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Ah, fan fiction...

You know, there was a time that I really loved fan fiction. I loved reading it. It all seemed so original. It would go to places that canon media never would. I just thought is was so fantastic. Truly, I did.

Today, I still love the concept of fan fiction. A sandbox that allows amateur writers to show their work to a sympathetic audience. An undemanding genera that doesn't require authors to spend time or effort on character description or background. Writing fan fiction is a wonderful exercise to help with better writing.

That said, I find that I have a really hard time reading it now. Let's face it, you have wade through at least a hundred terrible stories to find one good one. Mostly because there are a lot more ways for a a story to be bad then there are for a story to be good. To be a good fan fic, the story needs to be original,have a beginning, middle, and an end; have descriptive scenes and dialog; and needs to show strong writing mechanics. If you're missing even just one of these things, (at that list is by no means exhaustive) then it's automatically a bad story. By this measure, my own stories are, in fact, crap. I have a hard time with "voice" and because of this, my writing style is probably best described as "beige."

Now, I could handle all the terrible writing if I thought that it would actually lead somewhere; that it would get better over time. But it doesn't. Crappy writers just keep churning out crappy writing. And who can blame them? The only reviews people get are posts that say, "Great story. Can't wait for the next chapter!" or "I really like the way you had character X say line y." Praise is nice, and it's motivating for sure, but it's not constructive. It doesn't make the story better. And yet, I understand why reviews are this way. Genuine critic takes time and effort. A lot of it. Nobody is going to through all that for some random stranger on the internet. Even if they did, many people wouldn't want it anyways.

I would be thrilled to get real feedback on my writing. For someone to truly sit and pick apart my writing would of huge benefit to me. I can't even describe how great that would be. I could keep editing and reworking my stories into something decent and solid. Instead, they will be left to languish with all the other crap stories.

And that, children, is why the love I once felt towards fan fiction has since turned to bitterness.

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