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Author has written 11 stories for Kim Possible, Stargate: SG-1, Star Wars, Stargate: Atlantis, Psych, and Warehouse 13.

Although I changed my Pen Name to what it is now, if you still want to refer to me by my previous Pen Name (Sacred White Phoenix), you still can.

I reside within the Pegasus Galaxy in the lost city of the Ancients, Atlantis on M35-117.

My favorite music just happens to not include rap and all that other stuff. I will listen to music created by John Williams, Joel Goldsmith and Howard Shore, and that's just scratching the surface of the music I listen to.

Favorite shows: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Kim Possible, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Psych, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice and White Collar. I'll watch almost anything on the History channel.

Favorite movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Kim Possible, Night at the Museum I&II, National Treasure I&II, Indiana Jones, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. There is more to it then that, but you get the idea.

Favorite Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleased, Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy IV. Although I don't play much games these days.

I like any and all stories and shows that involves Mysteries, Legends, Myths, History and Temporal Mechanics, otherwise known as Time Travel, and only as long as it's done well.

I am offend by slash pairing. It is unnatural, and I would not read stories that involves slash. Anything I write will NEVER have any slash, swearing or what-not. I prefer to keep it as decent as possible. Everything I rate as 'T' will just be for violence.

On a side note, I stopped making a wild guess a while ago, due to being able to know a great deal of the twists that tend to be used. As to how that happen, I don't know so don't ask me.

Favorite Characters (Heroes):
Stargate SG-1: General Jack O'Neill. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Samantha Carter. Dr. Daniel Jackson. Teal'c and Thor, The Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet
Stargate Atlantis: Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. Major Lorne. Drs. Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, Carson Beckett, Jennifer Keller and Elizabeth Weir. Ronon Dex and Hermiod (The Asgard onboard the Daedalus)
Kim Possible: Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Kim Possible, Tara and Wade Load
Psych: Shawn Spencer, Henry Spencer and Carlton Lassiter
Warehouse 13: Pete Lattimer, Arthur "Artie" Nielsen and Claudia Donovan

Favorite Characters (Villains): The only real villains are intelligent and a threat so...
Kim Possible: Ron's Dark Side 'Zorpox The Conqueror', Shego and Monkey Fist
Star Wars: Darth Sideous, Darth Maul, Exar Kun and General Grievous
Stargate: Micheal, Todd (Not sure if he's an actual villain), Ba'al, the Ori, but mostly Anubis as the 2nd best villain ever
Warehouse 13: James MacPherson as the 1st best villain.

With the exception of what I had put above, I don't really tell you much, until you get to know me.

(Quotes from Psych)

Lassiter: Listen to me, Spencer. The department's reputation is on the line with this one. If I catch you anywhere near this case, I will throw every book I can find at you.
Shawn: What if you find the Bible? You gonna throw that too? Seems a little sacrilegious to me, don't you think? - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

Juliet: (About Shawn to Lassiter) You're not going to shoot him are you?
Lassiter: I haven't decided yet. - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

(during the pretend séance)
Shawn: Eyes of a serpent, ears of a bat, send us a signal from--
Gus: Shawn!
Shawn: --I hear a voooice...
Gus: Can I see you outside please?
Shawn: It wants me to come outsiiiiiiide.
Gus: NOW!
Shawn: I should goooo! - Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets

Gus: (referring to shattered window) Did you do that?
Shawn: Why would I ruin our totally cool window?
Gus: For effect! To make me think you contacted an evil ghost.
Shawn: Gus, please! (Stops and thinks about it for a second) Why didn't you float that idea by me sooner? That's genius! - Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets

Shawn: I think we should lay low for a bit. No more cases.
Gus: Oh, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I was kind of worried about telling you.
Shawn: Don't be a silly goose. Now, we've had a good talk, I think we both felt it, and look at this. Here we are. (Shawn and Gus arrive at a crime sence)
Gus: What is this, Shawn?
Shawn: OK, here's the thing. The police may have found a body...which I may have picked up on my police scanner, which... (Holds up police scanner) I may have brought with me. - 9 Lives

Henry: If I had known that Peterson was going to insist on hiring you -- I would have blasted your character outright and I would have mentioned your unnatural fear of pointy things.
Shawn: Uh! Distaste for pointy things. - Poker? I Barely Know Her

Nigel: (sitting in Gus's blue car) I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry.
Gus: Shawn!
Nigel: This car makes me want to weep and then die. - American Duos

