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Well, let's see. Me. Such an amazing subject, I hardly know where to begin. Hmmmm, perhaps I should say something about my ego, but I think you can all draw your own conclusions.

Since this is a fanfiction site, maybe I should start with my favorite fandoms.

MASH was my first true love. I loved it even before I understood all the jokes. In fact, my pen name comes from MASH. "Tuttle" is one of my favorite episodes.

Now, don't hate me, but Seasons 1-4 are my favorites. I watch it for the fun, not the soapbox rants of the later seasons. Still love the last seasons, just not as much. I mean, the later seasons never had Klinger trying to escape with a hang glider while wearing a fuzzy pink robe and slippers. Good, good times. I know, I know, the characters grew and developed throughout the series which naturally made it more serious, but still. You're telling me you'd take BJ agonizing about his family over the camp betting on Twelve O'Clock Charlie?!

As much as I love the show, I would never write a straight up MASH story. Sorry, but I figure that a show that ran for eleven years exhausted most possibilities. There's not enough action in it for me which is probably why I love to write for my new true love- Hogan's Heroes.

Ah, Hogan's Heroes. I love it. Carter is definitely my favorite character. But I love Hogan's humor the most. The way he gives Klink the old run around time and time again- classic. I wish I were as evil and silver-tongued. Hochstetter's "Who is this man?" and "What is this man doing here?" are the best lines ever- yes, even over Schultz's "I know nothing, nothing."

My newest, but still secondary love is Chuck. I discovered it while I was down in Peru. Ironically, it was the only place I had access to cable television- I don't have it up here in Canada. Crazy, I know. And because I don't have cable here, I missed the first episode of Season 2, dang nabbit! Oh well. Casey rocks my socks. He just has the slyest sense of humor. HEE! Chuck is just adorkable, but Morgan has to die a slow and painful death. But the best character is Captain Awesome. He's totally Awesome, dude. (Note that's awesome with a capital A)

There are plenty of other fandoms I love, but so far, I've only had the courage to write for Hogan's Heroes. I've written one crossover with MASH and am working on a second, but that's as close as I've gotten writing for another fandom. So, be at peace- your favorite is safe... for now.

Okay, now onto ME! My goal in life is to make people laugh- heck I'll settle for a chuckle. A smile? Well, whatever. My motto is "Happiness is like jam; no matter how you spread it, you always get some on yourself". So, yes, I want to make people laugh out of complete and utter selfishness.

I'm the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination and Cookie Queen. Seriously, I make the best dang chocolate chip oatmeal cookies you've ever tasted in your whole entire life... when I get around to it.

June something or other, 2012

Hello folks!

Yes, I'm a horrible slacker. I have basically been MIA since 2008 with one little spurt of activity sometime in 2010. Yikes! Really? Where does the time go? Anywho, because of that I have shamefully neglected my stories. But I hope to become a regular writer again with frequent updates, though not as frequent as in my younger years.

Younger years. Heh, so long ago. I really am an old lady. At least, I feel like an old lady. I'm 25, have the musical/movie tastes of an octogenarian, but I'm accused of being in my teens. I blame my date of birth, summers roadtripping with my grandpa and listening to his music, my pa's theory that 'no education is complete unless you're thoroughly versed in classic movies', and my mom's amazing genes for all that.

I like to travel and if I could pack up and go anywhere right this second, I would probably go to Montreal. Weird. So weird but true. As far as Canada goes, I've actually never been further east than Alberta, with the exception of a layover I had once in Toronto. So Montreal would be a good start, me thinks.

I'd probably go to Tonga too but trying to get air travel there is a pain in the keister.

Anywho, as far as fandoms go, I've finally acquired cable (or satellite or whatever- I have channels) and I really like Once Upon a Time and The Big Bang Theory but I don't think I would ever write fanfiction for either. I think I'll stick with Hogan's Heroes.

Speaking of which, I started watching it again after ignoring it for a while and I have to say that "Hogan, Go Home" is my favorite episode ever!!! HAHAHA! Colonel Crittendon, Klink's "chop, chop, chop!" CLASSIC! Love it!

And that's all for my update today.

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