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We decided to team up to create our own join-account!

Here are our solo profiles:

Neros Urameshi


Due to the fact that Neros's artwork has been deleted by the DeviantART staff, the link to the crossover picture of Jake and Spyro has been gone. So, in the meantime, just visit the club: Spyro and American Dragon Club

By the way, the image may move to the club. We decided to delete the crossover, sorry about that everyone. We did that because there's no point in working on this together if one of us hasn't updated on this for ages and Neros is very busy doing his own fan fictions so obviously he hasn't got any time to update this. We've been discussing and we both agreed to leave this story to me 'cause I thought of the plot. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, the crossover has been moved to Flowerstar's account.

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