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Hi again, a little about me.

Name: Mica (My-cah)

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Miroku: “I have a feeling that this is about to become very ugly.”

Sango: “I think you’re right. Now hush! I don’t want to miss it.” (From Chronicles by Sueric Chp.18)

Miroku: "If the demon is truly big, then we are no match for it. It's irrational. It's impossible. It's against my religion."

Recommendations: (For the most part these cannot be found on

One Month For Romance by Corisu Li and the sequel

Two months to Live and One Month For Romance can both be found at Tim Seltzers 'Best Fics on the Web' page link

The Lucky Ones by Terri Botta can be found here:

Copy and Paste Links! Enjoy!

Musings on Miroku

I think most would agree with me when I say Miroku is one of the best created characters in Inuyasha. He is the comic relief of the series, but has a serious side as well. Of course who wouldn't with a black hole devouring one's hand? But in my mind, Miroku's serious side originates because of his need for normality. A wife, a child - all are denied from him until he conquers Naraku. When we think of Miroku's mature side, we think about his rational logic in un-rational situations, but I always think of his need for a routine. I believe Miroku just wants a family and as such - tries to take the place of a family member another person may have lost.

For Kagome, he is the comforting friend that you run to when your crush gets a girlfriend - the one who might not understand, but will listen and comfort anyhow. For Inuyasha, he is the slightly annoying and prying brother Inuyasha lost in Sessomaru. For Shippo he is the reprimanding and consoling father (which I think most people imply to be Inuyasha) and of course for Sango he is the lover one tries to avoid in fear of being hurt.

Miroku is frankly a loyal, kindred, well-rounded person who doesn't get enough credit - so here's to you Miroku.


Hello again. If anyone is reading this...I have planned out the rest of Ignorance is Bliss, hopefully it will be finished in January. I am very sorry for those of you who have been waiting for the sequel to By Your Side, I am now going in to the finer details of developing the plot, I plan to start typing it in mid February, I will keep you posted on any changes in schedule.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


Happy belated New Years. As well as finishing up Ignorance is Bliss, I have started the outlines for the sequel to By Your Side which I have decided will be called When the Sun Sets - I will probably take a week's down time to plan out some more after the end of IiB, but in addition to that I will be going back and revising my other stories. I am starting with Shadow of the Soul (as it needs the most work) and I will be periodically re-updating it, so I would appreciate if people read the revised versions - the plot will be better developed and written.



I apologize for not having yet put up the start of When the Sun Sets, however this is becoming a trying month for me. I recently recieved the news that a friend I've known since preschool is dying from liver failure. This came as a huge shock, as she was perfectly healthy. If she does not get a liver transplant within the next three days she will die. I do not currently have the time to or want to write an outline for a long chapter story - however I may do a short oneshot. Please do not expect an update for WSS until late February - being there for my friend's family, my family and my friends is my top priority right now.



Very sorry for the lack of, well, anything really. My inspirational juices are sapped. Hopefully over the summer they will revitalize, but no promises. I am working on a one-shot, however, it deals with a personal subject and is difficult for me to write. Thank you for your patience.


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