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H'okay! So...this fanfiction account is dedicated purely to my one and only fanfiction--My Sweet Opaline. At first, I had absolutely no intention of going any farther than chapter one, which was only written to be the background of my original Turk character, Mari Denali Kael. Mari was created out of my love of Final Fantasy VII, the Turks, particularly Reno. However, sudden inspiration has spurred me to continue it farther.

I know a lot of you who are reading this are thinking, 'Oh god, another Mary-Sue.' I believe this would be the appropriate time to utilize the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' Yes, I do plan on some sort of romance to spark between my character and Reno. However! I point-blank refuse to make it a story-book fairytale. I'm trying my very hardest to stick to his character. But, I must warn you, I'm absolutely terrible with the whole Final Fantasy timeline; between Before Crisis, the actual game, and Advent Children, I've kind of forsaken any ties to the rest of the Final Fantasy VII realm.

Now, I believe I owe thanks to a few people. My sister has helped tremendously with fleshing out my character. Her boyfriend has been an awesome personal editor, and also helped keep a consistant authenticity of my fanfiction --he knows FFVII much better than I-- and...last but not least, Reno. Not just any Reno, but the one and only...! Your Personal Reno -- http:///yourpersonalreno

Reno, you rock my socks big time! He's the main reason I'm writing this damn thing.

I've written enough babble. Enjoy the fanfiction~

Yours Truely,

Mari Denali Kael~

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