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Dates, things, what's happening, all that shiz

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 – Finally decided to start my profile and stuff back up, and hopefully for good

Me, Myself, and I

Hello all! The name’s Spyro’s Bud but you can just call me Shadow Firering. Odd name, but I’m an odd person.

Dragon- A lot of people find this weird at first, but fun and amusing later on. I am a dragon, the dragon that’s my avatar. (Gifted to me not directly from a person on DA, see below for link) It’s RPing and its fun.

Shadow’s origination- You may have seen me in a couple of my stories, and there’s a good reason for that. No I’m not like all those people that insert themselves, Shadow was originally (and still is) one of my OCs. It was one day that I decided to be him, and I have been that way since.

What I want- I want many things, reviews being basically everything. I love having fans, and I love being favored and stuff, but I’d love for the reviews. Nobody ever gives feedback anymore…

My plans- To finish my stories! Yea, bet you didn’t see that goal coming! Besides that…umm…make new stories and finish them!

Got a problem with me?- Nobody ever really does. I C/Ped a mini-rant saying deal with it before but I barely ever critically review and when I do it’s well deserving or ignored. If there’s any problem, please feel free to talk to me about it.

Getting a hold of me- PMs are best, I’m quick to respond. Reviews are mainly for my stories but the more reviews the better, right? E-mail, Skype, YIM, and other communication based things you gain access to when I trust you.

Summary of how I'm seen

"Shadow seems to me like someone in charge, or at least wanting to be. You are the type that is very mature, but easily breaking your composure. You'll usually be on the blunt side of ridicule, especially if you try to raise your standing with everyone. Usually, in a story, these types are the closest friend to everyone." Aeikon Devleon

More about me? What fun!

Color- I have green scales with a gold underbelly, horns, and wings.

Eye color- I have light blue eyes

Sex- I am male. Not that hard to tell.

Height- On all fours, I'm about 4 1/2 feet tall, and standing on my hind legs, I'm 6 feet 1 inch feet tall.

Weight- Around 160 pounds. I’m losing weight.

Wing length- Around 3 feet and 9 inches.

Type- Fire. Again, not really hard to tell since a lot of things around me just HAPPEN to become a pile of ash sooner or later…

Tail tip- A lot of dragons have varied tail tips. Mine is a small little flame. Yes you can't see it in my avvie. Yes I look like a green Charmander, is that a problem?

Birthmarks- On my right foreleg (front right limb) I have a darkened area of scales. Looks kind of blobby, but it resembles a flame...kind of.

School- Of course I have school. Who doesn't? Work load is off and on, it varies a lot of the time.

Job- I have random jobs I do for random people.

Intelligence- I'm smart enough, but I might be a little naive to some things.

Likes- I love writing stories, reviewing, reading, and listening to music.

Dislikes- Idots, smacktards, people who don't follow rules, things along those lines. Twilight, the movie Eragon...some other things.

Favorite color- Green. Isn't green everyone's favorite color?

The Firering Family

I have my awesome, sexy, beautiful, badass, perfect…(I can go on all day) first wife Kay

Then I have all my other wives who are also awesome and beautiful:

2.) The Berry

3.) The Panther

4.) The Fairy

5.) The Serpent

Then I have my brother/best bud Star, my badass daughter Rachel, and my son whose ego is so large it can cause an eclipse.

I am part of...

FanFiction, SFFAU (Spyro FanFiction Authors United), DeviantArt, Facebook, Yahoo (Messenger and e-mail), Gmail, DragonAdopters, the LU forums, Veritaville, and the Verita family, the LittleGrey Network, Slacker Radio, AOL, Spyro the Dragon Forums, and Youtube.

(Links sold separately)


It will not appear on here, but you can easily tell it is mine. It has a bunch of text stars and stuff in a fancy way with Spyro's Bud at the end of it.

People to Thank

(Yeah its a little mushy)

SpyroXCyndermylove/Starry Jay Firering/Flayro- The love we share/ Jimmy the Kick-Ass- for being an all-around great close friend. You've made me see things I never saw possible and made me trust and respect things I never thought about before. You've been one of my greatest friends ever and you still are. The true definition of awesomeness and ownage.

Story Dragon- for being the first author I read from and posting a great story and sequel. You have brought me into this world, and for that I thank you.

Whisper in the Woods/Whisper- for being a friend back when I first joined and still being a close friend every chance you get when you pop on every once or twice a year or so.

Viperwatcher- You have gained much from me, becoming my brother and gaining all my trust and everything. Sure you've lost it all, but I must thank you for being a close friend when you were.

Dimitri Polenkiv/Oxyphyr- for being generally awesome, a person that writes a bit like me and thinks a bit like me. It's nice to have someone to talk to about lemons or something.

Doragon Eichi- you were an awesome friend, and still are. The fights we have, the sparring and killing of each other repeatedly. The great RPs we've had and the good times. Now you're practically dead...but you're still on my high friend list.

MBgamer/Bane the Gold Dragon/Wolf- a little of realization and a little of just being a little friendly when you want. I felt compelled to put you here.

Cloethedragoness- for being such a close friend and becoming my sister. You know I'll always luv ya.

A13andr0169- for being ultimately fun to talk to, RP with, and be around with. You area great understanding person and your awesomeness shows.

Phoenix Firewing- for being fun and entertaining, while being greatly friendly and social. You are a grand person, don't ever change.

OnyxSarune18 (and many other names)- for being completely awesome, bringing me into your writing and being a nice friend and someone to talk to or RP with. You are a perfect and excellent writer and I hope to see a lot more from you even while you're in college.

Alec the Dark Angel-you are a great author, a great RPer, and a great everything. For that, you are pure win.

Master of Myths- for always being somehwat understanding and friendly and nice. You are a good friend when you aren't acting crazy, giddy, or high.



Elaboration- I believe fans of my stories, however many there may be, deserve the right to extra content BEYOND the story published on FFN. So I came up with the idea to follow many other things, and to have subscriptions. If I can tell that a fan is following along, I’ll give them the option to take part in extra content.

Rules- Course there’s rules. 1. This is not review whoring or asking for favorites or anything. You may show you’re following along IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE to your liking, but I need to know if you’re going along with the story. It’s not really asking for favors and stuff like that because if you’re already a fan, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to do a review or something.

2. NO PLAGERISM. I will keep a tight rule over my documents and things. I will have everything backed up and I will know what I send to people.

3. Be polite and patient. I believe I’m one of the first to do this so it’ll take some time to instead of press backspace to just Copy and Paste somewhere else and title it a deleted scene.

4. Before any extras are sent or given, a fan/participant (whatever you want to be called) will get a note asking the type of extras they would like, whether it is all including M and MA content or otherwise. Do note this will be privately and not on FFN’s public domain. (see below for more)

Content you may receive- Songfics, lemons, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, thoughts behind the making, commentary (yes I know how to do commentary in text), hidden chapters, new beginnings/ends, inspirations, and some others.


That should be all for now. Things get added and get deleted as I go on, so live with it or go review one of my stories.

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