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Warning!! Should you ever message or reply to me about reviews or something else, or if I review to you, you might be getting an essay or a novel of a reply/message/review in return. So be prepared, I cannot help it, lol.

My current situation in life: Life is rough, is really wearing me down right now.

Updated September 17, 2014

Icon: Edited a picture to serve as my new and I guess permanent icon, depends whether or not I'll get bored with it, lol. Therefore the art is not mine and I'm only borrowing it to serve for this purpose only, lol. The picture is from a Batman Beyond cover by whoever created that particular cover involving the super-villianess, Inque. I merely just edited the picture without the new Batman AKA Terry McGinnis, redrew certain parts, cropped, and added my pen name using Paint. That is all.

Gender: Female

Likes: Many things, will be lazy with details. XD

Dislikes: Quite a few things, again, am lazy with details.

Age: You can guess, it may or may not be around that age.


Naruto (I haven't kept up with the fandom in a LOOONG while...)

Characters I Like:

Hinata, Temari, Ten Ten, Anko, Tsunade, Kurenai, Shizune, Konan

Gaara, Itachi, Deidara, Tobi, Hidan, Sai, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Kabuto, Lee, Haku, Suigetsu, Pein, Kimimaro, Neji (RIP)

Characters I tolerate.





Characters I dislike:




Pairings: The ones I like

Hinata: Gaara (my fav), Itachi (also a fav), Sai (It would be very funny and interesting to see them interact with each other, especially in front of her family XD), Deidara (Just because it's interesting.), Sasuke (There's lots of good fic of the two, lol.), Kabuto (was the first pairing I got into, I don't know why), Pein (The bloodline limit would be really cool.), Kimimaro (Same as the former), Akatsuki, almost all the guys basically. She seems to get along with everyone? But it's most likely because it's well written, convincing, and for the most part in-character.

Sakura: Naruto (It seems like they are getting closer together as the series goes on.)

Shikamaru: Temari (Love the two together!), Ino (Sometimes.) Hinata (Sometimes.)

Gaara: Hinata (He needs someone kind and gentle.)

Pairings I HATE

Karin: Sasuke (Never)

Sakura: Sasuke (No.) Gaara (Just no...)

Matsuri: Gaara (Never.)



I like all of them actually, but my favorite is Rukia. She's simply priceless. Especially her funny drawings.


I like the majority of them as well. But some of the favorites are in no particular order:

Ichigo, Dark Ichigo, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Byakuya, Renji, Kenpachi, Shunsui, Shūhei, Hitsugaya, Urahara, Ukitake, Kaien, and other people in there. Just like all the guys, they are interesting.

Pairings: Rukia/Anyone When certain pairings are well written along with a good story line then I will like it or be open to it.

The majority of the characters, although I am not too fond of Diva, but she was a product of her environment, so I can't blame her entirely... Just mostly.

Resident Evil

I like the majority of the characters, but there are just certain characters I really do like together.


Wesker/Claire: This is my favorite pairing, I don't know why or how it started so don't ask, lol. It just kinda happened. Wesker is such a good antagonist, but then again he is a megalomaniac. (if that's how it's spelled.)

Wesker/Excella: (Sometimes). Although, I'm not too fond of her, I feel sorry for her. Also, this makes a good filler-in-the-blank story/ one-sided love story.

Wesker/Jill: (Sometimes). Filler-in-the-blank story and angsty/ horror/ suspense and what not.

HUNK/Claire: Same concept happened... Sort of, I was messing with the drop down menu for the characters and picked this expecting NOTHING, only to find something, read one of the stories and well, it's got me hooked, lol.

Leon/Claire: They look cute together, however, I feel that it is a possibility for one-sided love on either part. Especially when Leon seems so entranced by Ada.

Leon/Ada: I find it cute as well and that Leon has warmed her heart ever since RE2. Considering she always risks herself to help him out in someway and vice versa.

Chris/Jill: I think it's a cute pairing and would be funny to read, especially before the mansion incident. When everyone is basically alive..

Billy/Rebecca: This is the most adorable pairing, in my opinion. I feel bad for Billy though for his predicament, not only is/used to be a wanted FALSELY convicted felon, "dead," but he had to fight zombies. Oh well, that's how the story goes. And poor Rebecca the only survivor of her squad AND the first day on the job... Life sure is tough for them. -.- Wouldn't mind being saved by Billy though XD Wish we found out what happened to the both of them, I mean seriously, it's been like YEARS...

Jake/Sherry: Reminds me of Billy/Becca a bit. I think it's cute, although, I do kinda find that him being in the RE universe is just a wee bit random.

Characters I Like:

All of them. Piers I will miss you, wish you didn't die, but you saved the world. So at least you didn't die in vein.

