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About me and what I like:


Naru/Hina-Not so much Im not a fan of Naruto anymore

Sasu/Saku-Same as above

Negi x Nodoka (Negima)

Ichigo x Rukia or Inoue-Same as naruto pairings

Train x Saya (Black cat)

Yusuke x Keiko (Yu Yu Hakusho: Lol that actually happens in the story ironically, its finished)

Hikaru x Akari (Hikaru no Go: Very interesting even though there is no fighting.)

Touru x Kyo (Touru and a Cat yay! She loves cats. Main storyline pairing)

Daisuke x Riku (D.N. Angel-yes I know it is shounen-ai but this is the main paring and they look cute together. The author should give tips on how to write romances to Masashi Kishimoto, he honestly doesnt write them very well.)

Haruhi (Fujioka) with Tamaki, one of the Hitachin twins, or Kyouya (last one is odd one out)

Suzumia Haruhi with who else but Kyon?

Ichitaka x Iori or Itsuki (I"s its really a great series but its for a mostly male audience.)

Echizen (Ryoma) x Ryuzaki Sakuno (Prince of tennis, Tenisu Ouji-sama)

If you think there are more pairings I like yes there are but I dont read fics based on the charachters often.

Hated Pairings:

None decided

Favorite animes/manga:

Black Cat

Fruits Basket (Really good at romance stuff, which I kill for lol. Meh Its a Shojo but its good.)

Ouran High school Host club-hahahaha I dont like the main pairing but this is just too funny.

D.N. Angel-Pretty good considering the shounen-ai which I don't like (said in anime at begginning though it really is a shoujo genre).

Prince of tennis-Lol I played tennis before watching this and they exaggerated so much it made me want to go to the courts more often. (I now play tennis-I SUCK)

I"s-Honestly in my opinion this series is waaaaaaay waaaaaay better than Love Hina.

Death Note

Imadoki Nowadays-Odd but entertaining

Hana Kimi-Good plot though used similarly in Ouran, Too many gay ppl though (not that there is anything wrong with being gay its just that this book overuses that in one...er several of the charachters, but interesting story so I read it.)

Skip Beat-Super gruge FTW (read it you know what I mean if you do)


Love Hina

Mahou Sensei Negima (Negima in english)

Ranma 1/2

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ruroni Kenshin

Full Metal alchemist


One Piece

Hikaru no Go

Stories that I think are good:

Team 8 (Simple title; Awsome story by S'Tarkan)

Two halves by Dame Wren


Ive found another place where I can read it! YATTA!!!!! Heres a link if you want to read it. Its no longer on fanfiction so this has all the chapters. It is One of the best, read it. Arguably better than COLAD and maybe on par with Team 8. Note the first part is finished (35 or so chap) but the sequel is Discontinued.

COLAD series: Truth in dreams and Colors of life and death (One of the awsome fanfics out there for NaruHina)

Encyclopedia ninja (fairly good though the best ones are above.)

Now about myself for real:

I am 17 Years old, The genres of manga I read are mostly Shojo and some Shonen less of the latter. I enjoy playing tennis and playing Ragnarok Online (private server duh). My grades are fairly good though I am taking AP classes. Those are some of my hobbies/things about me.

Being me means that 90 percent of the time I like a girl a lot (only one at a time I never like two girls at the same time, its just wrong/bad if you love somebody its gotta be that one person and that one person only) but when I either ask her out or tell her that I love her She turns me down horribly or maybe treats me very coldly its always different. I end up giving up within a week usually, People say that I need to be more confident. But the turning down doesnt bother me much anymore...I think Im sort of used to it after 5-6 times. (wow Im really unlucky/not good looking/some other reason to put blame on for no good reason, yes I know thats bad to do put the blame on something else when it is clearly my fault. internal thoughts will appear throughout my writing thats how i write things about myself)

The other 10 percent is the time when I just try to give up on her (early on the girls I liked were out of my league and I knew it..Sometimes love is hard to explain and confusing at the same time. Nowadays I dont look for much in looks, I cant try going for another girl who is out of my league I would just get hurt or something. Emotionally not physically XD) Oh yeah also includes times where I just dont find anybody that stands out in school or anywhere else for that matter.

I like girls who: are interesting, easy to talk to, are nice to me obviously, not too loud, cheery, smart (cant be all looks and no brain ya know, nobody these days gets anywhere good with no brain), Good looks is something on the side I really dont look for, after all most really good looking women are out of my league.

Yeah probably thouroughly bored you with that, last thing Songs


Through Fire and Flame by Dragonforce

Fury of the storm by Dragonforce

Assorted Japanese music-Cant name them all you would have a list of 300+

Oldies/love songs

Ja, last couple of things I have to say. Family members call me a romantic, Really IM NOT I wonder where they get that...

(Sorry my self description seems weird/boring, thats the kind of person I am might as well stick with it. ALSO dont be looking for updates Im so sorry, But I will keep this account up for suggestions on fanfics and anime/mangas to watch/read and maybe use it as my own personal Bio on myself)

Following my Nindo reviews
Many shinobi have made their own nindo or ninja way that they would follow throughout their lives. One such person is Uzumaki Naruto. Pairings:Naruto x Hinata, possible Sasuke x Sakura Others decided later.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 11,081 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 2/16/2007 - Published: 2/3/2007 - Hinata H., Naruto U.