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Author has written 2 stories for She-Ra, Princess of Power, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Not much to say here other than I prefer to write stories to shows that I feel didn't get the epic ending they deserved.

For instance, my fanfic 'Doubt' is about a show in the 80s known as She-ra: Princess of Power. This program was about a small team of rebels trying to fight against a galactic dictatorship in order to gain the freedom of their planet. The hero, as seen in many cartoons, would often just let the villain escape while everyone laughed happily in the end. Oddly enough, a lot of background information was given on some characters. Sometimes the writers made you understand the pain these people were going through, but two seconds later they'd add a cutesy character to try and make you forget about the suffering. 'Doubt' gives the characters a wake up call while keeping the cast in-character, and giving the series some closure by making the rebels truly work for their freedom.

My newest story, 'Transformers: Machine Wars', is one that I value deeply and resolves some frustration about the series I had when it was aired. As many Beast Wars fans will say about the show Beast Machines, you will often hear the phrase "It wasn't great but I didn't think it was THAT bad." After all the show ended on a pleasant note, seemingly resolving all the issues presented as a group of Cybertronians skip along the horizon. Recently, I've re-watched Beast Wars and then DIRECTLY after that I saw Beast Machines. It's like they are two completely different programs with absolutely no relation to each another.

Beast Machines has been a bit of a frustrating topic for me because I felt the writers didn't watch the original series at all and disrespected the BW franchise by doing so. Still, because of Beast Machines, I feel that Beast Wars was cheated out of a sequel and 'Transformers: Machine Wars' is my way of closure for the characters.

'Crossing the Bar' just an experimental story. Not meant to be taken seriously and probably won't get finished.

Please comment and leave a review on my stories, it motivates me to finish or change what needs to be changed!

(critiques are welcome)

Update 2/14/13

So yeah, not sure if I'm going to be able to finish my Jen/Rook story. To be honest, I'm terrible at writing romance of any kind, and even in the beginning of this I didn't fully plan out a whole 'romantic venture.' It was originally intended as a few one-shots of a semi-genderbent story. Nothing serious, just drabbles, but I am not good with 'just drabbles.' I like stories with epic dramas and linear narratives. So I'm not sure if I'll get back to that story again, but 'Crossing the Bar' is still open to read, of course. If anyone here wants to take it over, please PM me and we can talk about it.

Also, stay tuned for a story I'm going to put up that is more 'up my alley.'

A Ben 10 fanfiction (no genderbending crap XD nor romance, so don't worry) involving a 'what if' scenario. What if Ben continued to get away with the same horrific behavior that he did in UAF? What kind of future would it be if Ben were to continue to assume himself on alien cultures, win all the battles, and virtually continue to do the impossible no matter what the consequence? As the ancient romans once said: Never Give a Child a Sword. Welp, Ben clearly has one hell of a sword, but now maybe you'll see why he probably shouldn't.

So, here's hoping you'll get into that tale a little more. A story that I've actually planned out from beginning to end with non-selfish insertions/OCpairings. Thanks a ton guys.

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