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Hello, people. My name is Faith and I'm thirteen. I shall turn fourteen on May 13th. I'm around five foot six or five foot seven. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes to match it. I'm from a small town in Tennesse and wants desperately to get away. I write fiction just to escape from reality. I love writing so much I plan on making a career out of it. I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it.

I enjoy reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I love the actor John Christopher Depp II and enjoy watching Helena Bonham Carter. My favorite movie is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I'm in love with the fictional character, Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm neutral in the area of Willizabeth or Sparrabeth. I've just started reading Sparrabeth stories and I love the chemistry between them, but I don't like Elizabeth with him. My favorite band is Flyleaf, but in close second is blessthefall. But I love listening to the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack the most. It actually makes me orgasm. Shh... That's a secret. Haha.


Twilight Stories:

Eternal Night:

I deleted that story. I was going nowhere and I just wasn't all that pleased with it. I had no new ideas and everything I tried to do with it sucked so I just decided to take the easy way out and delete it.

Status: Deleted


This is a new story that me and my friend are writing. It's basically Mary Alice Brandon's story.

Status: Active

Walking At Night, Alone:

This is a story in development about Hayley Winters. On her 16th birthday, she is somehow put inside the ongoing story of the two starcrossed lovers, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The title credit goes to Armor For Sleep.

Status: Upcoming

Everlasting Rest:

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. I'm sure people will hate me for the ending though. Title credit goes to Romeo and Juliet. "Oh, here will I set up my everlasting rest." - Romeo

Status: Deleted; Being Re-Written

Poison For The Heart:

This is the story of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen when he left Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen.

Status: Upcoming

Walking At Night, Alone, and Poison For The Heart will be up soon.


Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart

Edward Cullen - Tom Sturridge

Alice Cullen - Rachel Leigh Cook

Jasper Hale - Toby Hemingway

Carlisle Cullen - Johnny Depp

Esme Cullen - Mary-Louise Parker

Rosalie Hale - Olivia Wilde

Emmett Cullen - Taylor Kitsch

Jacob Black - Steven Strait

Sweeney Todd Stories:

London's Spilled Blood:

Christine Cross, since she was fourteen, always loved going to see her father be shaved. The only reason she did, however, was to see the beautiful, married, Benjamin Barker. She is shaken, however, when Barker is charged for a horrible crime that he did not commit and sentenced to life in a prison on Australia. Fifteen years later, Christine is living on the streets, stealing and living off charity, when Mrs. Lovett, a kind woman, rescues her and lets her live with her to help her with her meat pie business. But what happens when a stranger by the name of Sweeney Todd appears? (Done in basically everyone's point of view)

Status: Upcoming

Streets Full Of Crimson:

"Life Is For The Alive, My Dear, So Let's Keep Living It. Just Keep Living It, Really Living It!!!" What would happen if Mrs. Lovett was able to escape Sweeney Todd? What would happen if Tobias didn't kill Sweeney? What would happen to Johanna and Anthony? A lot of "what would happen's" and all of them will be answered in this story.

Status: Upcoming

Two Kinds Of Men:

Benjamin Barker is charged for a heinous crime that he did not commit and is sentenced to life in prison. But what happens in prison, how does he escape, how does he meet Anthony, and how does he turn into Sweeney Todd?

Status: Upcoming

Vengeance Is Best Served Fresh:

Mrs. Lovett wants to be loved by Todd more than anything, but will he fall for her anywhere other than her dreams? Probably not. But when a man comes into the town that hiding a secret that will expose Mrs. Lovett for what she truly is to Sweeney, what will Mrs. Lovett be driven to do?

Pirates of the Caribbean Stories:

That's Got To Be The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen;; So It Would Seem

(This story is from my Quizilla account incase you ever want to read ahead. My Quizilla username is xtruexlovexisxdeadx.) Stephenie Cannon is almost twenty years of age and was living in Fort Mercy, but pirates have saved her from her death and the captain has hired her to kill the infamous, Captain Jack Sparrow. Believe me this is REALLY different than any other Jack Sparrow stories, I promise.

Status: Active

Pirates of the Caribbean IV:

Yeah, I'm going that far as to do this. I'm not giving the story line away, so you're just going to have to wait until I post it.

Status: Upcoming

Black Flags and Pirate Bones:

Alexandria Stone is the daughter of the duke. She is the intended of Admiral Johnathon Mason who resides in Fort Patience. Johnathon loves Alexandria, but unfortunately, she refuses to return the love. When she decides to run away she meets a pirate and not just any pirate. This pirate is Captain Jack Sparrow.

Status: Upcoming

Watch For The Sparrow On The Horizon:

I'm not a big fan of Sparrabeths, but I've decided to have an open mind and start one. How you ask? You're gonna have to read to find out.

Status: Upcoming

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