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Most likely just gonna read other peoples stories and not write my own because...reasons.

I'm 28 and a kid at heart.

For the record so people STOP sending messages I. AM. FEMALE!!!!!!! geez

I most likely will add my opinion and review.

hopefully I won't anger anyone

I'll be honest as I can. might be a little constructive criticism.

Don't be a dick if I say something.

I cannot use the reply link so if anyone pms me I will go directly to your profile and reply to you by pm thanks for understanding. I'm going to start posting OCs for Warriors and Lion king for the authors who need help with fleshing out their clans, prides or whatever. I'm no writer myself so I'll settle for helping others . I'd be proud to see my characters come to life in others stories (a shout out would be pretty great though thanks).

*Authors' choice -a/c * [I'll post them as they come]

I've started drawing out my OCs so if you wanna see them they're on DeviantArt my user is RubyWolfmoon26 (don't be a dick I'm rusty)

Warriors OCs

(please PLEASE keep siblings together)

(slight OCD so sorry but I'd appreciate it)

Sparkstream- small slender built she-cat wavey red-brown coat with darker steaks along her sides and honey gold eyes.

age- a/c

clan- a/c

rank- a/c

personality- somewhat stubborn, but fiercely loyal, smart, protective of loved ones, seems cold at first but can be affectionate with those she cares for.

Amberstripe- lean yellow gold tabby she-cat with long plumy tail and striking amber eyes.

age- a/c

rank- a/c

clan- a/c

personality- gentle natured, soft spoken, optimistic and always looks for best in others, tends to mother younger clanmates, loyal.

Nightspark- muscular black tom with white flashes covering muzzle and on chest, bright blue-gray eyes and scars along shoulders and flank.

age- a/c

clan- a/c

rank- senior warrior

personality- brave, somewhat reckless in battle, loyal, protective of clanmates,stubborn when he feels it benefits his clan.

Wasppelt- yellow tabby tom with black stripes with broad shoulders and brown eyes large scar from chest to shoulders and unusually long claws.

age- a/c (preferably senior warrior)

rank- senior warrior

clan- a/c

personality- proud, protective, sharp witted, can be surprisingly kind to younger worriors and apprentices, capable worrior in battle that his clanmates can rely on.

Clearstrike- large muscular pale gray and silver stripped tom, clear striking green eyes, white tipped tail with one dark gray band below it, notched right ear, and multiple scars across his pelt.

age- 20 moons

rank- warrior

clan- a/c.

personality- strong, brave, powerful worrior, calculating in battle, protective of clanmates and clan territory, wishes to teach the next generation of worriors the best ways to carry on the clan, kind to his apprentices and an excellent mentor, wise for his age.

Hartstreak (as in deer look it up)- tawny brown she-cat, white underbelly and chest, black paws and tipped ears, darker brown streak from top of head to shoulders,amber eyes, and unusually short tail.

age- 14 moons

rank- warrior

clan- a/c

personality- clever, loyal, somewhat clumsy, loves to tease her littermate Duskpaw(feather), always willing to lend an ear or paw, can't wait for her first apprentice, always ready for any new task.

Duskpaw(feather)- dusky gray and brown mottled tom, bright amber eyes, white patch on chest and a single black paw, and a long feathered tail.

age- 14 moons

rank- medicine cat apprentice (since med cats take longer to earn their names)

clan- a/c

personality- soft spoken and gentle, tends to worry about his older littermate Hartstreak, always trying to do his best to tend the injured, can be timid if he gets confronted by a larger worrior, he has an exceptionally strong connection with starclan, always happy to answer a curious kit, already an excellent medicine cat can earn his name any time soon.

Lionfang- large strong golden tan tom, short coat with thicker darker brown mane like fur around his neck and at the end of his tail, charcoal gray eyes, and a white diamond on his forehead, small scars on his legs and flank and a larger scar on his shoulder.

age- a/c

rank- a/c (warrior or deputy)

personality- proud, loyal, proven to be a valuable and honorable worrior, highly intelligent and intimidating, surprisingly patient with younger worriors and apprentices, regularly steps in to stop arguments, levelheaded and open-minded, always tries to get both sides of the story, thinks carefully before acting.