(Shawn and Gus have just raced on their rolling chairs across the hall. Lassiter stopped the race by flipping the chairs.)
Lassiter: Unlike everyone else around here, I'm not fooled by the fact that you wear grownup clothes, have mastered the rudimentary levels of communication and somehow manage to feed yourselves. I see you for what you are: children. So do me a favor, and let the the grownups do their work.
Shawn: (points to elbow) I got a boo-boo. - Zero To Murder in Sixty Seconds

Gus: He's not getting my lunch money. I tell you that much. (Picks up a bat.)
Shawn: Great you can terrify him with your Wally Joyner mini-bat.
Gus: Open the door.
(Shawn opens the door.)
Jimmy: What up boys.
(Shawn and Gus notice he is a midget.)
Shawn: (Whispering) That's a good call with the mini-bat. - And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

Henry: Well that's a stupid house to rob.
Shawn: Does anyone live up to your expectations? Maybe we should get the robber's phone number so you can call and tell him how disappointed you are. - Rob-A-Bye Baby

Lassiter: Just so we're clear-just so there's no confusion-let me explain this one more time in terms I know you'll understand. Cops are here (holds right hand above Shawn's eye level), bounty hunters are here (holds left hand below Shawn's chin), psychics are here (lowers right hand just above the left).
Gus: We beat bounty hunters.
Lassiter: By a knuckle.
Shawn: Where are orthodontists on this scale?
Lassiter: I'm asking for your help. Don't make me ask twice. - Bounty Hunters!

Henry: Well Shawn, looks like another draw this year.
Shawn: Yes, it appears so.
(Exchange their gifts, Shawn opens his first)
Shawn: Oh look at this, little Psych golf balls.
Henry: I also signed you up for lessons at the golf park down at Santa Barbara Municipal Course.
Shawn: Sweet dad, thank you. All right your turn.
Henry: Oh, all right. No idea what this is.
(Opens and finds a note)
Henry: What is this. (Reading note) Dear Dad, you got me monogrammed Psych golf balls and golf lessons with the pro down at the Municipal Course.
Shawn: Turn it over, turn it over.
Henry: (Continues reading) I believe his name is Pierre.
Shawn: Booyah, I got you old man. - Gus's Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

(Gus and Shawn gave McNab a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for Christmas)
Gus: He's gonna shoot his eye out.
Shawn: Yes he is.

Shawn: Lassie.
(Hands Lassiter a snow globe)
Lassiter: I, I hate snow globes.
Shawn: Ah, that's strange. My psychic senses told me specifically that snow globes didn't give you nightmares about being trapped in a clear ball with snow that burns your skin off. - Gus's Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

Lassiter: All right. Who keeps telling people I want snow globes for Christmas? - Gus's Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

Henry: Acting isn't a real job, come on, how much attention do you need?
Shawn: I'm not doing this for attention!
(Shawn pauses to stand in a photo that a family is taking on the set) - Lights, Camera ... Homicidio

Irving: (After berating Shawn and Gus) Now, I'm through talking to you nicely. I want you to turn around and get out of my warehouse, right now!
Shawn: (Turning around and whispering to Gus) I'm surprised he didn't say "Good Day."
Irving: What's that?
Shawn: I said, good day. - Dislodged

Gus: Do not get up there and start winging it! That's not how we operate.
Shawn: Dude, where have you been for the last two years? - Black & Tan: A Crime of Fashion

Shawn: Is that hot chocolate?
Haversham: It's Dutch cocoa. Hadewych makes a pot for me each night before she leaves.
Shawn: I see. Mr. Haversham, in order to fully understand the connection that you have with this ghost, I will need to see what you see. Wear what you wear. Drink what you drink.
Haversham: You're saying you'd like some hot chocolate?
Shawn: Yes. With marshmallows, please. - Ghosts

Gus: Shawn? What are you doing here?
Shawn: I should ask you the same question.
Gus: I work here!
Shawn: I should ask you a different question. - Ghosts

Vick: Alright, Mr. Spencer. Let me be frank.
Shawn: As long as I can be Dean and Gus can be Sammy.
Gus: Why do I always have to be Sammy?
Shawn: Fine, he's Sammy. That makes you Joey Bishop. Is that what you really want? You want to be Joey Bishop?
Juliet: SHAWN!
Shawn: Jules, how often does someone set you up with "Let me be Frank"?
Juliet: (Slams hands on table) Shawn, don't forget that you are in a lot of trouble here and I am probably the only person in this room who cares to see you get out of it. Now it's 2:30 in the morning; we've been here for hours. Enough with the jokes; stop delaying and tell us what we want to hear!
Shawn: turns to Gus stunned Oh my Gosh, that was so hot. - The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable

