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Decided to change this since it was lacking a lot of things. When I first started I really didn't know what to write here, but since I've been seeing the wonderful work all of the authors do around here, I thought it was time for a change. My name is Alexandra (second name)but I'm best known as Alex. I'm a portuguese female, hence the bad grammar and spelling, currently residing in England. I love lots of types of music, but it really depends on the song itself, though I'm more for the rock side like Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Sum41, My Chemical Romance... well you get the picture...

I was born on the eight of June and I'll be 19 then (not really waiting desperately for it, because I love my stupid childish demeoner, although I can be really mature, so mature that it makes things hard for me to understand about this everlasting world and the humanity that has come to be less and less apparent, but nonetheless there are still people who I can trust, many of whom are around here). I'm Gemini and I'm really starting to believe I have a double personality problem, because I find myself acting really strangely.

I'm not much of a talker, but more of an observer, hence why sometimes I act way older than I really am. I have three best friends whom I would never change for anything in the world, take my life, my soul, but don't take the warmth that makes me who I am. They are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I swear I'll never abandon them, although I already have done it, by leaving them back in Portugal. To you, who have given me a hope for the future and the dreams that come with it: Arina, the eternal angel; Lyans, the dark vampire; and Denise,the everlasting elf. The first two names aren't really real, they kind of came up when we decided to make a story with our avatars, Arina is an angel and Lyans a vampire, as already mentioned, I was Kate a dragon. That story was really promising, but I guess distance got in the way somehow, and now it's on hold. Denise wasn't in it, but the elf story goes way behind everything I know.

Well, let me give you a list of some of the animes I've seen so far, and which I love:

Sailor Moon; Naruto; Naruto Shippuden (still watching); Bleach (Still watching); Wolf's Rain; Digimon (almost all series); Elfen Lied; Full Metal Alchemist; Chrno Crusade; Hellsing; Pokemon (haven't seen it all); .hack//Sign; Card Captor Sakura; Grenadier; Last Exile; Fruits Basket; Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles; Death Note; D. Gray-man... can't really remember anymore... hehe '

Some of the games I've played:

Final Fantasy X and X-2; Shadow Hearts; Kingdom Hearts I and II; .hack//INFECTION (haven' found the others, but I have the fourth, never played it though, don't whant to spoil it); some of the Tekken series; Breath of Fire III; King of Fighters Maximum Impact; Star Ocean Till The End of Time; Devil May Cry; Devil May Cry 3; Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga... and many others...

I've only started writing two stories, but there are already plans for future projects, that is if my lazy ass an college let me get to work on them. Current Stories:

Heart of Thunder, Friends of Light: A crystal city was found, and rumours where around that the beggining of the pokemon era started there. Greedy humans decided to play God and late rumours spoke of nine humans born with the secrets of the past and keys to the future. Twenty years later Makoto is a travelling trainer, which past connects to the old rumours of the unexplained war and secret memories of an even distant past. A crossover with GW/Pokemon/SM and Makoto centric, but with the other scouts in between. The past speaks for itself.

Darkness Within: DiZ learns that the Organization needs something more than just hearts to complete Kingdom Hearts, and evidence leads him to a world where former heroines are protectors of a crystal city know as Crystal Tokyo. Hotaru disapeared when strange creatures started attacking the eternal and peaceful palace, leaving behind her Silent Glaive. Makoto blames herself for the disapearance of her friend, and the younger guardian of the outer rings of the palace, and with the appearance of a strange man that asks for help and says that he might know were the Avatar of Rebirth is, she offers to go on a long journey... KH/SM crossover and Makoto centric. Story dedicated to Sailor Taurus Angel, for her support and help in getting this story out in the open.

Future projects that jump into my mind once in a while and I plan on writing:

Tears Under a Red Moon: There isn't much a girl who's born with the will to follow her heart can do, when her future is ruled by what society sees fit of you and your social standarts. Being daughter to a powerful Lord isn't of much help either, nor the fact that you have an overprotective brother, and your future husband is one of the most renown youths. What's one to do when eyes and hopes are laid upon a foreign soldier and his group of friends, whose intentions have much to be explained about. Sailor Moon/Naruto crossover. AU and Makoto centric. One-shot. Up sometime in September.

If someone has a complaint or if you have an idea for a story you want me to write, just send me a message and feedback will be given.

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