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You’re here because you are curious about me. Tsk, tsk. Don’t you know that curiosity killed the cat? I hope you're not feline!

What I’m willing to tell you can be divided into two types of information: permanent and transitional. The permanent information that I'm willing to share is that I’m a heterosexual female with three children. I am old enough to say that I remember when all of these movies and stories listed in FanFiction were out in the theatres. My birthday is 20 years and 3 days after our favourite leading male, David Jones (a.k.a. Bowie).

The transitional information that I‘m willing to share is that I'm alive and well in the United Sates of America. My current responsibilities are the upkeep, upbringing, and welfare of my family, both offspring and ancestral.

Currently, in this community, I serve as a reader, reviewer, beta, and writer. I am currently a beta for Anij. I have served Sapphire4Steel, Anonymous Fangirl, InuLvr7, DanikaLareyna, and angel-tears-16 in this capacity as well. I have also sounded out ideas with PaisleyRose. I strongly suggest that you go to their sites and read their stuff. It's good. I am currently working a few short stories myself. More information about that to follow. Now that I've told about the good writing, I'll inform you about the not so good. My eldest has found the joys of this community. She is MidnightFlyte. Be warned; she is at that difficult, rebellious stage. You have been forewarned.

If you wish to contact me, do so. I am usually very friendly and I don’t bite, under most circumstances. The circumstances in which I do bite are:

you are the Dish of the Day. (Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. )

you are over 21.

you are male.

you ask me to.

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Escape From the Labyrinth

Rated T

What nine-year-old child hasn’t wished away a parent? Find out what happens when Jasmine wishes away her mother, Lydia, and accepts Jareth’s offer to regain her back from his nefarious plan.

Alternate Ending to Escape From the Labyrinth

To be posted on due to extreme mature content

Where we find out what Jareth’s nefarious plan is.

Brick By Brick

Rated M--for language and knowledgeable mature content

Set 20 years (Aboveground. 80 years Underground) after the movie, we pick up Sarah's life. She's about to have a visit from a male from her past and he isn't too happy about how things left off.

To help you envision Sarah, age 35, just before the moment of her reunion, I present to you Pika-la-cynique's Here's the day.... Remember, artists need love, too. Please leave a review for the art if you decide to visit.

As I Am

Rated M--will contain character death

Can Jareth and Sarah learn to accept one another or will Maurasoon have to resort to violence?

Excuse Me Sir, But Have You Seen My T.A.R.D.I.S.?

Rated K+

This is a story I wrote with my then spouse, John Rocco Roberto, in 1985 for the fanzine Doctor Who. Mr. Roberto then rewrote it and did major editing and changed it into The First Shoowat. I present here a combined effort of my work with Mr. Roberto's re-edit to bring it back to its Doctor Who roots as a memorial to him. (5/25/62 - 12/6/07 -- Rest in peace, John-John)

Some backstory is required for the younger generation. This is the Sixth Doctor/Colin Baker incarnation, which dates this story to the mid-80's. His companion is Frobisher, a shape shifter alien known as a wifferdill, that was featured in the fanzine's comic strip. The fanzine ran a short story competition for which this was an entry.

At the time, London was in the process of decommissioning its police call boxes (if you live in London, or visited, you won't see any around, which makes the broken chameleon circuit in the T.A.R.D.I.S. even funnier). Hence, the catalyst for this story.

Fwd: Fwd: FaeMail

Rated K+

A collaborative effort by many authors, hosted by marti-n-danika can be found here. I am cast in the role of Rob (Robert Grant), Sarah's handyman neighbor for whom her pet mog lion has an extreme dislike for.


A Mother’s Perspective

Rated K +

This story was inspired by a short story or a poem I read far too many years ago to recall. It was a Christmas tale in which a harried mother has a midnight conversation with Santa Claus who gives her a doppelganger as a Christmas present. She realizes the folly in this and refuses the gift. It was made more personal by my daughter losing a tooth earlier this year.

That's What Friends Are For

Rated T--for suggested adult situations

Due to surprising demand, the story of Maurasoon's return to the Underground. Maurasoon is summoned to the castle beyond the Goblin City to attend to her king while there is a challenger in the Labyrinth. Guess who?

There's art with this story!


Rated M--for language and war content

A dated piece for Veteran's Day dedicated to all service people serving overseas and war veterans, including those who support our troops overseas in combat situations as well as to the families of said troops and veterans. Companion sidebar to Brick by Brick and As I Am.

The Bestest

Rated K +

Just a drabble from Jareth's point of view on the missed opportunities of mentorship/fatherhood.

I Wish

Rated T

Inspired by a portrait of the Gobin King by the artist known as ~G672on DeviantArt, go check it out and her gallery. Pretty awesome stuff there.

What would Jareth wish for? Hmmm...

Witches' Rites

Rated T--for character death and descriptive nudity

Just a bit of fluff and angst for Halloween. It started as a string of dialogue between a human and a Fae concerning the nature of energy and magick. I wanted to write it and couldn't find an Original Story section on FanFiction. So, with a little bit of finagling, I managed to get it in.


Rated K +

Just a triabble brought on by hormonal angst. Oy.


Rated K

Inspired by a portrait of Sarah by lily-fox on DeviantArt entitled The Trophy. It earned the Daily Deviation for FanArt on February 12, 2008

Blame It On The Weather

Rated T

Inspired laterally by Pika-la-cynique's Here's the Day.... When I saw that feather sitting there on her desk, I envisioned it floating down as a reflection in the mirror before coming to a rest in front of the orb. How come a feather was floating down? Then, I had a vision of Jareth, standing in front of his own mirror (is he looking at his reflection or at Sarah looking at her reflection with the crystal on her desk?) and running a hand through his hair. Pulling his hand away in irritation, he looks at it and waggles his fingers to rid them of any loose strands of hair. And so, the birth of a oneshot.

Hunting the Gowk

Rated K

Wolfish Oro suggested that I continue Blame It On The Weather or something in that vein; so, here's another comedy piece. A bit more slapstick, though.

The Winner

Rated K+

I wanted to try writing in a more descriptive style and decided to try to drag out the simple act of making a cup of tea before bed. It also explores Hoggle's relationships with the main characters after Sarah's encounter with him in the Labyrinth.

The Reality of Memories

Rated K+

Written for rhymerslog over at LiveJournal for the Summer Fic Exchange at In Search of New Dreams. Basically, the moderator gives you three prompts, provided by your recipient, for you to write a story about. Rhymerslog's prompts were:

1. Karen and Robert (Sarah's stepmother and father) discuss the relationship between Sarah and Toby. (This can go any way you want it to.)

2. Sarah, while babysitting Toby again, notices his beloved Lancelot is missing.

3. Ludo comes to visit Sarah, only to have her Stepmother walk in and spy the shaggy beast.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Livejournal challenges that would be a shame to forget. All are stand alone fics I hope will entertain and amuse you. Uploaded in order of the Challenge so I favor the later chapters myself.
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Dangerous thing to get what you wish for. More dangerous still to crave it after, to miss that magic, to grab hold of it with both hands and refuse to let go. I never even tried. Foolish, I know. Complete. JxS. Sarah narrating.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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She turned his world upside down, collapsed a castle and tore something out of his soul. Now, he's going to return the favor. Rated for language and mild mature content.
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To the winner the spoils go. Inspired by a portrait of Sarah by Lily-Fox on DeviantArt. Please go to my profile page for the direct link.
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It's not who or what you think! Leave all expectations after the disclaimer.
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