Pantherheart- small slender black she-cat, white flecks on lower belly and chest, green eyes, and missing top right canine.

age- younger otherwise a/c

rank- a/c

clan- a/c

personality- moody, stubborn, playful when she wants to be, proud hunter, dislikes being alone, loves attention, and whines when doesn't get her way.(she's based off of my own kittypet Aiko she's my heart and my ferocious little panther )

Talonflare- red-orange tom, medium-long wavey coat, amber eyes, ash gray paws, tail tip and flash on muzzle, tail a bit shorter than average.

age- 13 - 20 moons

rank- a/c

clan- a/c

personality- prone to reckless behavior and temper flares, loyal, stubborn, tends to only really listen to his leader, deputy, and his 2 littermates, Thrushcloud, and Willowsky, argues with everyone else.

Thrushcloud- gray-tan tom, medium coat, dark green eyes, white paws, long fluffy white tail, and white flecks on chest and head.

age- 13 - 20 moons

rank- a/c

clan- a/c

personality- practically the opposite of his brother, calm, levelheaded, respectful to all other cats, as the oldest has a habit of worrying about his littermates, Talonflare, and Willowsky, a natural protector.

Willowsky- dark brown she-cat, short-medium coat, bright sky blue eyes, white cloud spots, darker almost black paws, and tail.

age- 13 - 20 moons

rank- a/c

clan- a/c

personality- gentle, soft spoken, capable hunter, looks up to her older littermates, Talonflare, and Thrushcloud, always trying to keep up with her brothers, and to live up to others expectations of her, even when she fails her brothers are always there to help her back on her paws, loyal.

Blitz - large built, broad shouldered, scarred Gray silver tabby tom, sharp blue eyes.

age- 20 - 60 moons


personality- rough, harsh, cold, vicious fighter, NO patience for younger cats or she-cats.

Ash - lithe gray mottled she-cat, blue-gray eyes, black flecks on chest/face/paws, scar over muzzle, broken tail.

age- 18 - 26 moons

clan/rank- Rogue

personality- Hot-headed, rough, rude, always picks fights, close to her sister, Flame, surprising soft side to younger cats.

Flame - slight ginger she-cat, gray flecked muzzle and paws, black tipped ears and tail, amber eyes, long fluffy tail.

age- 18 - 26 moons

clan/rank- Rogue

personality- Cool headed, calm, gentle, close to but worries about her sister, Ash, surprising mistrust of toms.

Stone - Brawny Gray-tan mottled tom, cocoa brown eyes, notched ears, scarred shoulders and haunches.

age- 30 - 80 moons

clan/rank- Rogue

personality - calm, smart, brave, strong, honorable, kind.

Frost - lean creamy white she-cat with silver points, icy blue eyes, long plumy tail.

age - 20 - 30 moons

clan/rank - Rogue, Queen

personality - shrewd, stubborn, rough, protective of her kits, Flower, Striker, and Mouse.

mate - Thorn.

Flower - small fluffy peach and cream she-kit, tawny brown patches, honey gold eyes, short fluffy tail.

age - 3 - 5 moons

clan/rank Rogue, kit

personality - Quiet, gentle level-headed, protective of her sister, Mouse, doesn't get along with her brother, Striker, close to her father, Thorn.

Striker - lean small Gray and white tom-kit, black streaks on his sides, icy blue eyes, long sharp claws.

age - 3 - 5 moons

clan/rank - Rogue,kit

personality - Stubborn, rough, bullies his little sister, Mouse, always picking fights especially with his older sister, Flower, bratty.

Mouse - tiny lean brown and gray she-kit, honey gold eyes, thin long tail, rounder gray ears, cream colored paws.

age - 3 - 5 moons

clan/rank - Rogue,kit

personality - Timid, soft spoken, close to her big sister, Flower, gentle natured.

Thorn - lightly muscled Gray and brown mottled tom, honey gold eyes, black streaks on his sides, short thin tail, long sharp claws, notched left ear, and scars on his shoulder.

age - 27 - 40 moons

clan/rank - Rogue

personality - Gentle, kind, levelheaded, protective of his family, smart, strong, loving father to his kits, Flower, Striker, and Mouse.

mate - Frost.

