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Author has written 7 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Supernatural, and NCIS.

So, I'm not really all that sure of what I should put in this thing. Assuming you're looking at this because you liked one of my stories: Thank you! If you're looking at this because you hated a story and wanted to know more about the person who wrote such crap: You suck. We're going to go with the first one, it makes me feel better.

Obviously I write Supernatural and NCIS, and I used to write FFVII. I probably won't ever write for that last one again, I just lost my enthusiasm for writing under that. But I'll still read it from time to time. So if you know of a good Reno story, tell me.

And because I refuse to let this profile be so short, I'm just going to list a few things that bug me. Feel free to skip all of this and just read another one of my stories.

I HATE Wincest. It's disgusting, they're BROTHERS! I have no problem with guy on guy action, in fact I love it. Just not with family members...ewwww.
I HATE when people use big words just to use big words. Yes, we all know you can use the thesaurus, good for you. Just right the stupid story!
I HATE when the author's note is longer than the story. I clicked on it because I wanted to read the story, not a ten page note from you.
I HATE when people put the list of ALL their reviewers in the chapter. Just give out one big thanks to everyone and let it go.
I HATE OCs that play too big of a role. You can add them in for comic relief, one night stands, etc. But please don't make them someone's long lost family member, or soul mate. I read because I like the characters that already exist. I don't need yours too.
I HATE the word 'glomp'. I think that explains itself.
I'm not too fond of people who post 10 chapters in one day, and each chapter is only 500 words long. Why didn't they just combine it into a couple of long chapters?
I don't much care for people who don't break up their text. Don't they realize how impossible it is to read a paragraph that's 40 solid lines? Just hit enter, people! Just hit enter.

If any of you like FFVII, I wrote an absolutely AMAZING story with my friend corncob, it's on her profile. Friend, Foe, or Fatuous. It's about a prank war between Reno and Zack, Tseng and Seph eventually get pulled into it too. It's funny, and definately AU. Check it out!

Should any of you guys feel the urge to talk to me, feel free to PM or email me. I can't promise my reply will be quick, but I will reply...eventually.

And for anyone that's reading Naturally Supernatural: if you have an idea for a chapter, or even just a prompt, tell me! Chances are excellent that I'll use it and be forever grateful towards you. Unless it was a hard idea to write which case, I'll secretly hate you as I write.

Bad news: I'm going into the military and won't have nearly as much time to write. Like...none. What-so-ever.
Good news: I'm not leaving for another 3 months. So I have plenty of time to post a few more things. Maybe even finish my NCIS story...I haven't forgotten it...I just wish it would disappear right now.

Good news 2.0: I have a job! Car payments are looking easier and easier.
Bad news 2.0: I have a job...where I get 40 hrs a week. So, I'll only be writing on the weekends now. We all know how often I update (not very), expect to wait longer now. Stupid RL and needing money to survive.

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Naturally Supernatural reviews
Just a bunch of drabbles about Dean and Sam. Anything from their first trip to the ER to being caught in a hurricane. On Hiatus for at least 3 months.
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