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You walk into a small room, cluttered with various plushies, two desks (one for drawing, one for the PC), quite a few chairs, a twin bed, and other places to park one's rear. There is a profusion of books and scraps of paper with bad anime doodles on them, and in the center of all this chaos is a young, teenage girl.

Hullo! I'm Rabidus Femina. As you can see, I'm short, blonde (explains a lot), was once bespectacled, but now...be...con...tact..l'...ed..? O.o ...Anyway. About me...I write parody. And a smattering of angst. And songfics. Almost everything is GW songfics. Or my own songs. Yup, I write songs. They don't really rhyme, or make much sense, but I like 'em. Hmm...oh yes. I have this ickle teddy that sits by my monitor...his name is Burgundy...he's the closest to a muse I'm ever gonna have...unless I create some cynical bishonen to annoy me...

Burgundy: I NEED A HUG! WAHHH! :shifts personalities: DIIIIIE!! EVERYTHING MUST DIE!!

Erm...-_-; Did I mention Burgundy is a bit...mental? :crash, cat yelp: Oh dear...um... Oh yes! ¬D¬ Enjoy my insanity, minna!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Some of these are from www.internetbumperstickers.com:
~ WWGD: What Would GANDALF Do?!
~ If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you!
~ If you're happy and you know it, clank your chains! ^_^
~ I may be schitzophrenic, but at least I have each other.
~ Good friends give good advice, but truly good friends know good places to bury the bodies. Notice: The 'pairings' concerning GW you will see here are mostly likely going to be 2+H and 5+S. I also do some gifts for friends involving mild shonen ai, usually alternate pairings, but 1+2 is written for fans if they ask nicely. Personally, I have quite a few gay friends...but...erm...lemons (yaoi, hetero, or otherwise) are something I refuse to write. Gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE, right?

Oh yes, I hope everyone REVIEWS, because it's the only way I know anyone is reading this crap.

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RF presents: 'Wing ZERO Ga Ga' reviews
A parody in Heero and Wing ZERO's honor! Set to Queen's 'Radio Ga Ga.' R/R, minna! ^_^ Enjoy the second part in my 'G-boys Sing' series!
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The Back-steps of Eternity reviews
::crosses fingers:: This is a cross-over between GW and The Vampire Chronicles in which Duo meets two very interesting people while drowning his sorrows one night... Rated for drinking, implied shonen ai, and the usual blood. Enjoy.
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Duo writes Hilde a letter detailing the mourning of a comrade and a haunting lullaby. DxH! This is my first 'angsty' story! Please R/R!
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'Gundam Anime' reviews
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'Follow Me, Koi' reviews
Duo sings Uncle Kracker's 'Follow Me' to a very special person to him. 2+? implied shonen ai, very cute, I promise! About a pretty neglected pairing. R/R
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Wow, my first G story. It's a songfic to 'If You Asked Me To' by Celine Dion. Wufei and Sally are introspective, then a freak accident brings them together. Awww...so sappy, and funny, too! R/R.
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