Springer - lean, lightly muscled tan tom, long gray legs, long ringed tail, amber eyes, black tuffed ears, scars on shoulders/chest/flanks, long sharp claws.

age - 30 - 60 moons

clan/rank - Rogue, leader.

personality - fast, smart, strong, capable fighter and hunter, natural leader, brave, kind.

Dart - smaller black tom, long wavey coat, red-ginger flashes on chest and forehead, torn left ear, white tail tip, long tail, light yellow eyes, strong lean legs.

age - 26 - 40 moons

clan/rank - Rogue

personality - quick witted, strong, honest, loyal, protector to the weaker cats, follower of Springer.

Luka - husky calico she-cat, ginger and black patches, lime green eyes, long fluffy black tail, white chest, ginger front legs, black back paws.

age - 24 - 30 moons

clan/rank - Rogue

personality - Stubborn, cranky, has a habit of arguing with everyone, actually very close to her sister, Luna, reluctant subordinate to Springer.

Luna - lithe silver-white she-cat, gray stripes along shoulders and back, dark gray crescent on forehead, lime green eyes, long fluffy silver tail, white paws.

age - 24 - 30 moons

clan/rank - Rogue

personality - clever, kind, loyal, proud, always looking out for others especially her sister, Luka, capable hunter and fighter, follower of Springer

Sunstrike- light gold tabby she-cat, chestnut eyes, white chest, long plumed tail, darker gold stripes, long claws.

age - 18 - 24 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - calm, honest, loyal, strong, capable hunter and fighter, proud.

Honeyshine - slender yellow she-cat, honey gold eyes, tan swirls, darker flecks, short fluffy tail, tuffed ears.

age - 16 - 20 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - Feisty, clumsy, stubborn, hyper, honest, moody, loyal.

Silverstorm - large strong silver-gray tom, gray eyes, black paws, scar from right shoulder over to left side, short silver tail, darker gray ears.

age - 30 - 40 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - rough, reckless, smart, loyal, protective.

Lightheart - lightly muscled pale gray tom, light amber eyes, black checks on shoulders, black tail and flash on chest.

age - 26 - 38 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - smart, calm, careful, mellow, proud, honest, exilent tracker, strong.

Breezewing - lean black-blue she-cat, blue-green eyes, long feathered tail, thicker black fur on shoulders, lighter blue paws.

age - 20 - 28 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - Rough, loyal, stubborn, irritable, protective of clanmates.

Bloodthorn - Massive strong deep russet tom, orange eyes, spiked fur, long razor sharp claws, large ragged scar from front chest to left flank, torn ears multiple scars on legs, broken tail.

age - 40 - 60 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - Irritable, harsh, cold, ambitious, foul mouthed, rude (think Tigerstar with a dash of Brokenstar).

Burnstripe - lean strong tom, brown and dark gray coat, coal gray eyes, ash gray paws and stripes along back, gray lynx tuffed ears.

age - 24 - 48 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - Impatient, heavy-handed, cranky, distant, difficult, ferocious in battle.

Nightwish - slender dark black she-cat, striking green eyes, tan dash on chest, tan flecks on base of tail.

age - 20 - 30 moons

clan - a/c

rank - a/c

personality - Optimistic, honest, hardheaded, willful, playful, patient with younger cats and kits.

Dreamspirit - small pale brown she-cat, cream gray brown and light ginger dapples, pale green eyes (blind), long fluffy light ginger and gray tail.

age - 18 - 24 moons

clan - a/c

rank - medicine cat

personality - calm, gentle, caring, loyal, intelligent, honest, softspoken, an exceptional medicine cat close to starclan.

Crash - Big stocky ginger and black tom, pale yellow eyes with poor vision, large dark gray paws, short fluffy black tail, big fuzzy ginger ears, green camouflage collar with a green bell and silver tag.

age- 24 - 48 moons

clan/rank - kittypet

personality - Clumsy, goofy, lazy, stubborn, immature, prone to walking into things.

