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Ay o!

My name is no longer Murasakiiro Konsei!! it truly is, well i won't tell you, so call me Alpha-sama! I love werewolves, anime, manga, video games, girls and guys, books, and...food...and KITTIES!...wow...quiet in here.
Some facts about me uh...

Age: If your asking I'm already too old.

Occupation: Alpha. Top of the line starer, waiter(no I won't serve YOU!!), and of course carer of nothing. I don't care at all so shuvoff before I do it for you!...

Gender: Female

Birthday: NONE!

Likes: SISSORS! Anime, manga, cartoons, werewolves, wolves, kitties, drawing, reading, writing, sleeping, poetry, yaoi, yuri, my fantasy world, VIVIAN!! If you don't know Vivian you don't want to!...orry!

Dislikes: Blue, brown, water, drowning, falling forever, people in general, life, MYSPACE!

Fun Facts: I stole this from ZOMBIE! I'm bisexual. Me too Zombie! I LOVE going up-side down, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schitzophrenias, I hate all religion, I'm lazy, and I'm a pervert, I find it extremely hard to worry or care about all things, cannot stay attentive during something I don't think will help me, wish the sun would blow up, and with proper masking of myself I make a very good citizen! But little things annoy me, I can't stand the sound of cement trucks, I DESPISE ALL HUMANS AND THIS RECHAD COMPUTER!! Like to feel pain, like to be hurt rather than be glorified, have strange sub-concious habits, have terrible insomnia at times, my first memory was going to see my grandfather die, and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL READING THIS!

Quotes: o god i am not writing that down!

Thought of the Day: I had the best dream last night!