Gundam Seed/ Destiny


Dearka/Miriallia (I probably spelled her name wrong, but this is my favorite pairing. It had lots of potential for development, wish it was shown.)

Kira/Lacus (It's just cute.)

Athrun/Cagalli (It's okay. Better her than Meyrin. I'm sorry, but he's taken.)

Yzak/Shiho (They seem cute.)

Mu/Murrue (Just really cute.)

Young Justice


Wally/Artemis (One of my favorites. I miss Wally.)

Kaldur/Artemis (I like this pairing too, but it makes me feel guilty... with the whole Wally thing)

Conner/Me'gann (I think it's cute.)

Roy/Jade (Interesting, would be the word.)

Tai/Asami (Very cute pairing and a new favorite.)

Jaime/Cassie (Thought it was also very cute and is a new favorite. Though, to be honest I thought Tim would be with Stephanie or something...)

DC comics


Jason Todd/Cassandra Cain (Have no idea why, but thought they were cute.)

Code Geass


Gino/Kallen (My favorite pairing.)

Suzaku/Euphie (Also adorable.)

Louloche/C.C. (I was rooting for them from the start.)

Llyod/Cecile (Strange, but adorable)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Hiei/Botan (A pairing that randomly happened and just got stuck there. Is my favorite. But than again i have no other ones i read in this fandom...)

Hiei/Botan/one-sided Kurama (A friend of mine, Momoko, got me into the idea of this, lol, but it seemed a bit angsty?)

Kurama/Hinageshi (This followed the above because Kurama deserves to be happy too! LOL!)

Big O

I just finished re-watching the series after like give or take 10 years. I forgot how much I really enjoyed that show.


Roger Smith/R. Dorothy Wayneright (This is the only cannon pairing, I'm sure. That is unless you're talking about the one-sided Roger/Angel one)

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

How did this happen? Answer: Nostalgia was calling and I decided to watch the entire series, but this time in Japanese with English subs... Currently taking a break from it 'cause it's kinda exhausting to watch, lol...

Pairings: There's a LOOT because there's sooo many characters in this show... And I just want everyone to pair up and be happy, lol.

Anzu x Seto (Azureshipping)

Anzu x Marik/Malik (Manipulashipping): However you want to say his name, lol, though I feel like leaning towards "Marik" 'cause I've been studying how they say his name in the anime and I feel like it's more like "Marik" than "Malik" because there's just certain tones when saying something with "R"s and "L"s that I find missing/ not missing depending on which name you're sticking with. Also this is probably my OTP, LOL, I just love obscure pairings, lol.

Anzu x Yami no Marik/Yami no Malik (Thornshipping): I feel like this might be interesting, lol?

Anzu x Yami no Bakura (Vexshipping)

Anzu x Ryou (Hostshipping)

Anzu x Amelda/Alister (Lifeshipping): This came about randomly when I read a fanfic with these two called "Between The Lifelines" by Mandolina Lightrobber, the fic although was AU had a very interesting and serious background story that I found intriguing and so I found myself boarding this ship, LOL!

Ishizu Ishtar x Dartz (Mysticshipping): I thought it would be an interesting interaction?

Priest Mahad x Ishizu Ishtar (Aweshipping): There's history there, even though it's past-lives history, lol.

Priest Mahad x Priestess Isis (Pleashipping)

Ishizu Ishtar x Seto (Friendship! Trustshipping)

Joey/Katsuya Jounouchi x Mai (Polarshipping)

Duke/Ryuuji Otogi x Serenity/Kawai Shizuka (Cheershipping)

Tristan/Hiroto Honda x Serenity/Kawai Shizuka (Ardentshipping): I think I prefer this a bit more than Cheershipping, lol

Mokuba x Serenity/Kawai Shizuka (Siblingshipping): Thought this was cute especially after reading some of DarkShadowFlame's fics

Tristan/Hiroto Honda x Miho Nosaka (Tieshipping): This is only in YGO: Zero she does not show up in YGO: Duel Monsters and I heard in the manga she played a very minor role as a somewhat shy girl who worked at the library? Lol, can't remember all the details.

Yugi Mutou x Rebecca Hawkins (Replayshipping)

Yugi Mutou x Serenity/Shizuka Kawai (Timidshipping)

Mokuba Kaiba x Rebecca Hawkins (Kiddyshipping)

Priest Set x Kisara (Mizushipping)

Rishid x Katsuya Jounouchi/ Joey (Friendship! Standshipping)

Varon x Mai Kujaku (Conquestshipping)

Some Self-Named Pairings: I randomly came up a while back when with when watching the series and pondering on fanfics and story creating in general even though I really should be working on the one story I have up... -.- These are very CRACK!Pairings, lol, you are warned, lol. And yes, I know Teana was only a character created for the YGO game Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, but I'd like to think that she was Anzu's past life or maybe even past life and ancestor? I mean when studying some anthropology stuff for a class we establish that everyone had the possibility of having mixed ancestry so why not?

