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Kiss me I'm Irish! (not at all).

Ah, forget being Irish, just kiss me would ya?!

You should all know that I am the infamous co-author and editor to none other than the very lovely Salina M L. And I say her fics are top notch!

My soul purpose in life is to cause her to slip slowly into madness, and with her as my college roommate, it's so frickin' easy especially while she's painting her face, or cuddling her duplicate Envy headband (gets smacked upside the head). Okay! So she's actually studying her chemistry (which is what I should be doing too). But I still have to keep her on her toes...

For example; I'll zap her with my tazer every know and then, ya know. It's quite funny really. I swear that smoke literally starts pouring out of her ears... I wonder if I can give her an Anime nosebleed that is NOT caused by our musings of... well let's see; Envy, Roy, Al in 'Conqueror of Shamballa,' Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Bankotsu, Hiten, Jakotsu (yes, we are totally aware that he's a yaoi boy, but still!), but the Naruto hotties list goes on and on...

Salina: ... Wow, I totally spaced out there... that manga/anime is pure candylicious... to me anyway.

Tashi: CHA! But still, I wonder if all those jolts will have an adverse effect on my best friend...? (thinks about it for a minute then shrugs). Hey, if Lin ever gets caught in an electrical storm without any shelter, she'll thank me!

Salina: I like to put her hand in warm water while she's sleeping (trys to hit her with a nurf bat but gets roundhouse kicked). Don't forget that this is the same girl who (I swear!) mutters Envy's name in her sleep!

Tashi: Damn straight, Lin! You would sooo pounce him too! Now all we need is for him... or even Roy to strut around our flat in white boxers with little moons and stars all over them, or tiny red hearts! AKA: tighty whities.

Salina: You are absolutely hopeless.

Tashi: Hopeless with a vivid imagination to match. You are guiltier than me, my friend!


Name? ... it's Tashi to all of you! Can't you read?! Besides, I kid you not, that's what people call me.

Age? Old enough to smoke and buy alcohol! (laughs while smoking and drinking vodka and tequila) you underage kids!

Birthday? March 12, 1988.

Height? I'm taller than Ed and Rukia-chan so that's all that matters! Good night, o'chibi-san. Mwa ha ha!

Weight? Thin is a trait in our court.

Salina: By the way, NO ONE CARES!

Eye colour? moi: blueish steel, Lin: emerald. Enough said.

Hair colour? We're both flamboyant in this area. At least three shades of colour is in our har. LIN: long with crimson red, pink & purple, ME: short & spiky with black, blue & green.

Favourite Animes/Mangas:

Naruto, InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka Seven, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Gundam Wing A/C, Gundam Seed, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin

Salina: Are we done here, brat?

Tashi: NOPE!

Tashi: Alright, now for my favourite pairing of all time... prepare yourself... it is EnWin from Fullmetal Alchemist. That's right you heard me (Envy x Winry). It is SO cute, almost TOO cute for words, and from what I've seen in terms of fanart (both fluffy and in certain positions) it's incredibly hot, so we love it! They work better in the anime than the manga though, he really doesn't need to paired with anyone there, it doesn't seem right for some reason. I have nothing against EdWin or RoyWin, but when I read some of these my eyes literally erupted into hearts, and after I made Lin read one, well...

Salina: Yes, I admit it. I'm an absolute sucker for that couple now, and I don't even think that it's AU or a crack pairing... oi.

Tashi: My biggest obsession was when he was in her form in ep. 48. First time a few years ago when I saw it... I sort of assumed that he had a thing for her ~sheepish grin~ and you should always follow your first gut instinct! Anyway, what would be even better is if someone would put my boxers-in-waiting on him... how 'bout you, Lin?

Salina: No way, hun. I am not suicidal.

Tashi: Then get Winry to do it.

Salina: In that case, I'll bring out my transmuted camcorder and post it on YouTube. Cover little Wrath and Elysia's eyes! Their sort of surrogate older siblings are goin' at it! ... I think I tongue-tied tied my S's...


Salina: Obviously this girl needs a man... badly. As you can see, she has a one track mind.

Tashi: Well I've got to have something going for me! I've seen some guys at my old job that would even make Gluttony look sexy!

Now we're done.

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