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Author has written 40 stories for Naruto, Pokémon, Camp Rock, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Vampire Academy, Wicked Lovely, Chronicles of Narnia, Sonny with a Chance, Kingdom Hearts, Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare, Ouran High School Host Club, and Supernatural.

PenName: AnimeCountDown

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Updated 08-8-13

News Update: 8/8/13

I'm simply addressing this matter officially, since it seems it will be continued despite my efforts to put it in the past as efficiently as possible. I am letting all fans and readers know there is another writer on this site (OtakuYaoiGuy101) who seems insistent on using my "Chains" as the basis for one of his stories. While I am perfectly fine with anyone taking inspiration from a story, I refused his request to "re-write" Chains. He ignored my refusal of permission and posted a story called "Chained" that seemed to be based entirely off my own (I received a PM from a concerned reader about this, who recognized the similarities immediately). I asked him to remove it; he did. Now, however, he is requesting his readers to message me about it and join a "cause" to help him write Chained. I have been blocked from private messaging OtakuYaoiGuy101. I am simply putting this up to let any such fans of his know I am fully aware of what is going on. My firm answer is no, more so than it was before. Any attempt to take one of my stories without permission will result in you being reported. To all of my readers, I am simply asking for your support. I am very sorry for this needless drama.

Thank you,


Story Statuses:


The Choices We Make (Naruto) - Okay, so this one is actually done. In fact, it was done a long time ago, but I never posted it up here. Oops. Well, it was my first completely finished chapter fic, so I'm proud of myself, and very glad I'm done. Status: Posted

Amongst Hell Are Angels (Naruto) - Haha!!! Finally finished!!! Stupid story took forever to complete, did it not? But I'm happy with this ending - I have a feeling I shall get many angry reviews for the way I ended it, but that's what I settled on. And despite what I said, I have found inspiration to create a sequel. Unfortunately, not many will be interested because it will be original characters as the main focus, but it's already in my head, so oh well. Status: Posted

Chains (Kingdom Hearts) - To be completely honest, I feel sort of conceited, because this story makes MY heart melt...and well, I think that's against the rules or something... Love how it turned out. Alternate version, Birth is posted and in-progress, and the sequel is in the making. Status: Posted

Birth (Kingdom Hearts) - This is a story parallel to "Chains". It's simply from Roxas' POV instead of Axel's. I hope everyone really enjoys this attempt to expand on character development a little bit. Finally, it's all done, and it seems as though people liked it. There will be a sequel made...soon. Status: Posted


Mute (Naruto) - This story needs one more chapter. I'm just really torn as to how to end it. I'm tempted to an alternate ending, but the the way I want both endings to work... They're really opposite. I don't know. What I loved most about this story is that I got to test out a real OC, and discovered that people like him. So, this has given me reason to work on The Game (see below). Status: Posted

Pierced (Naruto) - This is a SasukeXNaruto one I've been working on. It's coming along bit by bit, far better than some of the other stories I've posted. I haven't posted it yet simply because I'm not sure how I'm going to end it or where I'm going with it, and I've learned I should know what I'm doing with a story before I post it... Otherwise, you get really angry readers. Status: Not posted

Inferno Princess (Naruto) - The supposedly highly anticipated sequel to Amongst Hell Are Angels, but so far, there have been no takers, haha. Oh well. The story was begging to be written, and so I finally gave in to my imagination. I hope someone enjoys it. Status: Posted

Geisha (Naruto) - I forget how this one came about, but it's come a long way in a short time. It's a modern one, my second I hope some people will like this as much as I do. The title will probably change once I'm ready to post it. I just couldn't think of one. Either I write something because of a title I think of or I it takes me forever to post something because I can't think of a title. I care deeply about my titles, and think carefully on every single one, thank you. Just so you all know. One of a writer's many quirks, I suppose. Status: Not posted