Older Noa x Anzu (Sapphireshipping): I mean if he was still alive and not virtualized, he'd been around the same age as the main cast.

Priest Karim/ Priest Kalim x Teana (Desertshipping)

Priest Set x Teana (Statusshipping)

Dark/ Black Magician x Ishizu Ishtar (Memory/Reincarnate/Incarnate Shipping): Was debating on which shipping name was best and there is some history there, lol.

Thief Bakura x Teana (Ransom/Kidnap/Hostage Shipping): Again was debating on which shipping name was best, lol.

Rishid/Odion x Vivian Wong (Desert Rose/Peony/Spider/ Spider Lily Shipping): Again, I was debating with the names, lol, which are mostly symbolic in some way?

Valvrave the Liberator


Kyuma Inuzuka/Aina Sakurai (This is probably my favorite pairing, probably because they were always shown together from the beginning of the series. I have also come up with some shorter names for them too: InuAi, InuAina, or AiNu. I think I like the first the best, lol. But anyways...)

Still in the SLOW process of writing an angsty fic about my thoughts/theories with what happened after episode 7 or at least what should've happened from what I could see in the preview of episode 8 at the time the episode was out. But now that the series is complete my story is now officially AU and it's basically safe to safe I didn't care how the series ended or the plot for that matter... Because everything literally hit the fan and the crazy was let loose in a sporadic, hysterical non-sense plot-hole sort of way... So I've written a chapter for this series that will have implications of Inu/Aina and my thoughts on how he should've acted, in my opinon, and if he was the main character of the show because I don't care for Haruto, at ALL...

R.I.P. Aina (She's that one character that is a kind (normal) friend that is (I feel) hardly in ANY Mecha-anime, I feel like characters like that will always be swept up in their own duty to protect or contribute or own agendas instead of being shown as a friend--don't know why it can't be both: protect/contribute AND be a friend/moral support... But you were/are my favorite female character in this series because of this. But your death was necessary for plot... Wish you were brought back to like as a pilot, but that didn't happen... So now, I will write of the would've, could've, should've stuff in my stories. Because I NEED (better) closure... Because DANG IT SUNRISE, you keep doing this to me!! I couldn't even get past episode 2 of Guilty Crown because I didn't like the protagonist! -sigh- and from what I can see of the series from I don't think I would've cared for it much... -.- The only think I probably really liked were the songs, but I've always liked Supercell's music. Anyways...

Inuzuka: I like him because he's care-free and kinda funny. Basically his character archetype. Kinda reminds me of Yamamoto from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Stories (Finally...)

"Best Served Cold"

Status: In progress (Hiatus... Now has time to work on in bits...)
Pairing: Inu/Ai (main), more?
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance (sort of), Sci-Fi(?), Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy(?)
Summary: He couldn't protect her, couldn't save her, but he would avenge her. He would make sure of it.

"A Good Samaritan"
Status: In Progress
Pairing(s): Inu/Ai, reverse harem?
Genre: Comedy, Romance, and just plain CRACK
Summary: An act of kindness can go a long way.

"Friendship of the Dead"
Status: Thinking about it... Was inspired by the final episode's preview for season 2
Pairing(s): Inu/Ai (main), more?
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance (?), Sci-Fi, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Supernatural (?)
Summary: "Pick the next pilot." It was then that Tokishima Haruto suggested the human experiment.

"What If" (Title may change)
Status: Thinking about...
Pairing(s): Inu/Ai, H-neun/Aina, X-Eins/Aina (?)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Friendship, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Angst (?)
Summary: She only wanted to help and had barely escaped with her life.
He only wanted to protect the person he loved.
They only wanted to serve their country.
No one had ever predicted everything would spiral out of control.
But they were all caught in the crossfire and they knew things would never be the same.

"From the Ashes"
Status: In Progress
Pairing(s): Inu/Ai (main), others?
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance (sort of), Sci-Fi, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Will be a surprise.

That is all for now anyways. But who knows.

Story Progress (June 14, 2013): BSC is on hiatus, but is still being worked on through notes; ideas and some chapters have been partially written/ outlined. School is above all else priority. My nerdism is sadly going to have to wait till school is over this summer. But until then, I will work out the chapters in tidbits (when I have time) for those who are interested. I've got tests and projects every week now... I apologize to those who were waiting for the next chapter, but real-life demands my attention. But thank you for those who read it. Once classes are over, this project will have my attention again. But until then, it's time to hit the books.