Belle - small two-tone brown she-cat, long fluffy coat, warm cinnamon brown eyes, white paws, long fluffy lighter brown tail, hot pink collar with matching bow and gold bell and tag.

age - 16 - 24 moons

clan/rank - kittypet

personality - Gentle, confident, willful, helpful, curious.

Hamlet - Big lanky gray and tan tom, olive green eyes, long gray legs with black "boots", thick brown fur around neck, black "moustache" and "goatee", blue collar with silver tag.

age- 72 - 96 moons

clan/rank- kittypet

personality - Wise, proud, clever, caring, calm, observant, helpful advisor-type.

Macha - beautiful, slender tan and cream oriental shorthair she-cat, tan and gray ringed tail, gray heart on forehead, lovely blue-green eyes, red collar with a pink flower and bell.

age - 14 - 20 moons

clan/rank - kittypet

personality - Mellow, curious, playful, tends to get herself in trouble.

Heatburst - lean strongly built ginger and golden tom, "bursts" of white on chest and left flank, burning amber eyes, scar over muzzle.

age - 19 - 26 moons

clan - a/c

rank - warrior

personality - Proud, firery, quick thinking, "burst" hunter, natural teacher, loyal.

Lion king OCs

(names are in Swahili and zulu)

(my translation app might change the meanings later but I'll try to keep the names accurate as I can)


meaning- dusk

appearance- dusky tan lioness, dark blue eyes, notched left ear.

personality- smart, kind,exilent huntress, stubborn, loyal to family and friends.

family- a/c.


meaning- bright

appearance- white lion, creamy white mane, sky blue eyes.

personality- calm, levelheaded, smart, and optimistic.

family- a/c.


meaning- quick

appearance- lean honey coated lioness, grass green eyes.

personality- quick footed, sharp eyed, curious, can get easily discouraged after a failure.

family- a/c.


meaning- burn

appearance- charcoal gray lion, black mane, olive green eye(s),half his face is burned BADLY, blind in right eye from burns, twisted left front paw and walks with severe limp.

personality- cruel, just as twisted as his paw and face, abusive to his younger brother and lionesses.

family- Kushindwa (brother)


meaning- failure

appearance- large gray lion, with black mane and beard , olive green eyes, scars to his muzzle, and all over his body from years of abuse by his brother.

personality- despite his size very timid and reserved, obedient submissive, fearful.

family- Choma (older brother)


meaning- soft

appearance- soft peach pelted lioness, small tuft on head, cool gray eyes, tan flecks on front legs and muzzle.

personality- calm, clever, and capable, softspoken, sweet natured, but protective,not afraid to fight for what's right.

family- 2 sisters -Mapenzi,Ujasiri. (youngest)


meaning- will

appearance- tawny peach pelted lioness, tuft of longer hair on chest, warm gray eyes, tan flecks on muzzle and ears.

personality- stubborn, strong willed, tends to argue with other lionesses, protective of her younger sister Laini.

family- Laini (younger sister),Ujasiri (older sister)(middle sister).


meaning- courage

appearance- peachy gold coated lioness, thick ruff of hair from top of head to shoulders, blue-gray eyes, tan flecks on chest and legs.

personality- strong, brave, proud, leader of the 3 sisters, exceptional huntress, protective of her younger sisters, capable fighter.

family- Mapenzi (middle), Laini(youngest)(oldest).


meaning- stubborn

appearance- husky pale gray lion, brown gray mane, dark purple eyes, torn left ear.

personality- hard headed, stubborn, habit of complaining when he doesn't get his way, even as a full grown lion acts like a spoiled cub, he'll really only listen to his older sister.

family- 1 full older sister - Kanzima, 2 younger half brothers - Kubanda, and Ebolile, and 1 younger half sister - Ukatili.


meaning- hard

appearance- muscular stone gray lioness, brown eyes with a hard stare, large scar over shoulders, and a crooked tail.

personality- short tempered, easily irritated, can't stand her younger half sister, Ukatili, strong, and clever, leader of the band of siblings, she has no problem using force to get her brothers to follow her orders.

family- 1 younger full brother - Inkani, 2 younger half brothers - Kubanda, and Ebolile, and 1 younger half sister Ukatili.


meaning- cold

appearance- strong, muscular dark gray lion, cold gray eyes, large dark silver gray mane, claw scars along his right flank.

