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Hm...looks around I should probably put something here, shouldn't I? Well, alright, here goes.

I write slash in secret, so I don't think I should really put a name down here. Hm...thinks of one on the spot If you have to call me anything, call me Amanda. Even though that isn't my real name, nickname, or anything. Just, you know, a random name.

Well, like I was saying, I write slash in secret, so I'm not going to give my other account, and yes, this is my slashy account. laughs Most of my stuff has probably been on LiveJournal, on which I'm proud to say, I am known as Kinda_Awesome77. I say that much because, uh, yeah. Nobody I care about knowing my slash thing goes on LJ. MySpace, maybe, but not LJ. (I think my LJ has my real name, too, so if you're curious, poke around there.)

Um, back on the slash topic, be gentle with your reviews. I'm just starting, so most of this stuff with either be fluffy or angsty, one of the two. It's just what I do. And, no matter what, I'm going to try and make everything funny.Or, at least, have humorous parts.

Okay! Back to me!

Fake Name: Amanda
Age: 15-going-on-16
Gender: Female
Location: Middle of nowhere during the day, on my couch in the afternoon, and in my bed at night.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, poking fun at people, slashing characters who simply should not be slashed (in my head, of course. never written), doing some randomly obsessed thing (like making a LJ for Donut from RVB) and watching stuff on the 'net.
Interests: Writing, RVB, and any combination of the two.

Favorite Pairings:

RVB Donut/Caboose, Sarge/Caboose, Church/Caboose, Church/Tucker, Simmons/Sarge, Simmons/Grif, Grif/Sarge, Sarge/Tex, O'Malley/Tex

MGS Twincest, Snake/Otacon, Snake/Ocelot (MGS3), Volgin/Raikov (SOVIET HOMOELECTROSEX!)

Scrubs J.D./Cox

Naruto Naruto/Sasuke, Sasuke/Kakashi, Kakashi/Nearly Anyone, Gai/OC, Lee/OC, Gaara/Lee, and many others that I can't remember at 12 in the morning.

Favorite Things: Laughing gas, chocolate milk, kittens, guys with blonde hair, the British, Dane Cook, piano music, Ibuprofen, staying up past my bedtime, watching the snow fall, watching the rain fall, writing, hanging out with "the guys," Halo, The Dresden Dolls, fedoras, bouncy balls, playing fetch (like, actually having someone throw a ball, and I go after it), strawberry pocky, Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, and...stuff. And things.

Now excuse me as I go pass out on my couch. falls asleep at the keyboard

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