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Author has written 5 stories for Slayers, and Naruto.

I had just noticed that its been over a year since I've updated this thing so as yu can tell I'm not to happy about that. I mean Hinata's Secret Life is complete and done, although I do want to go back and fix some chapters and slightly change some stuff. Nothing major really but when I re-read it I got annoyed with myself. That and now we truly know the name of Naruto's father it's alot easier to fix.

Now that I think about it the same could be said about Father of Choas. That one I need to break up into chapters so it's easier to read instead of making writing it all into a huge ass one-shot. Still I am in a weird way kind of proud about both of them. Hey they are the first things I have ever published before.

Demons of Konoha right now is my baby and is taking me forever to finish. I got most of the chapters planned out with no time to write them. In fact with working two jobs and babysitting on my one day off, I no longer have a life. Good news is I am spending alot of time outside so I do know what sunshine is this year. The good news is that the Chounin Exams will be begining soon before I go to the third arc which after a time skip will explain everything. Now throughout the story I've left little hints about stuff that will happen or possibly happen. I just about have all of the characters paired up with who they will be, but some might not be obvious until the third arc. On a side note part of the prophecy of Light and Dark will be dealt with as a side story between two different main characters and while they go together it will be more like a companion piece. Not a necessity to read but might explain a few more things.

I have thought about writing a Sasu/Naru story but that leaves me with who do I pair Hinata up with. I love her with Naruto and sorry but Kiba just doesn't do it for me. I was almost thinking Itachi or Gaara. Anyone with any ideas who let me know.

I also have a Gaara/ Naruto story planned that looks like it will be taking place in its own little AU timeline. Although with this one it will be a series of three stories although not necessairly about Naruto or Gaara. It has to do with the concept of what the story is about. I have that all planned out but alas no time to write at the moment.

Can't help it I just think that Naruto belongs with one of three people: Hinata, Sasuke or Gaara. Sorry people but Sakura just doesn't do it for me. Her personality just scream 'Sister I NEVER Wanted.' I do think she needs to be paired up with someone and that someone is usually Lee.

I will have to say as a personal note, Rock Lee is awesome. Sadly that word is stuck in my head after watching 'A Potter Musical' on Youtube and they kept singing 'and that would be so totally awesome.' That's the only part that keeps running rampade in my head and it needs to stop. Not no Lee is the most wonderful Brocoli of Love. For some reason he just makes us smile, and also have a need to watch old 70's style kung fu movies. That could be it also.

Just took an intersting quiz about if I was a Seme or an Uke and if so what type. I wonder to how many people this comes as a surprise to:

You are a Sadistic Seme!

It takes a special kind of uke to appreciate the punishment you dish out. Making them beg for mercy is what you're all about. You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. It's no fun if they don't struggle, and struggle and torture is what the Dramatic Uke, your perfect match, lives for.

Most compatible with: Dramatic Uke
Least compatible with: Everyone else

I am definately proud about this answer for some odd reason. My co-workers already think I'm sadistic most of the time with 'Jennie-isms' for once a quiz gave me good results.

I am a big fan of anime and manga and actually have a collection including wallscrolls, plushies, slippers and other various different things. (Did you know you can get Tasuki's face on underwear. That is just so cool.

For paiing I would have to say it goes like this:

Naruto: Sorry but Naruto belongs with either Hinata, Sasuke or Gaara. Hinata has always loved him. Sasuke grew up with him and will always be his biggest weakness. Gaara knows his pain of being a fellow jinchurinki and gold and red/maroon goes great together. Just ask Harry Potter.

Slayers: I am a huge Lina-Zelgadis fan. She is the only one to make him laugh and break out of his emo-ness. Gourry I love him to death but he's more comedic relief then he is a love interest. Sure he protects Lina and stuff but he seems more like a big brother.

I also like Luna and Xellos together, or even Lina and Xellos. Can you imagine all of the chaos that would be. The world would be in turmoil and loving every minute of it providing you weren't a bandit, dragon, pirate or after Lina's money.

Fushigi Yugi: I love Miaka/Tasuki together. I will admit at first I liked her with Tamahome but there's no fire between them and really no chance to grow. He protects her from everything not letting her fight her own battles. Later on in life she will continue to keep needing Tamahome to take care of her. But with Tasuki, yeah he protects her (even against Tamahome), and was willing to kill himself instead of her. But the passion is there. They fight and argue and just seems like they can be themselves more. Definately a BIG Tasuki fan.

