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August 12th 2002


For once, I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but don't take my word on that though.

My name is Anne Mari, but I'm mostly known as Ama, Camel or in role playing, AJ. I will be 17 for another (counts on fingers) 4 months, and in less then a week I will be starting my senior year at my school, which lies just outside Bergen, in the small country in scandinavia known as Norway.
I guess that since my roleplaying name is AJ, those of you who take a liking to the Backstreet Boys will already understand some of my personality. I don't think it's for nothing there was no doubt of who of the five I resemble the most (personality wise).
Apart from loving the Backstreet Boys, and devoting most of my time to them (lol) I also have a passion for writing and for music. When I am not writing fics, reading fics, listening to music or simply talking about Backstreet, you will most certainly find me keeping my guitar company, trying to figure out some new melody I have been playing in my head for a while, or nursing a piece of paper and a pen, writing down my thoughts and feelings into lyrics that I mean to develop into songs.
I have at this point made quite a few songs, but as I am far too shy to let ya'll read them, I will not post them here. :)
Ok, I don't know what more to say about me?
If anyone has bothered to read this, I must say it surprises me that anyone can find me that interesting, when you haven't even talked with me.
So if you WANT to talk with me, add me to your MSN (if you have one) and I am most probably more than willing to talk with you. :)

oh, right, my hotmail is alkov84@hotmail.com

I said I was gonna keep this short, and believe it or not, this IS short compared to the length it's normally at :)