Shawn: Gus, don't be a myopic chihuahua. I have a foolproof plan that solves the case and gives the Chief all the credit.
Gus: What is it?
Shawn: Actually, all I have is the phrase "I have a foolproof plan." Beyond that, I'm wide open. - There Might Be Blood

Ryan: The night before I went to this restaurant to get a basket of these things called "fries quatro quesos dos fritos"; you know, the ones where they inject potatoes with a four-cheese mixture, fry them three quarters of the way, pull them out, batter them, fry them again, and then serve them with bacon and an ancho chili sour cream? Anyway, as I was sitting there, a car speeds right through the storefront across the street. It makes such a loud noise I had to turn my head and look and that is when I overheard the guys with the curlicues on his face tell the other guy in the corner table about the assassination plot.
Shawn: Can that be true?
Gus: No way.
Shawn: I mean, is that even possible?
Gus: I couldn't imagine it!
Shawn: There's no way they could prepare a fry like that; that'd be way too much for the... for the human palate to manage!
Gus: It would be a flavor seizure.
Chief Vick: Gentlemen, please, don't be ridiculous.
Shawn: The Chief's right; let's just, just take a minute here to think this through. (pauses) They must be parboiling the potato first. - Truer Lies

Shawn: Here's the thing, Robert: I am a psychic.
Gus: We work for the Santa Barbara Police Department. We've solved over forty-seven cases. I'm also a pharmaceutical rep, if that means anything to you.
Shawn: You've seen The Mentalist, right?
Robert: Yes.
Shawn: It's like that.
Gus: Except that guy's a fake.
Shawn: Right. If I were a fake psychic, it would be eerily similar.
Gus: Exactly the same.
Shawn: A virtual carbon copy. - Extradition: British Columbia

Shawn: I don't lose things. I place things in locations which later elude me. - Shawn has the Yips

Shawn: I can't see out of my left eye.
Gus: I see dead people. - Bollywood Homicide

Lassiter: (to Shawn) Nice shooting, Detective.
Shawn: Did you just call me detective?
Lassiter: No. - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Shawn: Look man, I have been shot! I am jumping on somebody's car! - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Major General Felts: I assume you realize this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated on my base!
Shawn: Is there another type of idiocy you would be more comfortable with? - You Can't Handle This Episode

Gus: I have something big to tell you.
Shawn: You know you can say anything to me, Gus. We've known each other forever and there is absolutely nothing that could dent our impenetrable bond.
Gus: I have a secret girlfriend.
Shawn: You're dead to me. - Thrill Seekers and Raisers

Shawn: Don't worry. When Gus is scared, he can cling to something like a drowning cat. - Thrill Seekers and Raisers

(Shawn and Gus are visiting a mobster in prison)
Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer, well known psychic. This is my associate Burton Guster.
Gus: Now you use my real name?! - A Very Juliet Episode


McKay: I'm picking up that puzzling energy reading.
Beckett: What is it?
McKay: Did I not just use the word "puzzling"?
Beckett: Charming. - Phantoms

McKay: They emit a directional energy beam that disrupts the connection between nanites.
Ronan: Not what I asked.
McKay: Um, yes, they work good. - The Return, Part 1

(In the back of a sinking Jumper, 1200 feet below the surface of the ocean)
McKay: OK, alright. You've been in worse situations ... (He pauses for a moment, thinking.) Just because you can't think of them right now doesn't make it any less true. - Grace Under Pressure

Landry: A fictionalized, albeit slightly ridiculous, version of Stargate Command is an excellent cover for the real thing in the event of a security leak.
Carter: Plausible deniability.
Daniel: I'm sorry, sir, did you say "slightly" ridiculous? - 200

Daniel: Come to think about it, why am I doing this?
Landry: To make sure that the Air Force is being properly represented. (Daniel started to raise his hand, but Landry stops him) And because General O'Neill has requested you, specifically.
Daniel: (groaning) Of course he did. - 200

Mot: You are the Tau'ri of Stargate Command.
O'Neill: And you are Lord Mot, come to punish us for our insolence etc, yadda, et al. - Prophecy

McKay: We haven't even started yet. I can get your programme right back on schedule.
Tyrus: How?
McKay: I built an atomic bomb for my grade six Science Fair exhibit.
Ford: They let you do that in Canada?
McKay: It was only a working model. Still, I was questioned for six hours by the C.I.A. who believed I was part of a secret pre-teen organisation. Actually, that was my first real job. - Underground

