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Hiyaz, it's PuppyLove!

Well, Fanfiction is my main place to actually read when I want to and write without critisizm((sp?)) from people I actually know

And yes, I am a girl. No, I am not a boy.

Inner Me

Likes:I like anime and manga. Reading and writing. Biking/hanging out with my friends. Giving advice. My hair. Mainly very calm stuff.

Dislikes:Anything really loud and obnoxious. One Piece...I danno I just don't like it. Uhm...Collin Donahue. That's the one person I loathe.((sp?))

About Me:I can't spell, and I really wish I could have some time in a nice quiet place to just be with me. That's about it...

Outer Me

Likes:Yea, anime, manga, pounding the shit outta my friends, kicking/throwing/punching stuff, biking with my friends, blowing up stuff, lighting things on fire, smashing/destroying stuff.

Dislikes:COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE. annoying people COLIN DONAHUE. sissy girls who are afraid of mud and other minimal things, COLIN DONAHUE. my g-ma trying to brush my hair because she wants it to look pretty, COLIN DONAHUE. my g-ma and g-pa arguing about my friends and how I should be more like a girl than one of the guys, COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.COLIN DONAHUE.

((someone please go rape him...))

About Me:I like to hang out with my friends Cody, Cody, Brandan, Dayton, and Chris. They're really cool. I have a bad temper and a mean punch as my friends say. I'm a tomboy, so I like to do a lot of things guys do and girls don't. I can get pissed off easily, and when I do, I regularily start hitting things. I can't spell for shit and I swear a lot. You might not see it so much in my writing unless I'm in that kind of mood. After every chapter/story you can probably tell which side was out and writing.

I do like writing little love stories, and these are the pairings I love SO FAR

Kiba - Sakura

Kiba - OCC

Gaara - Sakura

Naruto - Hinata

Shikamaru - Ino

Neji - TenTen

Sasuke doesn't deserve anyone. Chouji needs to find someone. Lee can find his youthful soulmate somewhere else(not an insult). Shino needs to find someone. Temari and Kankouro need to find someone. Everyone else needs to find someone.

These are the pairings I don't like at all.

Kiba - Hinata

(Hinata loves Naruto!!! And anyways, Kiba is Sakuras or mine : D)

Kiba - Shino


Gaara - Naruto

(Gaara is Sakura's[even though Sakura has like, three people already... and Naruto is Hinata's. That's final.)

Sasuke - Sakura


Shikamaru - Temari

(no offense to Temari, but she can find someone better. no offense to Shika either)

Chouji - Ino

(it's odd. just...odd)

Lee - TenTen

( It's wrong.)

Lee - Sakura

(Sorry Lee, but Sakura's taken.)

I don't hate the Neji - Sakura, but I don't love it either.

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, Konoha-Salad, divine fist Ouka, Kiba-kun's puppylove

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