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I'm guessing this will show on my lookup thing...anyways... I love Outsiders fanfics humor and little kid ones are my favorite... if you have a fanfic you think is really funny, please send me the link! Um...Peace out!

As you can see, I'm getting off to a great start with my stories! Thanks soooooooo much to those who review! I love reviews, I am just sorta scatterbrained and psyco so by the time I check my email, I have 20 review messages and if I had a faster computer, I'd reply to them all...but my computer is really too bad, anyways, I love reviews and all of them have been really positive.

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay right brained (Which pretty much means I get so many good ideas, but I don't have the biggest attention span to write them down before I move on to the next thing) lol

I feel as if I should write down a summary of my life here or something, but that'd just bore y'all to death so I will try to resist the urge...

I love all the actors from the outsiders...I should say most actually cuz Patrick Swayze sorta kinda scares's my sad but true goal to watch all the 1980's movies with them in far I've seen The Karate Kid, Soul Man, The Breakfast Club, Target, Secret Admirer, Tex, Rumble Fish, That was then this is now, and I aspire to see Over the Edge, Karate kid 2 and 3, St Elmo's Fire, Class, Flamingo Kid, Kansas, Red Dawn, Up the Academy, and Teachers, and Little Darlings(which is horribly expensive by the way)

I can't believe it, I spent two hours today researching the facinating history of the Pop-Tart--No I did not studder, I did say the Pop-Tart-- so I could write a correct story for you guys (It'll be in one of my "The Outsiders in 2007") Now I have a bunch of usless knowledge in my head about the history of the Pop-Tart...Like did you know that until 1967 the Pop-Tart didn't have frosting on it because they thought it'd melt in the toaster? anyways, yeah...

If I am ever on Jepordy (Or however you spell it), I hope the catagories will be this: The Outsiders, The Brat Pack, Obscure 1980s films, The history of the Pop-Tart, and umm...maybe the light on the fifth row of little TVs will be burnt out the night I'm there...

ohhhh! Have you guys ever seen a sentence like this?: "Smith, where Brown had had had had had had had; had had had had the editor's approval." Yes, this is a correct sentence and my English teacher put it up on the board today to proove that we know squat about how many hads you can fit in a sentence and still have the sentence make sense...

I just watched West Side Story...That is intense stuff... Very emitional... Baby John broke my heart when he was crying after the rumble...He was so sweet... then the paint during the prolouge, I was like "WTF? Where'd the Puerto Ricans get paint from?! And why are they throwing it at them?!"

After watching West Side Story, I had to add to my list of 1960s gangsta like folk that I like! Now my list is: Ponyboy, Sodapop, Johnny, Dallas, Steve, Two-Bit, Riff, Tony, Baby John, Action, A-Rab, Ice, Snowboy...well...pretty much all the Jets... I should have like a 1960s gangsta party...except I'm not really I?

Hehe! I love reading people's quotes on their I'll start a quote section too.


My brother: Um...Lifetime warentee? No tire is gonna last that long...

Me: Maybe it's a magic tire...


-I get into an elevator with an old lady-

-The old lady starts to leave-

Me: Shun the non-believer!!!

Mom:Shut up or people will be scared of you...


Mom: Do you draw anything except the outsiders?

Me: Uh, lemme see...-leafs through sketch book- outsiders...Johnny...Pony...Dallas...Pony and Johnny...Johnny and Dallas...oh, here I drew shoes...


Mom: How can you rewatch these movies so many times? (she's talking about WSS and The Outsiders)

Me: I can't help it! I luv hanging out with my gangsta friends!

Mom: You're watching a movie... over and over and over again... Don't you get tired of it?

Me:Um... I can't say that I do... It's the only way to see them (gets dramatic) Mom! You can't say you don't love watching gangstas snapping and dancing and saving small children and stuff!

Mom: Uh, yeah I can...

Me: Or...can you?


Austin: For the last time, Johnny's not gangsta!

Me: Uh, yeah he is! Look at him walking towards the camera...see! If that's not a gangsta walk, I don't know what is!


(I learned how to spell the word 'love' with my hands)

Me: Look! I learned how to make 'love' with my hands!


Me: Wait, that sounded wrong...


(we were talking about C thomas Howell no offence to people who like the alien...I just don't...sorry)

Me: You know, ET would have been much better without that alien think

Austin: Um, pretty much the whole movie is about the alien

Me: I know, but they could have just made the kid skitsophrenic or something, cuz that alien is gross

Mom: Ashlynne, you're warpped...


Aaron: I'll paint the fence on your ass... I'll do some wax-on wax-off, goddamnit (are we aloud to swear on the profiles? if not, I'll erase this...)


Ok, I'm in the local play Oliver! and some of the little pickpocket kids were coming out of their rehearsal, so the townspeople going into the choir room had to mingle with the pickpockets to get in.

Some townsperson in the crowd: Okay, pickpockets, if any of you try to pull something over on me, I'm gonna hunt you down!


In class, I was giving my friend topics to talk about, her two topics were muffins and the outsiders. Here are two great quotes she said about her topics:


Caitie: People bake muffins. I bake muffin. The world bakes muffins. But my easy-bake oven does not bake muffins.

The outsiders:

Caitie: The outsiders are Ponyboy, Soda, Darry, Dallas, Two-Bit, Steve, and Johnny. There are also Bob and his friend.

Me: Randy?

Caitie: Yeah...but they weren't really outsiders because they were Socs...

Me: Okay... so you're contraticting yourself?...very nice.

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