McKay: The sticking point is that, ah, there is no tie between the power generator and the primary capacitor.
Zelenka: Meaning that they would have to channel the power directly into the weapon.
McKay: Which I'm sure that means nothing to you.
Sheppard: It means they could fire multiple bursts without having to store more power for the next firing sequence.
McKay: Yes... very good.
Sheppard: Which leads me back to 'cool'! - Trinity

McKay (about radiation exposure) As it is, I may have to forgo reproducing.
Lorne: Yeah, that's funny, I was just thinking that might be wise. - Runner

Beckett: You have a date, Rodney? With a woman?
McKay: It is simply two adults sharing some friendly... Yes, with a woman! - Duet

McKay: I'm not sure I can fix this.
Grodin: You can fix anything.
McKay: Who told you that?
Grodin: You did. On several occasions. - The Siege, Part 1

Sheppard: Anyway to figure out what they're saying?
McKay: Yes, of course, it says right here – “Why is the smart one having to stop and answer so many questions?” - Aurora

McKay: Okay, okay. I will figure something out. But no more holding back. I wanna know everything there is to know about hive ships: schematics, power distribution, life support configurations, everything you've got.
Hive Queen: Then you shall have it.
McKay: For real? - Allies, Part 1

Beckett: Tell them we’ll be there in a jiff.
Shepperd: You guys hear that?
McKay: (over the radio) Yay! Faint hope! - The Ark

Sheppard: How much time do we have?
McKay: Before we burn up, or before we suffocate? - The Ark

McKay: The compartments between us are in vacuum, possibly damaged by the explosion. We're cut off from each other.
Sheppard: What else?
McKay: Look, just give me a second to figure out how screwed we are and I'll get back to you.
(some time later)
McKay: (over radio) OK, time for the 'How Screwed We Are' report. - The Ark

Replicator 1: What were you doing in the flooded sections of the city?
O'Neill: The Backstroke. (in a low voice) I think.
Replicator 2: What are you planning?
O'Neill: (sarcastically) Well, I was planning to retire. But, man, is that over-rated! I mean it's not like I am a workaholic or anything. But, you know, I get to stay active with the community. It's a health, um, maintenance sort of thing. You know. - The Return, Part 2

O'Neill: What'cha doing?
Replicator: Probing your mind.
O'Neill: (Looking around) Kinda roomy ain't it? - The Return, Part 2

(Jack reaches into his jacket pocket, takes out an energy bar and hands it to Woolsey.)
O'Neill: Here.
Woolsey: I’m starving! (He rips the bar open, bites off a big mouthful and starts chewing.) Is this all you could find?
O'Neill: No -- actually there was a lovely buffet.
Woolsey: How did the recon go?
O'Neill: Well, the Stargate Ops is crawlin’ with ‘em. There’s no way we’re gonna get across to the Jumper Bay.
Woolsey: Are they looking for us?
O'Neill: I plum forgot to ask. - The Return, Part 2

Ba'al: Merlin's little trick with my vocal cords expired the same moment he did.
Teal'c: Yet another reason to mourn his passing. - The Quest, Part 2

McKay: One more time: mysterious energy pulse from a device created by the ancients. Who knows what the long term effects I could be in for; Gross mutation, giantism, invisibility...
Sheppard: That'd be cool.
Weir: What are the chances it could make him more pleasant? - Tao of Rodney

O’Neill: He said he’d be back in a couple of hours. (He looks at his watch.) That gives him a good ... eleven seconds. - The Return, Part 2

(After an Al'kesh is spotted on Earth)
Henry Hayes: So what's coming next?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Death, slavery. More slavery, more death.
Henry Hayes: Look if you want to say 'I told you so' go a head and get it off your chest. But then you can do one of two things; you can help, or you can leave.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Okay, bye!
(starts to walk to the door)
Colonel Cameron Mitchell: Jackson!
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Right! I forgot to say, I told you so! - Stargate: Continuum

Major General Hank Landry: I take it that in your timeline you're not a discredited whackjob living on the fringes of society?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: That really depends on who you ask. - Stargate: Continuum

Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper: Not to worry, men. There's more than one way to make a penguin puke his guts out.
Private: Really? How many...?
Skipper: Seventeen. Just don't ask to see number twelve. - All Choked Up

Skipper: Private, options.
Kowalski: Hello? I'm the options guy!
Skipper: But not when it comes to matters of the heart. That's where young Private here shines.
Kowalski: True, I have trouble understanding emotions, and feelings, and... women.
Skipper: Yeah. Duh. - Monkey Love

