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Author has written 7 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Halloween.

Now let's see, where should I start...OH YEA!

Here's a little info about me, my favorites, and last but not least my muses.

Pen : The Phantom Authoress


Age: NEVER!!!!

My Sis: Dark Angelic Wolf

My Bro: Milleniumfoxx94

Favorite Books: Phantom of the Opera (All of them), Sleepy Hollow, Star Wars: Rise of Darth Vader, and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Favorite Moives: Phantom of the Opera (Duh!), Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Episode 4-6, and Spider Man 2.

My Muses (YEAH!): Erik (Most Fav! Likes to punjab people alot), Michael Myres (Get's tick off real easily), Darth Vader (He's still trying to get Luke to the darkside), and Altair (Says assassins don't get angsty; they get grouchy)

These are the stories I have up now.

Young Music: A boy by the of Blake, a masked boy at the Opera Populaire, starts to feel better around people after 10 years but his best friend, Angel, does something to him that will change the Opera Populaire forever.

The Phantom's Domain: Anne, Ben, and Caine go to the Opera Populaire to start a new life with with their aunt, Christine De Changy. But will they find peace with their past or will they be in the middle of a war between the infamous Phantom of the Opera and the Vicomte De Changy.

The Adventures at the Opera Populaire: When Casey and her sister get sucked into the past, they find themselves at none other than the Opera Populaire before the famous disaster. Will they fix Christine and Erik togather or will they just screw it up?

Invasion of Mini Erik: Casey and Anne start summer vacation when Casey finds a Erik doll in her room. When Casey finds her room in a mess, she finds Mini Erik the cause of it. Will Mini Erik ruin their vacation or he make it funner?

Whispers in the Dark: A little song fic I thought about in my spare time. It's about when Christine and Erik go down to the house on the lake.

The Boogeyman Returns: After many years waiting, Michael Myers is back and proving once more that Evil can not die. At the same time Kat, a 17 year-old teenage that has a dark past she didn't even know about, moves to Haddonfield next to the old Myers' house. Will she be able to get to Michael or will she end up like the rest of her family. Six feet under.

How to Get Punjabbed by an Erik: The title says it all.

(A/N: if you like any of these stories or got any ideas, just send me a message or e-mail me.)

Please DO NOT FLAME MY STORIES. I'm new at this and these are my first stories. Flames DO NOT help me write better and they tick me off. But when people flame, they usual don't watch their words. So once again PLEASE DO NOT FLAME MY STORIES.

Thank You

Hey guys! If anyone of you like RPGing, you can go to this website, it's really cool! The Phantom's Opera

Quotes: (I like my quotes)

(Hears crash from my and sister's room) "What did you do now?!"- Me

"Nothin"- Sister


(When I start to act crazy) "Have you takin your medicine today?" -Sister

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"I'm going to take that as a 'no'."-Sister

(When me and my brother are fighting) "I hate you!"-Me

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I'll pray right now if I choose.

I'll pray out loud or silently.

Because God gave that right to me.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Famous Quotes from my muses:

"Now let there war upon you both."-Phantom


"None of us can choose where we love."- Erik

Oh, Daroga what a truly boring little fart you are at times!"- Erik

"Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look at the skys with hope! And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake...THE KRAKEN!!!"-Davy Jones

"Life is cruel, why should the afterlife be any different?!"-Davy Jones

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"Why is the rum gone?!"-Jack Sparrow

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That's pretty much it. (Looks over head and sees punjab)

(sighs) Not again. ERIK!!!

Erik: What do you want you little demon?!

Why is there a punjab above my head?

Erik:(Hides punjab behind back) What punjab?

Don't play dumb.

Erik: Are you calling ME, the Phantom of the Opera, dumb?!


Erik: You are, aren't you?! For that, you have brought my wrath upon you!

Oh crap! Gotta go, see ya! (Takes Erik's mask and runs as quickly as possible away)


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