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Hi, everyone! I am new writer but an old reader. I am an avid Gilmore Girls fanfiction reader. I love to write and someday hope to become a writer or journalist. So, I decided why not start my career on writing stories about some of my favorite characters on earth. I usually never share my stories to anyone, so this is a first from me and reviews are always appreciated (key word: APPRECIATED)! I love getting reviews!

Sooooo sorry for the almost year long delay of this story. I had major writer's block and then I got frustrated, so I gave up. But I'm back and I'm not giving up. Right now the story sounds a little whiny, but I just have to find my rhythm with this story and then I guarantee it'll be good! Thanks for reading! Oh and I changed Natalie's name to Abbey (Rory's new roommate).

Coffeeholics Anonymous: My first story. I hate comming up with titles of stories. I am horrible at it, as you can tell. The title doesn't really fit with the story. No, nobody is going to be going to a rehab center, at least I don't think so. Anyways, this is my version of Gilmore Girls. I hate calling it AU, because I try to stay true to the characters. I just change the events in their life. I have no idea where this is going. I don't know if it's going to be a Lorelai/Luke, Lorelai/Chris, Lorelai/Max, Rory/Logan, Rory/Jess, Rory/Dean or anything like that. I have no set plan, I just write whatever pops into my brain at the time. Some parts you'll hate (I will probably hate writing them as well), but don't give up on my story just because your favorite character isn't with Lorelai or Rory! I'll try to make my chapters long, but I don't know how often I will be able to update. I usually write whenever I feel like, but maybe now that I have an audience, I will be more motivated. I love the characters and their relationships (not just romantic ones) with each other. They are all so creative, fun, and just original. ASP (the creator) did a great job with writing these charaters, so that is what Coffeeholics Anonymous is really about. In each chapter I am planning to focus on two characters. In the first chapter you saw the interactions between Luke and Lorelai. Chapter two focuses on Lorelai and Rory and Chapter three is Lorelai and some Luke again because I had a question about what happened with their date. (Yes I do read reviews, they can be really helpful!) Hmmm, well enough of me talking now! On to reading my stories! And if you haven't noticed already, the chapter titles are songs that inspired me while writing that particular chapter.

Fun Facts:

~Chapter One has 1779 words in it, which is also the year Stars Hollow was founded (Totaly unintentional!)

~Chapter Two is more than four times the size of Chapter One

~In Chapter Two, the scene where Rory takes Lorelai to the Christmas Processional, there wasn't originally only one thermos, I just didn't know how to spell the plural form of thermos, so I rewrote the whole scene so that I didn't have to use it!

Favorite TV Show: You guessed it, Gilmore Girls! and The Office and SNL

Music: I love the music played on Gilmore Girls, but also The Clash, The Shins, Sonic Youth, The Beatles (the White Album is my favorite), Ash, The Smiths, Red Hot Chili Peppers and tons of others, I'm a music freak. I love a lot of music. I just don't like rap, country, or disco.

Movies: Too many to mention!

I love to Read, write, hang out with friends, watch my favorite shows/movies (and mock the others)

Favorite Food: Chocolate!

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My version of Gilmore Girls. Same characters, different events.
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