personality- cold, calculated, easily annoyed by his older brother, Inkani, his older sister Kanzimas' right paw, lead fighter.

family- 1 older half sister - Kanzima, 1 older half brother - Inkani, 1 younger full brother - Ebolile, 1 younger full sister - Ukatili.


meaning- rotten

appearance- scrawny, ragged grayish brown lion, rotten green colored eyes, thin scruffy dark tan mane, long claws, mangled tail, deep raking scars on flanks/sides/chest, torn ears, deep gash to right eye (blinded),rarely speaks.

personality- silent, complete follower of the stronger lions, strong enough fighter, obedient to his older siblings, weak willed, bullied.

family- 1 older half sister - Kanzima, 1 older half brother - Inkani, 1 older full brother - Kubanda, and 1 younger full sister - Ukatili.


meaning- bratty (the translation for her name on the translater app I use changed so now it means cruelty but I'm keeping it as bratty to keep with the image I have of her in my head.)

appearance- slender, lightly muscled tawny gray lioness, gray-green eyes, small fluffy tuft on head, small scars all over body.

personality- lives up to her name, snarky, mouthy, thinks she's better than others, bullies her older brother Ebolile, constantly, often fights with her older half sister Kanzima, loves to cause trouble, mean, rude, selfish, cruel to weaker lioness.

family- 1 older half sister - Kanzima, 1 older half brother - Inkani, 2 older full brothers - Kubanda, and Ebolile.


meaning- Brute

appearance- old, battle scared gray lion, black cold eyes, thick black mane, torn ears, deep scars to his muzzle and chest, canines exposed from his scars, ugly, walks a limp from his old age and injuries.

personality- cruel, ugly inside and out, abusive to his subordinates, bitter, and angry.

family- 2 daughters - Kanzima, and Ukatili, 3 sons - Inkani, Kubanda, and Ebolile, 2 mates- Udhaifu, and Epholile.

story- A cruel and abusive tyrant that ruled his subordinates with an iron paw with in his small territory. Neglectful of his children and abusive to his mate he trained his children to fight to gain more territory and power. He killed his mate Udhaifu in a moment of irritation for "disrespecting " him. He was murdered by his own children lead by his eldest daughter Kanzima, and leaving all of them scared and marked with the reminders of his abuse.


meaning- weakness

appearance- weak light tan lioness, brown eyes, claw scars on her cheek, and torn ears.

personality- weak willed, submissive, fearful of her mate, Kibaya, capable hunter.

family- 1 sister - Epholile, 1 daughter - Kanzima, and 1 son - Inkani, 2 foster sons - Kubanda, and Ebolile, 1 foster daughter - Ukatili, mate - Kibaya.

story- forced to be the mate of a cruel and abusive tyrant, disrespected by her son and daughter. Because there was no shaman or healers in the territory she had to watch her younger sister bleed out in cub birth and raise her nephews and niece with little to no help and hunt almost completely alone. She was killed by her mate Kibaya for disrespecting him.


meaning- frail

appearance- slender, gray brown lioness, green eyes, small tuft on head, scarring to her neck, and shoulders.

personality- timid, quiet, weak willed, rarely speaks.

family- older sister - Udhaifu, 2 sons - Kubanda, and Ebolile, 1 daughter - Ukatili, mate - Kibaya.

story- physically weak and a poor hunter also forced to be the mate of Kibaya along with her older sister Udhaifu. Because of complications during pregnancy and labor she bled out during cub birth and never got to name or raise her 3 cubs and died after her sister promised to care for her cubs.


meaning - Scavenger

appearance - husky male spotted hyena, dark gray, lighter gray spots, black hair ridge, dark brown eyes.

personality - whiney, cowardly, a follower, picked on by his sister, Ukulwa, close to his brother, Cheka, a follower of his older sister, Ukulwa.

family - younger brother- Cheka, older sister - Ukulwa.


meaning - laugh

appearance - lean male spotted hyena, brown-gray, gray spots, dark brown hair ridge, hazel eyes, lighter gray legs and paws.

