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Law & Order Criminal Intent is my favorite show. I am always a big fan of episodic television because I feel that the way movies are becoming shorter and shorter these days it's hard to see a movie that feels complete at the end. I am eternally grateful to the Law & Order franchise because it produces quality shows that are unlike any others found on TV. I believe that Criminal Intent was a successful show because of the fine writing done by Rene Balcer and fine acting done by Vincent D'Onofrio, Katherine Erbe and a supporting cast of unique characters. Criminal Intent had a talented cast of true actors. This is especially crucial in a show that is mostly character interaction and dialogue. The cast was led by one of the finest character actors of his generation Vincent D'Onofrio, who does a superb job portraying a character who is one of the most complex in the history of television. D'Onofrio is one of those actors who has a unique ability to enhance the performance of the actors who are acting with him, which results in a show where the guest stars and cast are at their best. Law & Order CI has inspired many copycat shows, but none worthy of the original.

I miss the days of Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Crossing Jordan, Stargate SG1, "Lie to Me" even the X-Files and perhaps a handful of other excellent shows in various categories. One excellent show that I considered writing some fanfiction about is "Doctor Who." Shows like "Bones" are fun to watch but easily forgetable, because they are just not as good in terms of writing. I have so many ideas for stories and character pieces that I want to write. I am so busy in my professional life and too busy watching TV shows to actually write about TV shows.

I love the FanFiction.net site. I am truly amazed that such a site exists that collects so many stories from ordinary people. These are stories that the readers otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to read because many of these shows do not publish stories in written form. I used to read almost every Criminal Intent story on this site, unfortunately I have been out of touch with the site for quite some time. All writers please excuse me in advance if I have things in my stories that are similar to aspects of your stories, it's not intentional at all. I don't really read stories related to other shows. I think Criminal Intent lends itself well to writing fan fiction because there is so much about the characters that is left up to the reader to imagine. In addition because it is a detective show you can imagine an infinite number of possible cases that could be written for the characters to investigate. I hope that people who are looking for Goren and Eames stories will continue to come to this site, even though Goren and Eames will not be on TV anymore. Most of my stories are set in an earlier time in the partnership when they are still at Major Case.

I had two Criminal Intent stories published and I am currently working on several more. One of the stories "In Celebration" is a story that takes place in the future. The story includes scenes with Captain Ross, because it was written before the events of "Loyalty." I want my stories to be 100 faithful to the events of the show, so I will be editing the first chapter and reposting it again.

I also wrote "Partners" which was just going to be a short scene, but due to requests I have decided to make that a story that is a series of episodic events with a theme. I will be editing the first chapter that is already posted to add more detail that is in keeping with the expanded story.

I have decided to write more chapters for "Partners" because of events that have taken place on CI and SVU since I wrote the story. Thank you to all the fans who were asking for a second chapter.

If anyone here has any thoughts and comments for me about anything please feel free to PM me at anytime. Thank you to everyone who PMed me wondering where I was hiding.

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