Rouroni Kenshin: Loved this manga and the anime was good except for the third season. That just should not have been made. They should have waited until the manga ended to finish the series. It would have been worth it. I do like Kenshin/Kaoru/Battosai together.

Misao/Aoshi is another obvious one, although I don't mind her with Serjouro Seta or even Enishi.

Sano/Megumi together is another obvious one.

I do like some Kaoru-Enishi stuff as they must have learned alot about each other during the Jenchu Arc.

Bleach: I like Bleach but I am still ut on debate on whoshould end up with who. I've only watched a couple of seasons of it so my obvious thought was Rukia-Ichigo but as the story progresses I am still deciding.

Ranma 1/2:Akane and Ranma are just cute and violent together. Ryoga is a hoot (ahhh P-Chan be still my heart.) Has anyone else noticed that Rock Lee from Naruto looks just like a younger Ranma with his hair in the braid like that??

X-Men: Yes I know it's a comic, movie and animated series but still it's a favorite that I will sit and watch. Favorite pairing is simply Rouge and Remy. The southern couple just belong together and the chemistry is unmistakable. Now if only Rogue could touch someone (and not Magneto in the alternate timelines either).

I do have many more favorites but alas those are the ones I watch the most often...although Kenichi is pretty funny.

I Have many favorite books as right now I'm reading the Stookie Stackhouse books, but am scared to read her other books. I like the Stookie Books but that do't mean I will like her other series either.

I love Stephen King, I think I own all but two of his books in hardcover, and no one better touch my unabridged copy of IT. Absolute favorite book of his.

Terry Prachett is another favorite. His whole Diskworld books are great and funny. I own most of them in print and keep hoping he has another one out when I go to the store.

Dean Koontz is another favorite of mine, as some of his suspense is wonderful and keeps you on your toes.

I've read most of the Undead and Unwed series and I can't stop laughing at them.

Another romantic indulgance is by Stephanie Laurens and it's both her Cynster and Bastion Club books.

Christine Feehan's books about the Carpatians are also really good.

That and another secret read that I can read at anytime besides IT, is Anne of Green Gables. I will even sit down and watch it on PB during their fundraiser marathon for four hours. How do I not own it yet I don't know but its another things that I love.

I do own ALOT of sci-fi fantasy books from David Weber, Mercadies Lackey, James Clemens, Laurell K. Hamilton but I have to say my favorite is Robert Fiest. His Magician books, I just can never put them down. The story of Pug/Milamber is great and filled with adventure, magic and everything. Another good wholesome(yes it is wholesome) read is Pyromaner, Aeromancer, Aquamancer, and Geomancer by David Callender. Good luck finding some of those.

I like good fan fiction that is actually thought out, but then again I don't think that mine is the greatest. I guess I am one of the strange people. I actually don't care if I get reviews or not but I do like them. I write what I think but still try to keep it mostly realistic. I don't care if it's Yoai or even Yuri, the only thing I don't like are harem fics. This is mostly because I don't believe in polygomy. Most people can't even handle one relationship, so there is no way in hell they can handle many. Also women are competitive bitches (trust me I know I am one) and there is no way in HELL we share. Thats like asking me to share my husband. Not in this lifetime, I don't care how God-like you are or how tortured you are no more than one woman or man per person. I don't care if its a male-male or even female-female couple or just plain male-female don't bother sending me a story about a harem becuase I don't like them. Right now that that rant is over.

One thing I would love for someone to write for me. I can't do it, well I could but I sure as hell don't have the time, what with work, kids, and trying to find a damn beta. I want a story where Lee goes bad and joins the Akatsuki. I don't care if he's aired with TenTen, Neji, Gaara, really I don't care as long as it's not Gai. If someone could do this and pm me with the link that would be great. For some reason an evil Lee just seems awesome to me. :O)

Oh and I love finart if anyone ever wants to make me some :O) Also does someone want to make me an avatar to put up here. I have one of Kenshin somewhere but I fear it's on my old dead computer, so I am hopeful someone would want to make me one. Let me know, KK :O)

I guess if anyone has any questions let me know, I do try to answer them, even if you get a "Jennie-ism" as my co-worker and buds put it. Scary but true, the things I say are not always good. I never did get the tact option growing up. Too late now.

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Partners reviews
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