personality - noisy, hyper, close to his older brother, Mkangaji, follower to his older sister, Ukulwa, surprisingly strong.

family - 1 older sister - Ukulwa, 1 older brother - Mkangaji.


meaning - fight

appearance - lean muscular female spotted hyena, dark brown, reddish brown spots, blue-gray eyes, long brown hair ridge, torn right ear, scar on right shoulder, light legs and paws.

personality - harsh, cold, fighter, bullies her younger brother, Mkangaji, leader of the 3 siblings, rude to her brother, Cheka.

family - 2 younger brothers - Mkangaji, and Cheka.


meaning - follow

appearance - scrawny male brown hyena, long shaggy coat, black eyes, notched ears, scars to his face and muzzle.

personality - loner, rough, clever, prefers to observe others from a distance, highly intelligent.

family - none


meaning - gentle

appearance - slender fawn coated lioness, soft blue eyes, gray rimmed ear and paws, long tuft from head to shoulders.

personality - Calm, softspoken, as gentle as her name, caregiver for the prides cubs (cubsitter), patient, close to her sister, Kimya, honest.

family - 1 younger sister, Kimya.


meaning - quiet

appearance - lean light gray lioness, warm blue-gray eyes, fawn ear rims and paws, long tuft from head to shoulders.

personality - Friendly, easy going, playful, helpful, often helps her sister, Mnene look after the prides cubs (cubsit), childish.

family - 1 older sister, Mnene


meaning - stone

appearance - lightly muscled pale gray lion, dark gray almost black mane, gray-green eyes, pale brown underbelly and ear rims.

personality - Proud, stubborn, rough, trustworthy to those who can grow closer to him, loyal to those who earn his trust, cold to those he mistrusts.

family - a/c


meaning - Shadows

appearance - lean muscular pitch black lioness, amber-red eyes, dark gray markings under eyes, longer dark gray fur on chest and shoulders.

personality - Stealthy, soft spoken, loyal and honest to her pridemates, closer to her older sister, often following behind her and listening, often sent on night missions because of her dark coat.

family - 1 older sister- Mwanga, mother - a/c or unknown, father - unknown.


meaning - light

appearance - slender pale gold lioness, amber-brown eyes, tan markings under eyes, longer light tan fur on chest and shoulders.

personality - The opposite of her sister, noisy, outspoken, immature, clumsy, stubborn, RARELY lets Vivuli speak her opinion if at all, trouble maker.

family - 1 younger sister- Vivuli, mother -a/c or unknown, father - unknown.


meaning - Spirit

appearance - slender pale grayish white lion, thick light gray mane, pale blue-green eyes with a haunting gaze, brown ear rims, gray "outlander" nose.

personality - Awkward, figity, worrier, able to connect with the great kings of the past, acting as healer and shaman, quiet, kind to those who come to him, timid towards larger male lions due to cubhood trauma (mental/emotional not physical), mostly a loner.

family - none/unknown.


meaning - freedom

appearance - slender honey coated lion, brown muzzle and toes, large bi-colored auburn and chestnut mane, cool gray eyes.

personality - Charming, freespirited, immature, annoys his sister with his attitude, argues with his brother constantly, lazy, womanizer.

family - older brother - Amasu, younger sister - Ukufisa, parents - unknown/ a/c.


meaning - wishful

appearance - lean honey coated lioness, brown chest and paws, cool gray eyes, black nose and tail tuft.

personality - Optimistic, calm, hopeful, honest to her pridesisters, can't stand her brother Uhurus' behavior, friendly with her oldest brother, hard worker.

family - 2 older brothers, Amasu(oldest), Uhuru(middle), (youngest).


meaning - strategic

appearance - lean muscular dark honey coated lion, brown muzzle and toes, thick auburn mane, cool gray eyes, black nose and tail tuft.

personality - calm, clever, proud, capable leader in battle, proud of his sister, angered by his brothers behavior, loyal to his pridemates.

family - younger brother, Uhuru, younger sister, Ukufisa.

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Supergirl - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 12 - Words: 23,494 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 156 - Follows: 141 - Updated: 6/21/2019 - Published: 5/11/2019 - [Lena L., Kara D./Supergirl] Alex D. - Complete
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