted for his friends and sometimes he acted without thinking first. He was a person that easily got angry. Everybody really likes him, but nobody knows the real him.

Summary : will reveal later

Relationship : will reveal later

Time of Darkness

I looked around to find out that I am different
I searched everywhere
to find someone the same with me

I looked them from my place
Standing there alone
Without anyone to carry on

I'm wondering here, alone
who's going to come and comfort me
I'm waiting here for the one

I've waited so long
That I didn't realized the time had passed
the time had surpassed the light

And there, I alone, again
Watching them with my red eyes filled with emptiness
Asking when the time will come

I'm here, watching them laughing
I laughed too
But, inside I'm hurt and alone

Now, I don't wait for 'someone' anymore
Now, here I'm waiting for the time to come
Time of Darkness


I'm sorry that I haven't updated my stories yet. I have lot things to do since the new semester had begun. I tried my best to keep updating my stories, but I think I couldn't have much time to write. Moreover, I'm lack with ideas. I'm stuck between my homework, my hobby, and many things. So I'm really sorry

> To your information, it's true that I delete some of my stories, which are Fate or Destiny --> the reason i delete this story is because i don't have the idea to continue and moreover i think the story is run from my plot, perhaps i'll make the new one with the same plot or not xP

Here's another thing...

1. For my Story The Bet : i'll delete from chapter 3 to chapter 8 and rewrite that again, because there're some things that i think out of the first plot

2. cleared throat for my story tittled with 'The wish of a Butterfly' is actually a part story with 'Pieces of Flowing Time' They are not connected to each other, but the AsuCaga are still the pairing though they are just minor pairing. Well, actually the story tittled Omokage, full summary inside, just take a look n,n it won't do any harm to you

well...i think that's all my announcements for this time, c u soon xD

Oh yeah, I really sorry that I replied your message too long. I mean, I rarely checked my mail and if I do, when I saw that there're many from fanfiction that write review alert or some kind of that, I was too lazy to check again at another page. That's my bad, I know that, so, I really want to apologize for those who send message to me and just got the reply recently, I really am sorry T_T

finally i'm back n,n

i'm going to continue my other stories then, but first i need some inspiration for my stories


Miz u all n,n



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