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Writing is my escape...

I wasn't going to add a bunch to my profile... but why not? :D


29yrs old (cringe)

3 uber hyper kids ranging from 11 to 5 (double cringe-God knows I love them, and needing to "get away" started all this!)

1 super supportive, loving, hardworking hunk of a hubby who is too sweet to grumble about the light from the laptop screen shining him in the face at 2:30 in the morning... really, it's the only time I have to do what I like-such as write!

A 4th child with 4 legs... *read woof*

:RL (real life):

Sucks sometimes. Overworked (not underpaid but definately underappreciated) by a tyrant-working with pre-Madonna's will break anybody! Trust me! I like my job, just wish that I could be doing it for someone who cared every now and then...

Wow, now that I'm a depressed!! LOL!

I've got a great support group of family now, even though my childhood was pretty rough... so thank God for that! :)

RL update (2/17/11): My life has just gotten a hell of a lot better... lets go back to the hardworking hunk of a hubby-stress the hardworking-he got a promotion, now I get to stay home...*insert squeal here*. Happiness is only a soft bed away!! And no more tyrant! Yeah!!! Anyways--I hope that I'll have more time to get writing on my one and only story Dark Trinity (mmm, yummy Jake and Eddie)--AND I have more stories that just keep demanding to be put into ink (or on screen?), so I may be adding a couple new ones in the future. So... that's my update, LOVE TO MY HUBBY, MY BEST FRIEND & SOULMATE. Love you babe!!!

RL update (06/21/11): Ummm... so I'm not cut out for the stay at home gig->huge props to those of you that do! So back to work-same type of job, still no more tyrant! Gread job with great bosses, its kinda nice. Since the last update, i've been in two, count em' TWO car accidents. First one was a t-bone, luckily, we were just sore. Second one was slightly more serious... apparently I'm luck to have walked away from my crushed car... so, i thank God for that one.

RL update (07/04/12): Wow, has it really been a year?! Where did the time go? Oh right, to work, all my time when to work... *sigh* So obviously I haven't devoted much time to writing, and hope to fix that soon! I do it as a down time thing, when I'm not writing, it means I have no down time... Ugh. Please bear with me, I'll update Trinity and Miles (Obsession was a one shot) as soon as possible. :)


Books-Anne Rice, Sandra Brown, James Patterson, Nora Roberts and Stephenie Meyer (of course!) Anything with dark themes, vampires, mystery, murder or intriguig is definately my cup of tea!

Movies-Comedies, dramas and I think I'm a closet horror fan... If you ask me about it I'll squeak,hide in the closet, put my hands over my face BUT I will peek through my fingers!

Psychology-How past experiences mold people into who they are today is extemely interesting to me. I guess because of the above mentioned childhood, I want to know why the people do the things that they do...


Trinity- is kinda on hiatus... i'm not sure where i want this to go, so I'm mauling it over-hope to come up with some kind of something, and soon... Or i just might take it down.

Obsession-My new one shot that will not leave me alone... I'm looking for a Beta now, so the sooner I find one, the sooner the story will be up. UPDATE: Obsession is now posted...

Miles To Go Before We Sleep- An other story that popped up and wont go away... I've started noticing a trend here!!! I have a lot of amazing ideas for this one, and have found a particular page (thank you that will be of MAJOR use... now... just gotta try to find the time to write it!! LOL!

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Obsessed reviews
He wanted to be with her... forever.
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