The Game (Naruto & Zelda) - Oh my gosh, gasp. Yes, you read correctly. My first attempt at a crossover. Woah. Crazy, I know. Actually, there's a great story behind this. A long time ago, my little sister and I started roleplaying whenever we'd play a Zelda game. It first started with sticking Inuyasha characters into Ocarina of a Time, then after I started watching the show: Naruto. Thus "The Game." We've experimented a lot: Windwaker, Final Fantasy (VII, X, XII, XIII), Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur, etc. When my sister went with a friend up north for three weeks, I was bored out of my mind. So, I made sure I would give her a major surprise when she got back - I sketched out an entire new "Game." I spent days creating new plots for the characters of Naruto and Zelda, but deciding to add a twist to it, I developed a few new characters. Eventually, I had conjured a whole new world of possibilities, and we've been messing with it ever since. Usually, our roleplaying occasionally becomes hysterical, out-of-character, and over all hilarious. We've got tons of inside jokes from making our Game modern, in the multiple worlds of Zelda or other games, simply in Konoha, etc. It's crazy. So, I'm officially going to write it down and make it a story, and hopefully, it will make as much sense as it possibly can. It will be a crossover of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Naruto: Shippuden. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as my sister and I do. Status: Not posted

On Hiatus:

Move (Naruto)– Coming along, and shouldn't be done any time soon. I intend for this particular story to be relatively long, as it's delving into multiple lives. There really is no main character, Gaara's just a focusing point. Still, I really want to experiment with taking a look into each of the ways a teenager's freshman year can go horribly wrong. It will have a sequel. Like Amongst Hell Are Angels, the next chapter to Move was "deleted" along with all my other files, so it'll take a while before I update. Status: Posted

Second Chances (Pokemon) – Um, yeah, this one isn't going too well. I only have a very dim outline of what this story will hold, so it's going very slow. I'll need a little more inspiration for the next chapter before I post it. Status: Posted

Tears Form to Fall (Pokemon) – This is going to be another Pokemon fic that I'm working on. It's going to revolve around the different types of Pokemon, basically, and work it's way up to the point of a new legend in Hoenn - I believe I spelled that right. There are going to be a lot of characters and it's going to be pretty long. Status: Posted

Hotline Konoha (Naruto) - Not really a story, and probably a little harder for me to write and keep posting, especially when I still don't have a lot of fans and the lack of reviews. I'll try to finish up a few more chapters, but I'm going to have to bring out my rare humorous side, which could end horribly. Please bear with me on that one.
Status: Posted

Push Me Away (Maximum Ride) - This may or may not happen. I prolonged writing it... Status: Not posted

Wake Me Up (Naruto) - This is another modern fic - I love writing those, I don't know why. May or may not work; we'll see Status: Not posted

Cracked (Zelda) - This is going to be my first Zelda fanfiction. I only have a very dim sketch of what it'll be about. I'm pretty sure it'll be a Midna and Link fanfiction, but it won't start out that way. Probably going to be a chapter fic. It may not even make it. So wish me luck.
Status: Not posted

Ocarina of Time Remake (Zelda) - Heheh. Everytime I pick up the huge binder I started this on, I laugh. I actually started this in seventh grade, and I would write every day at school during lunch and free time. My classmates and friends would stare in amazement at the pages of writing - over a hundred pages, actually - and encourage me to finish it. Unfortunately, I never did. What I plan for this to be is sort of a twist on the N64 game for Ocarina of Time. I'm going to merge it with the Gamecube game Windwaker, so that Windwaker Remake will be the sequel. I'll have to do a lot of editing, and only the Goddess knows how long it'll take me just to the write the thing. From Link's first kill to falling into the hands of time to defeated Ganondorf. Beware: spoilers. Hey, if you need a hand, read this. Ha ha. Don't worry, I'm not trying to steal anybody's work. I'm just writing it all down - like a really elaborate walkthrough with "new" characters. These are basically the characters that are in Windwaker who make an apperance in Ocarina of Time - like Orca, the crazy samurai. It'll definitely be interesting. Unfortunately, I haven't even gotten up to the point when he meets Zelda yeah. It's a good thing I've beat the game thirteen times - I know the game by heart. Just have to get done all the dialogue and such. Wish me luck.
Status: Not posted

Windwaker Remake (Zelda) - Er, yeah. Read Ocarina of Time Remake. It'll make sense. This is just the sequel. Putting it up here because it is planned.
Status: Not posted

No Title (Naruto) - The sequel to Move. Basically, I'm trying to make Move similar to the real series in random little symbolic ways, and the sequel having a time skip of three years, will do just that. Clever, no? So, this will be revolving around the characters' senior year as opposed to the freshman year. Status: Not posted

Sunset (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - Probably won't happen, but it might. If it does, it'll take a while for me to get to it. Status: Not posted

