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Just a newbie in writing fics...



Now that I'm in college and anything and everything is complicated, I find it hard to include fanfic writing in my schedule. Rest assured, I will continue writing my fics and I will finish all of them. Bit by bit, I will write and publish chapters of my fics. For the meantime, I really appreciate your wait and you can still comment and suggest by review, PM or any other mode of communication. xD

After not signing in for so long, and after reading through my fics, I realized how awful my first fic "If We Fall In Love" was (regarding the sentence structure and the flow of the story). So, if I find some free time, I will rewrite my story for all my readers.

I'm your friendly neighbor Totoro!

Welcome to my page!

First of all, I'm sorry for changing my pen name (again) but if you're confused, my last pen name was Tezuka's-girl and MatsuJun.

While desperately looking for an inspiration, I found myself on Hayao Miyazaki's film entitled Spirited Away. I kept on searching until I found... Totoro..



I'm now currently obsessed with this cute, little ( it's "only" three meters tall) keeper of the forest.

Anyway, I like writing romance fics even though I'm loveless myself. If We Fall In love is one product of my obsession to Tezuka Kunimitsu of the anime/manga Tennis no Ohjisama. By this rate, you should know that, yes, I'm a girl.

I like reading books especially those of Sue Grafton's (yeah, I'm a big fan of hers. Try reading her novels especially the alphabet mysteries. xD). I also have mad love for the "NODAME CANTABILE" series: manga, anime, live action you name it!. If you guys don't know that series, you better start knowing it now... 'coz that series will drive you nuts! It's the best!

I SO love the series Code Geass too, and I will never get sick and tired of watching the series over and over again. Though I love all the characters in the series, my mad love for Schneizel el Britannia stands out the most (lol). My favorite pairing is LelouchxC.C. and I will not tolerate any other pair for Lelouch (especially, LelouchxKallen, no offense for the fans of this pairing, but come on it's so obvious that Lelouch is more interested, or should I say in-love :P, with C.C.).

I also like the series, "Hellsing". I love the AlucardxIntegra pairing and not the AlucardxSeras which is superficial (unlike AlucardxIntegra which is actually true, check the manga)

I could say that I like anime, but not as much as before given the scant time that I have and the limited options of anime I find in our television. :'( But I am open for some suggestions of anime or manga since I'm not really good at finding a decent series to hook at. XP

I recommend you to read ToA and aieK cilegnA's fics... they're good!


If We Fall In Love - It's about the stoic captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, being engaged to the sister of Atobe Keigo, Ichigo. With the whole engagement thing, his world has now become a crazy circus. I mean, who wouldn't be ticked off if you suddenly found out that you were engaged at such a young age.

Chapter 8 is on progress :P. And while I am writing it, I am rewriting the other chapters as well. Yes, I am rewriting the whole fic... I think. lol.

Tezuka no hibi - Stranger than fiction. Beyond the supernatural. Unbelievable. A simple statement had caused Tezuka Kunimitsu, the ever famous, perfect and stoic captain of the Seigaku tennis club and Chishio Akai, the socialite, crazy, talkative, and purely imperfect weirdo, to switch bodies. With something this weird to happen to the two of them, how could they cope up with their new lives? And more importantly, how could they come back to their own bodies? With all the obstacles coming on their way... TezukaxOC

Chapter 6 is on its way. :O


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Yahoo messenger: yumivalentine ... just add it to your messenger list... if you want to be my friend =)

Questions? Comments? Requests? Feel free to say it by sending me messages or reviewing in my stories.

If I see a fic that has the same plot as mine it means you have STOLEN it!! SHOO! SHOO!!

If you plan on stealing my story you better think again...I'll sue you!!

You have a mind to think what's right to do!!

I'm very happy that you're still reading my profile ganbatte and more power!

"...not everything had to end in a happy ending. Not everyone finds prince charming at the end of the book"

taken from "Onegai, Tutor!" by Kamiyama89. The best phrase that inspires me so far.

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