Skipper: Skipper, how cold is it?
Skipper: Kowalski?
Kowalski: I'm not sure, but I'd put the over-under at 17 degrees Fahrenheit. (Taps beak) The freezing point of snot.
Private: I can't feel my left cheek, Skipper.
Skipper: That's my cheek, Private, and it's the right one. But don't worry. This joker can't hold out much longer.
(the professor turns on a space heater)
Skipper: I stand corrected. - Tagged

Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: Ankle bracelets with tracking devices. They can monitor our every move.
Skipper: That ain't gonna fly! No one can know our whereabouts at any time, not even us. Rico, hacksaw me!
(Rico hocks out a hacksaw, Skipper catches it)
Private: Skipper, are you going to saw off the bracelet?
Skipper: Bracelet? I was just going to saw off my foot. But you might have something there, Private. - Tagged

Skipper: Somebody wanna tell me what just happened here?
Kowalski: It's obvious. Marlene has fallen victim to... the mind control satellites that circle our Earth. Protective headgear, everyone!
Private: Gee, I think she's just gone wild.
Skipper: Right. I'm declaring a red level emergency. Search and rescue, men.
Private: Um, Skipper? does this mean we're not going for snow cones?
Skipper: Private! How can you even ask that at a time like this?
(Cut to the penguins eating snowcones) - Otter Gone Wild

Private: It's okay, Mort. We're not going to hurt you.
Skipper: Not true, Private. I did authorize lethal force. - Jungle Law

Skipper: Atenzione, little rodentia. Has anyone seen a leafy crown?
Rat #1: Maybe.
Rat #2: What's it to ya?
Skipper: We need it, pronto.
Rat #1: it belongs to our king.
Rat #2: And there's only one way to take it from him.
Private: Smile and say please?
Rat #2: No!
Rat #1: Paw-to-paw combat!
Rat #1, Rat #2: Beat the king, get the crown! Beat the king, get the crown!...
Skipper: Okay, I'll go easy on him. Where is the little guy?
(a huge muscular rat appears, wearing Julien's crown)
Private: Oh, you are toast.
Skipper: What was that, Private?
Private: Uh... I mean, hard on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, and good in a jam.
Skipper: Oh, that's nice.
King Rat: You are going down, clown! Down to Rat Town!
Private: Aren't we already there? - Crown Fools

Skipper: Greetings, moon cat. We come in peace. For now. - Launchtime

Skipper: Gentlemen, I give you the Penguin One.
Private: Is it safe, Skipper?
(a piece falls off the rocket)
Skipper: Kowalski?
Kowalski: Technically speaking, maybe. - Launchtime

Skipper: Gently now, you just wanna kiss the ground, just a little peck, a smooch like you're kissing your sister.
(Plane violently lands and the tires break off)
Skipper: I said kiss it! - Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

(Bulb on the fuel guage is flashing)
Kowalski: Skipper, look.
Skipper: Analysis.
Kowalski: It looks like a small incandescent bulb, designed to indicate something out of the ordinary, like a malfunction.
Skipper: I find it pretty and somewhat hypnotic.
Kowalski: That too, sir.
Skipper: Right. Rico, maunal!
(Catches the manual and smashes the bulb with it)
Skipper: Problemo solved.
Kowalski: Sir, we may be out of fuel.
Skipper: What makes you think that?
Kowalski: We've lost engine one, and engine two is no longer on fire.
Skipper: Buckle up, boys. Don't look, doll, this might get hairy. (on the microphone) This is your captain speaking. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we will be landing immediately. (everyone claps) The bad news is, we're crash landing. (Plane goes on a dive) When it comes to air travel, we know that you have no choice whatsoever, but thanks again for choosing Air Penguin. - Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

Skipper: Well, boys, our monochromatic friend's in danger. Looks like we have a job to do. (directing Private) Captain's Log: Embarking into hostile environment. Kowalski! We'll need to win the hearts and the minds of the natives. Rico! We'll need special tactical equipment. We're gonna face extreme peril. Private probably won't survive.
(Private's crayon tip breaks off and he looks up in shock) - Madagascar

Skipper: Kowalski, options.
Kowalski: A strategic retreat, Skipper?
Skipper: Explain.
Kowalski: It's like running away but manlier.
Skipper: Execute. - Cat's Cradle


Most people would sooner die then think; in fact, they do so - Bertrand Russel

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. - Albert Einstein

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. - John F. Kennedy

When ideas fail, words come in very handy. - Goethe

The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the enemy die for his - General George Patton

If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? - Will Rogers

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