Secret (Merupuri) - Like a lot of my not-Naruto fanfictions, it will take awhile for me to get to this one. I do want to right some more pointless little oneshots, and once I finish my in-progress stories, I'll get to it eventually. Status: Not posted

Incubus (Naruto) - Lately I've had an obsession with the Incubus, a male demon who seduces women in their sleep. I don't know why, but the idea fascinates me, and I've already read two absolutely amazing stories titled after this enticing creature. I loved both so much, I decided to write my own. I'm inspired currently, but I'm not sure how long that will last, as it usually doesn't for long. But it will be a modern SasukeXHinata fanfiction. I'm going to be making the chapters fifteen to twenty pages long, so at least 6,000 words per chapter. This may slow the process or make me more eager to continue. I'm not sure, but I won't be posting until I have about three chapters ready to be posted. Status: Posted

I Want to Be (Naruto) - Sadly, this story actually came a long way. It's a Sasuke/Itachi fic, but unfortunately, it was on my home computer - which is currently in crash mode because of a really awful virus. Why do people have to create those? I really will never understand people. Anyway, it wasn't ever finished, but I was planning on posting it eventually. Maybe I will if our computer makes it. Status: Not posted

Videos by Me:

Sasuke Tribute // Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin

Sakura Tribute // Acting Out - Ashley Tisdale

Kunoichi Tribute // Energetic - BoA

Cloud & Tifa Tribute // Comatose - Skillet

Advent Children Tribute // The Flood - Escape the Fate

Final Fantasy Music Video // La, La, La - Auburn

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Cosplays by Me:

Sakura Haruno Shippuden Cosplay (being redone)

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Zelda – LinkXZelda; LinkXMidna; LinkXMedli; KomaliXMedli

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Final Fantasy XIII - SnowXHope; SerahXSnow; LightningXSnow

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Naruto – ItachiXSakura; DeidaraXSakura; SasukeXSakura; KakashiXSakura; NarutoXSakura; GaaraXSakura; GaaraXHinata; NejiXHinata; NejiX Tenten; ShikamaruXIno; ShikamaruXTemari; ItachiXSasuke; KakashiXSasuke; NarutoXSasuke; SasukeXHinata

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Ghost Hunt - KazuyaXMai; KazuyaXLin; LinXMai; HoushouXAyako; HoushouXMai

Avatar: The Last Airbender - ZukoXKatara; AangXKatara; SokkaXSuki

Kingdom Hearts - RoxasXAxel; RoxasXSora; SoraXRiku; SoraXKairi; RikuXKairi; NamineXRoxas; KairiXNamine (the only yuri I've ever enjoyed, BY the way)

Gakuen Heaven - KeitoXKazuki; KeitoXTetsuya; KeitoXHideaki; TetsuyaXHideaki; TetsuyaXKaoru; KaoruXOmi

Fanfiction Survey

How many fanfictions do you have submitted?


Which one has the most reviews?

Amongst Hell Are Angels.


A Collection.

Which fanfiction has the most words?

The Choices We Make.

Which fanfiction has the most chapters?

The Choices We Make.

What category are the majority of your fanfictions in?

I'm not sure anymore, but I'm guessing Naruto.

What do you like most in reviews: Quality or Quantity?

Quantity probably makes me happier initially (seeing a ton of reviews), but it's nothing compared to a single great high-quality review that'll make me beam.

Have any of your fanfictions made it into at least one C2?

I still don't know what that means, but yes.

Are any of your fanfictions on at least one person's favorites list?

Almost all of them.

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What genre do you most frequently write in?

Romance mostly. Drama.

Do you leave comments before and after a chapter?


Do you update frequently?

It depends. If my writer's block is acting up, sadly, no. But sometimes, I update quite often.

Do you frequently use original characters?

For Pokemon, I'll only use OCs. I've experimented once with an OC in a Naruto fanfiction, my ever-popular Damien. Since my readers absolutely loved him, I'm going to go on with The Game, a story with tons of OCs. Most people use OCs as a way to stick themselves into the show with their favorite character. It's boring, and a horrible writing tactic. So, I'm going to show people how to really create an original character.

Are any of your fanfictions based on things that happened to you in real life?

Occasionally, but most are just the results of my incessant daydreaming. "Blue Eyes" is mostly real life-based.

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