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Poll: In my story "The angel that took me out of my darkness", should Bella and Edward wait until after their wedding to go all the way, or before? Vote Now!
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Hey pplz. I'm probably just going to babble about stuff that's not important because...because...well, i just want to. lol

About Me:Lets see, my name is Leslie, and im hispanic I LOVE to read. The problem is that i really get into them. Especially in a book called Twilight, the whole series. In Eclipse, if your a Jacob hater, you understand my problem.

Im 15 (finally).

I don't know if i'm emo/gothic. whatever, i don't really care. call me whatever you want. Even though I kinda am Emo, but still. I got serious anger issues, the good thing is that my parents don't know shit about any of this. They think im just like i was in middle school. quiet, smart, happy, whatever, if only they really knew me now.

but now it's high school, and im different. i used to care about a lot of things in middle school, but now i dont care about shit. My fav color is black, of course.

I'm a laid back kind of person. i really don't get on anyone's bad side, im not the type that starts problems.

i love emo guys. especially if they got hair that covers like half their face. Their hot. Oh and in the back it's short. If everything is long, i don't like that. Im wierd like that.

I'm kinda wierd. If we're talkin about something, i will just change the subject if something pops into my mind. i didn't even realize i did that until my cousin told me about that. i think i do that because i forget things easily, and i don't want to forget what i wanted to talk about, so it kinda slips out.

i get interested in so called odd things. Like anime, i don't think it's weird, but all my friends say it is, and also my family. But do i care? Wait for it, no. i love it.

In my family and friends im considered the wierd one. Reasons why:

i like anime

i like to read

they consider me "emo"

Like to be alone sometimes

Like rock music

Fav Bands: Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Madina Lake, Chevelle, FooFighters, The Used, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold, Flyleaf, Puddle of Mudd, Red Jumsuit Apparatus, Greenday, Yellowcard, 30 Seconds to Mars, 10 Years, Nickelback, All American Rejects, Staind, Three Days Grace, Creed, Panic!at the Disco, Papa Roach, New Found Glory, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, probably more but can't remember any more.

Random Questions:

Why'd you change in high school but not in middle school?

For this question, i really dont know, but maybe it's becasue im middle school i used to care about a lot of stuff. Grades, if people liked me, if guys liked me, if me parents were happy about how i was doing etc. i think that i just kind of got wiped out, and now i dont care about anything. i dont care if people like me (but somehow everyone i know does), if i got a boyfirend, how im doing in school, or if my parents are happy with me or not. i dont care anymore.

Any hobbies?

Lets see...Reading, writing stories, writing songs, getting on the internet, sleeping, going to da movies, listening to music.

Any talents?

Singing, writing...and that's about it. i suck at almost everything i try

What's something that you wanna try, but your parents say no? And why do they say no?

i wanna learn how to play the guitar so when i write a song, i can also come up with the music, but my parents say no because they dont like it that i listen to rock. They're probably starting to learn that im kinda depressed and tryin to take away things that show it. like all my black clothes, rock music, and they won't let me play guitar. but i got my black clothes and music back. and i will learn how to play the gitar one of these days.

For now that's all that i can think about of me. Anything else ask me. i dont care what it is. i'll answer it. Oh, and if im my reviews i leave somthing like "update or ill kill you", dont take it personally, i'm doing that in all my reviews cause i don't know why, but ill get over it and go back to just plain update, but until then, ima put "update or ill kill you", okay then by bye pplz!!1

Oh, I almost forgot, i wrote this poem. Please tell me if your like or hate it:


Pain is what takes my stress away,

Pain is there when I want it, Pain is the relief of my life,

Where i go when i can go no where else.

Pain is what i feel everytime i bleed, accidentaly or purposely,

Always there when i need to get away and forget everything but me.

So what did you think? Please leave me message and tell me. I seriously want to know!! Okay, bye now!!

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