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Author has written 4 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Hiya- SliferHeart speaking (in a figurative sense). I'll start with the brief introduction. Here goes:

1. Name: Just call moi (me) SliferHeart.

2. Age: Take a pick, yo.

3. Member for how long: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... lost count... a while.

4. Fav. Stuff: Lots of stuff.

A random, completely off the top of my head, list of favorite characters:

1. Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

2. Kabuto (The one out of Naruto- not Pokemon)

3. Zexion (Kingdom Hearts)

44. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

5. That one guy in that other movie with the really funny line... ya know who I mean. (or do you..?)

6. The pink bunnies that constantly insist on sitting atop of my head whenever I start writing. Ow- get off, get off, you fluffy nuisances!!! (but they're sooooo cute..!!)

7. The dragons that eat the fore-mentioned obnoxious, marshmallow-y bunnies.

27. Ack- I forgot Demyx!! (Kingdom Hearts)

8. Gaara (Naruto)

10. Tsunade (Naruto)

999999999999999999999999. Whoever else I have forgotten... (opps..)

List Subject to Change. (I change my mind alot)

List of characters I want to slap upside the head every time they say/do something stupid:

1. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

2. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

3. Sakura (Naruto) (Up until she finally stnads up and fights instead of crying for Sasuke constantly.)

47. DIZ (Kingdom Hearts) (He REALLY has it in for every single Nobody in existence... I can understand having a vendetta against his six ex-apprentices... but what did Axel and Roxas ever do to him?!)

5. See number 999999999999999999999999. (opps)

If anyone has any questions, just press that nifty message button thingamajig (and, obviously, type out the question and then press 'send'. j/k).

Hahahaha- I add more at last!!

I keep coming up with ideas for more stories, but I make myself stick those ideas on the back burner until I finish something else... sometimes it works... So far I have three ideas for Kingdom Hearts, and I'm still working for Naruto. Hopefully someone will like them as much as I like them in my head... But I'll find that out later...


Hey- who can't wait for three/four new Kingdom Hearts games to come out? I'm looking forward to the release of 358/2 Days for the DS system. (If'n ya don't believe me- check it out over the IGN website.) It just sounds awesome. The other two- Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep are for other platforms; one's for mobile phones, other is for PSP. And the actual Kingdom Hearts 3/ Prequel to the whole story in the first two will hopefully have a version come out for the PS2 console. I can understand why they'd put it on PS3, but I think they'll have it for both since it will attract more customers, tick customers off if they didn't, and it just makes sense since the first two were for PS2.

Right. Well, I'm done for now... Once I get my sketchbook back from my art room I think I'll scan in one of the pictures and put it up somehow... It's Kingdom Hearts related- just don't shoot me for the ehhhhhh drawing abilities. So- catch ya later.

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Broken Mirror reviews
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