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Hello horrid people of the world Sir Leader a.k.a Pein, here to tell you... you all suck! After everyone begged to have an account at this terrible website I finally agreed, and here I am.

I am White Zetsu and I love you all!

Yeah, well I think you're all gay! Black Zetsu speaking. I agree with Sir Leader this website does suck.

Hello, Deidara speaking, un! This is a flamer's account! All of us here at the Akatsuki base regestered to flame your horrible stories, unless their good!

Yes, well as the Leader, we mostly flame Mary Sues, but if someone bashes us or in one particular story, make one of us rape someone or get rapened, as has happened alot to Deidara and Sasori, I will personallly flame your story to the point of blowing up!! Muha ha ha ha ha!

Kisame here, Leader wont do that, I will and please don't let Deidara be raped he gets pissy! Thats all for now! Look in our favorites for horrid Mary Sues and stories that plan flat out suck! WEEEEEEEEE:D

Sasori here, please stop the insanity. I can't read all the filthy fanbrat crap!

I'm a good boy!

So from all of us to you... up yours!/-0

Flamer Profile: How the Akatsuki gang reviews your work! (if we fave you're hopeless)

Deidara: If Deidara reviews your story he will most likely flame. Your story isn't good but dosn't mean you can't fix it! Deidara is rather rude and may insult the author, but if the story holds hope than he may offer you references to better stories to improve your work.

Sasori: Sasori will flame the story if it is just terrible, but often he'll offer you some help in spelling and grammar. He's not as rude as Deidara, but he will flame it completly if it involves major OOCness and rape of himself or anyone else in Akatsuki. If the master of puppets reviews your work, then go with his crits.

Black Zetsu: Black Zetsu has a sharp tongue and will always flame, while giving the author a good stream of insults. He is vicious when it comes to no plot, and is ready to flame with the click of a mouse.

White Zetsu: Contrary to his other half, White Zetsu will greatly praise anything that is written. But if he does review, it basically means your story sucks.

Hidan: Hidan will flame at the slightest disturbance. He's very picky, but if he reviews, then it basically means your story is hopless.

Kakuzu: Kakuzu will never flame, but offer you constuctive critisism to improve your work. He may not be very polite, but he will give you reasons to why he hates your story. If he reviews, then your story holds hope.

Itachi: Itachi rarely comments, but if he does then get ready for the flame of a lifetime!

Kisame: Kisame will flame every aspect of your story with venom, while throwing a few insults your way.

Konan: She will flame, but offer you some help and beta skills if your story isn't hopless.

Tobi: Unlike in the manga, Tobi will flame you to the point of no return!

Pein: (Or as he prefers Leader) is polite to the author, but will flame to story to no end. He may offer you some critsism, but more so he'll flame ending it with a complimentary "Good day to you!"

Long overdue UPDATES!

Pein: We haven't updated in awhile, because we all have indivudual lives that we have to attend to. Now if you look to the bottom you will see we have one story posted. We did it for a friend that was really hot, and we were all really horny at the time.

Kisame: Oh hell we were!

Deidara: MMMMMMMMMM (;

Pien: Yeah... So we posted it in hopes that she'd make sweet sex with us (which nearly caused Konan to say fuck you to us all and leave) Needless to say, it didn't work so we decided it's here to stay as an example of the horrible stuff people put up here.

Hidan: We urge you to flame the shit out of it! I mean it's fucking horrible. We'd all like to thank Assh0le for flaming it! Seriously though did you have to insult us? I mean, come on, we're men we have needs!

We'd also like to give a big Fuck YOU! to the Suethor Gaara's-pandachan101! We've recently found out that this "wonderful author" has blocked us. Listen kiddo, a lot of people are going to tell you that you suck and you can't black them all.

From the dumbasses who think we care

The ever-angered fanbrat: Darkgirl95

Those that flamed the story: Konan, Pein, and Kakuzu

Flamer to respond: Konan

omg u f hypocrite u tell me my story sucks urs isnt that fantastic
either,you cant even spell the title right nor have you spelt Anything
in ur story i only had to look through it to see it was crap how bout
you dont
critize ppl when ur the worst everyone has seen ugh why dont you delete
sought it out then put it bk up but have some one read it first before
you put
it up o and stop trying to act like your the akatsuki when your reli
suck at

"OMG," Honey, this is again to be as nice as possible. You are abviously a dumbass who can't read. The idiots I live with posted the story so that some stupid girl would sleep with them. Obviously they didn't write it. Also even in your little excuse for a comback, your grammar and spelling are an insult to all English teachers. Reli is spelled Really, Akatsuki is the name of an organization so capitolize it, and finally stop using idiotic chatspeak, especially in the pile of shit you call a story. I'm surprised that the term hypocrite is even in your vocabulary, you stupid little twat. Kill your Sue, go to school, learn basic English, then try to post that retarded story again and maybe I will be a bit nicer to you. Until then this is Konan signing off with, "Go sit and spin!"

Good Day to you!

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