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Hi everyone i'm xxhanzyxx.

I live in the UK and am 22 years old.

I have been following fanfiction for as long as I have had the internet and have found some fantastic stories which I have enjoyed over and over again... It has definately saved me a few pennies from buying books/ graphic novels which have the same old dross that is simply written to sell, not by passionate fans like they are on here.

So after many of years reading stories on here, it ignited a thirst in writing my own fanfiction, something I never thought would be possible :) So it has taken me many years and long into my nights to write (and re-wrie, then write again) a few of my own, which I have held onto for personal reading for this long, but have now plucked up enough courage to share with you, so please be kind with any comments... after all these are my babies.

Ok so basically, i'm a DC girl, and grew up watching the original Adam wests Batman and Robin with little knowledge of whom they really were. It wasnt untill I stumbled across Batman the animated series that my fantasia grew and it was on the appearence of Robin that got me hooked!

So yes im a Robin fan, more imprtantly a Dick Grayson fan, hense why all of my fan fics are based around this character, but rather than keep him as Robin I focused on him as his other alter ego NIGHTWING, basically because I find him a far more interesting character and it frustrates me that there isnt enough appearances of him in other media.

So enjoy my stories, excuse the spelling, punctuations etc (I did the best I could) And feel free to let me know what you think with a few reviews :-D

And if you are a Nightwing fan and are on facebook, please join my fan page I am #1 Nightwing fan and invite your friends and family who might like it too!!

NOTE- I have classed all my stories as an T rating... I dont know if they are but I just wanted to play it safe and save getting told off :-) theres the odd word (and those used aren't even that bad) and a few adult themes running through one or two of the stories but nothing that I class as explict... anyway please let me know if you think I have rated them correctly. Much appreciated

And can you PLEASE REVIEW :) That way I can improve (or not) And can I also thank every one who has read my stories, I hope you enjoyed them :)

Thankyou kindly,


notice Volume six "BETRAYAL" is coming soon (hopefully by the end of 20010 anyway) Hope people are looking forward to whats going to happen to our Hero's

Notice- Have started back on "BETRAYAL" and have outlined ideas for chapters 8-12 so hopefully will be getting a move on :)

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