Story Progress (September 9, 2013): My apologies for those waiting the next chapter of BSC... I'm still in the process of working on it and I think this story was premature for me, since it was posted in the hype of a story idea, a character death, and my procrastination for my Biology. Like I have said before I have written some tidbits (scenes) for certain chapters, however, those scenes are further along into the story and for some reason I got a bit of a writer's block after the prologue. But after a long debate on whether or not it should be kept as a prologue or turned into a Chapter 1, I have decided with the latter because I found it easier. Currently I have about 5-6 chapters outlined along with scenes for later chapters (though this might change as I write it out), and since I have categorized this fic as Sci-Fi to fit the series a little better, it's in space after all (and I'm not much of a Sci-Fi person in terms of writing/ reading) I am currently doing some research on certain aspects I will be incorporating into my story. So it will sadly take time, again, I apologize... I feel like a horrible writer/author with my lack of motivation right now, I blame college... So please be patient with me, if you all are still interested that is. My goal is to hopefully write the entire story and then post it weekly. Also since I didn't have much of a summer break and am now back in college, I am a bit wiped out, but I hope to be able to do some of the research as I study as I will be incorporating some Sci-Fi med stuff in here. Also, this is my last semester in college, so I will be graduating in the winter (hopefully) and then there are grad school applications, which I don’t even want to think about... So please bear with me for those who are still interested. I will be editing what I have up now when I have the whole story done or if I feel like I have enough chapters to post weekly-- it'll probably be the latter since that seems more realistic to me. If anyone has any suggestions in Sci-Fi stuff like books or tips maybe that might help me out to get a better feel for the Sci-Fi genre. I've only read a few: Brave New World, Ender's Game, Bug Jack Barron, and Nineteen Eighty-Four. All of which were for a class at some point in my life. But any advice/ tips would be much appreciated.


December 10, 2013:

I've come to the conclusion that I HATE this series and that it could've been a LOOOT better, but it isn't. There are only a couple people I like in this series (I don't know why, but I do... even though they are minor) I will continue with it though because I made a promise that I would... Same goes for the fanfics I've planned solely because I wish for a more in-deph take on the series with theories I came up with like MONTHS ago, but couldn't post/ write fics for because of college. But now that that's over (though REAL LIFE BEGINS NOW...). While I have some time, I would like to put my own interpretations into the mix--a filler, if you will. Just because I can. Also, I'd like more character development that has more reason to it and CAN NOT STAND NOT having a HAPPY ENDING (with certain characters) at this point with the series, because as much as I do like conflict and angst, even I have my limits... Like seriously... *SPOILER sort of...* Saw Season 2, episode 9... WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?! HE WAS THE REASON FOR ME WATCHING!!! Asides for the HOPEFULLY GRISLY DEATH of Q-Vier 'cause I simple LOATHE that character with a passion no one may not understand... I wish for that trigger-happy shouta to DIE A.S.A.P... Anyways, I will continue where I left off, when I can, lots of stuff has happened. My mom getting hurt for one and me having to do some extra extra help around their business and looking for a job. I will have to hold off on grad school for financial reasons for now. But until then, I'm going to edit/ write the rest of "Best Served Cold" have it proofed by a friend then post it weekly. But for now, because it's a very slow process... I will settle for fluffy short fics of the series or maybe even angsty ones? Just to post SOMETHING. Thanks to all who have been patient. I hope to promise you a decent story that hopefully won't veer off plot half-way through as I write it, lol. Since it is my first story... But that's what my friend is for... So I will continue. Hope that whatever I post (most likely one/two-shots or drabbles) will be okay for now. Anyways, I just finished an 11-page exam not too long ago... So I think I deserve some sleep now that classes are officially over for me... *passes out*


September 17, 2014:

It seems the writing-Gods do not wish for me to write anything or much at the moment... 'Cause there seems to be ALWAYS something that happens in real-life that prevents me from writing out a story properly or even outlining stories... First my mom now my dad... I must take care of their well-being first, but I'm sure I will come back eventual. I just need to some time, but I will finish what I've planned out! Because there was some serious planning for what I had in mind!! And I'll finish it, darn it!! Even if it takes forever for it to happen... Anyways, IF there are any other stories I post on here, they will probably be short drabbles/ one-shots/ a series of one-shots rather than an actual story with an on-going plot to keep my mind occupied and the creative writing juices flowing because there are a lot of things happening in my life at the moment and doing anything artistic helps me cope with the stress... For those of you reading BSC and are (still) waiting, I do appreciate it and thank you for your patience! And it may take some more time until I put some more material up. I will understand if you lose interest in the subject/ story all together if it takes too long to post something, but I will have it completed eventually. But until then, wish me luck!

Thank You,


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