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Hey I'm Cheza Yumi Usagi, but you can call me Cheza-chan or Yumi-chan if you want. I am a huge fan of Xena: Warrior Princess, and yes I AM a subber, as you can tell with my stories Xena/Gabrielle 4 EVA _

I have two other sites that you can check for my stories (and wallpapers/icons). They are:

My personal homepage, which has both my original fiction and my fanfiction. It also has any music videos, wallpapers, and icons that I have made recently.

And if you have LiveJournal, you can check out fiction that I post there as well: Andro's Scrolls

Another good site if you are a Xena fan is the Xena Online Community, which is a forum where all you do is talk about Xena. Don't worry, the people there are very friendly (and also very, very funny ;)

11/30/08: I am finally back! Sorry for the long wait, everyone! Anyways, I have two new fics available for your reading pleasure. The first one is some lame bitexty (Xena/Ares AND Xena/Gabrielle) drabble called Breaking The Bad News. It was written on a whim, as most of my drabbles are, and it was just sitting on my harddrive, so I thought: "What the hell? I'll just post it on here and see what everyone thinks!" If you are a bitexter, or just love Xena/Gabrielle, or angsty Xena/Ares, go read it. But I would reccomend LadyKate's Equal To The Gods, which has the same premise/ plot as mine, only it is ten times longer and better. You can find it here.

The other fic I have added is one I really love. It is a short drabble of the pairing Gabrielle/Callisto, which I wrote in my fic Swoons Of A Broken Heart (I still need to finish that...). This time the story is set during the episode Return of Callisto, when Gabby goes to find Callisto in her hideout.

Hopefully I will have finished Swoons of A Broken Heart by the end of the year, it is my little baby. Well, a baby with sharp fangs that can bite you when you aren't prepared. ;)

7/7/08: I have two new drabbles up, one for Xena: Warrior Princess and the other for The L Word. They were both written on a whim, yet the fans over at LiveJournal seem to enjoy them, so I hope that goes for you guys over here as well.

12/6/07: Just uploaded the prolouge to my Xena/Charmed x-over, Puppy Love, which is the sequel to my Post-FIN Xena fic, Chakram and Scroll, so if you liked C&S(Chakram And Scroll, my Post-FIN Xena fic) and Charmed, you should check it out, although the Charmed characters haven't came into play yet. It probably won't be done in awhile, since I'm currently writing Love Just Found (which just turned into a sci-fi adventure halfway through, so I will be posting it on as well, hope everyone likes the new changes I made to it _ ) Hopefully I will be writing more original stuff, and more Uber-Xenas, so I can shy away from all this classic/alt Xena fic. My pen-name for is Mac Kenzington, so be sure to check me out when you get the chance. I don't have any stories up yet, but hopefully I will be soon! Peace - Cheza-chan

12/1/07: Okay, I updated Love Just Found Chp 1, and I renamed the first chapter, and edited the disclaimer a bit. Hopefully I will find the notebook that has some of the story in it, but for now, please read and review!

10/22/07: Slowly but surely, I am finishing Love Just Found Part 1. Review it so I know what I might need to change before I finish the entire story...okay?

10/11/07: Okay, so Puppy Love is put on hold while I type another Xena (Uber this time) fic based on my personal life. Don't worry, you will love it, and I will get both stories finished, typed up and uploaded onto as soon as possible! While your waiting, read and review Chakram and Scroll_


10/06/07: Just uploaded Chapter 6 of Chakram and Scroll. One more chapter to go!! Once I'm done, I think I will grab a mug to celebrate.

10/05/07: Ok everyone, I am going to try and finish updating Chakram and Scroll this weekend,so everyone can read the end of that. And then I will continue the sequel ;) G

10/02/07: Chapters 4 and 5 of Chakram and Scroll are uploaded now, and I am currently working on a new story, don't want to spoil any of the plot but all I will tell you is that the title is Puppy Love (might change it) and it is a crossover with Charmed. Also, I am going to try to make this story as long as the proffesional Xena fanfic writers maybe not real proffesional, but ya know like Missy Good/Merwolf and Vivian Darkbloom. It is also my first story to feature Ares! Even though he won't be in THAT much, just a little bit holds up thumb and index finger to show amount So...while I'm working on that you can review my new chapters and all the rest of my stories ( they are all short, don't worry) and add me to your favorite authors list if you are looking forward to my Puppy Love story. Cha!

9/29/07: I know I said I would have Chp 4 up but stuff was happening. I have about half of it typed already, so maybe by the end of next week.

9/20/07: I will have Chp 4 of Chakram and Scroll up my the end of the weekend, so look forward to reading that...

9/19/07: AARGH! It's National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Lol, anyway, I uploaded this poem based on Xena, the FIN episode and it's aftermath, that I had in my notebook forever. R&R and I hope you enjoy it, as always. I'm really sensitive about my poetry though, so try and be nice... xP

9/16/07: I know I'm supposed to type up Chakram and Scroll, but I REALLY liked this short story my literature class had to write. It is called A Sound of Thunder: A New Beginning and is based on Ray Brudbury's short story, A Sound Of Thunder (duh) I'm really proud of it, and I hope everyone likes it. And I know it's REALLY REALLY short, but it only had to be 50 sentences... Also about Chakram and Scroll, I messed up the chapter I have to put up next, so I will PROBABLY have to rewrite that...soon. Keep reviewing the ones I have now and you will give me more reason to update. Cheza-chan out.

I FINALLY TYPED IT!! Chakram and Scroll Chp 3 up RIGHT NOW! Go review it before I pull out my sais on you .

9/09/07:I'll have the Chakram and Scroll story up SOMEDAY! Keep faith in me everyone...

8/18/07: FINALLY able to use the computer again! So for anybody that is looking forward to a new chapter of Chakram and Scroll, check back Monday. It should be up by next week.

6/27/07: Probably won't be able to update Chakram and Scroll for awhile. Have computer problems :(

5/30/07: Sorry for the delay everyone. Just posted Chp 4 of You're All I Have. Hope everyone likes it, depsite my hatred for it. The last chapter turned out nothing like I planned. Soon I will have the next Chakram and Scroll chapter up also, so keep checking in.

5/23/07: After what seems like FOREVER I finished writing the last chapter of You're All I Have. All of you on alerts, check your mailboxes tonight, because I should have it uploaded by 10:00. Also, I have written a short poem that I will upload, so please make sure to check that out _

5/17/07: Just uploaded the Chp 2: Path to Egypt of Chakram and Scroll, PLUS I FINALLY finished writing Chakram and Scroll. It is officialy my biggest work yet, spanning more than 30 notebook pages, and with only 2 chapters having 2600 words, there is no telling how long it is going to be.

5/16/07: Typing the second chapter of Chakram and Scroll, should have it up by Friday. I greatly appreciate all the comments I'm getting!

5/11/07: Finally! I just posted the first chapter of my new Xena fic, R&R_

5/10/07: Right now I am currently writing a new Xena: WP story, which will have a title soon _ The story is set Post-Fin, and has lots of subtext yay! So far, it is my longest story 18 pages in my notebook, and I've only written 3 chapters! I hope to have it up soon, with a title of course.

5/6/07: I just added my final chapter to Death Conscience, so hope you enjoy! Soon I will start writing some longer stories, once school comes to a close this year. Look forward to it, because I'm going to really improve my writing style!

5/4/07: Hey everyone, thanks for reading my stories, and right now I just put up a new Xena fic entitled Confessions Of A Bard, plus I'm writing an adventure Xena fic right now that should be finished and posted by the weekend's end, so look forward to that!

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